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Febuary is rolling...

It feels as if I just spent New Year's Eve at home with my family... And now?! The second month is coming! Time flies... Soon, Chinese New Year and Valentine's day are coming. Soon, winter will be over. Soon... Oen-oen's and my relationship will be in the 18th months. Has it been easy? Not so!
Being far away from each other is very difficult, but somehow, we manage to walk along together in our hearts. There were times when I was hurted and times when I disappointed him... but, I think he will agree, both of us are thankful for the relationship that The Lord has made it possible for us to have.
Eventhough, we have not seen each other for a year. Eventhough, going home for me does not always mean meeting him... but I treasure him in my heart. He has became very close and very dear to my heart and life. Love... he gives. To me. Thank you...

Distance between us taught me...
To understand how you truly love,
To trust without seeing,
And to value your presence in my heart and mind…


Lead me to the cross, where we first met...
Kneel me to my knees so we can talk
Let me feel Your breath...
Let me know You're here with me...

That song sticks in my mind even after the service finished and I was walking down the street going back to the hall. I miss His presence again & again...
Over the years, starting from the first time I stepped out from my origin country, I learned to understand the importance of His presence close to me day by day, minute by minute and second by second. He has become my only strength, my True Friend and my Joy. I became to know how it feels to depend only on Him.
Wonders and miracles that human can't think of, He pours out in my life. They truly are the most beautiful blessings in my life.

The knowledge to realize how precious my parents to me and people around me, has made me appreciate the life He gave me. I believe... I have a beautiful life and so everybody in this world. No matter how hard it is to get through each day, they all hav…

Ahh... Weekend

Finally, I passed the first week of the term already. It already felt so heavy and will get harder soon... Ah... I just have to go through it, don't I? Do my best!

My blog was in chaos because somehow doneeh does not work again today (My shoutbox and link manager). And so I have to switch... I use the wdcreez temporarily, just like before (when doneeh once broke down). I hope it is not for a long time, because somehow I have became more comfortable using doneeh than any other.
I am so happy that it is weekend tommorow... I am tired and I have works to do already *sighs* That means I have to do my work during the weekend, but at least I won't suffer by waking up early in the morning *grins* Yeah... lately I found I slept really well. Thanks to God, I am less disturbed by my sensitive skins nowadays!
Alright then! Take care everyone! Have a blessed and wonderful weekend! *cheers*

Ps. I apologize for those visitors, who don't find their links on my site 'for the time bein…

My Prayer

How am I supposed to choose?
Lord... tell me what to do!

I am confused...
My mind fails to think clearly...
It is too devastating...

It is not easy, Lord...
To choose between the two.
They are my dearest ones...
Loved ones in my heart...

Hear my prayer, o Lord!
Carry me in your arms,
Give me comfort...
Easy my pain...
--07.00 pm


Thank you, Lord...
I have found my strength in You.
My comfort...
My peace...
in You.
--9.16 pm

Nothing, really...

Time really flies so fast! It is almost Febuari again in several days... Without doubt, I know that soon my assignments will be piling up in front of me. This week, I am still able to relax since it is only the first week of the semester, so the work has not been given yet... But, next week, oh God, I don't even want to think about it...

Well, for this semester, my weekdays will be very busy. I will be in Uni/Campus from the morning until evening everyday except for Wednesday. Good thing is that I have Wednesday as a day off. (That's because I don't have any lecture on that day!)

The weather is really cold nowadays, making me want to stay in bed the whole day... And since today is my day off, I wanted to stay in bed a bit longer. But arrgghhhh... the fire alarm went off! I jumped out of bed because it sounds so loud! Later, I found out that they were testing the alarm! *sigh* Why does it have to be today?!

The cure of all sickness, heartaches and wounds comes from one simp…

The first day of Semester

Yakkk... setelah ngetik panjang-panjang, gak tau tiba-tiba ilang semuaaa!! *parah benerrr!!*
Let's start again! Today, I went to refund the pink sweater that I did not really like. However, the lady said that they don't refund, they only exchange or give you credit note which expires in 3 months time. And so... I looked at every clothe in the shop to find an exchange. I found this brown top *above* It looks similar to the pink sweater, but the sweater's material was thicker and a bit 'fury'. That's done! I felt much happier with this one.

Well, another thing about today is... I don't know why, but I was craving for Tiramisu for the whole day!! It was strange, but I really wanted to eat one! I even went to the cake shop near where I live to check whether they have Tiramisu there, but... they didn't have one... *sob*
I told my friend about this. She told me we can go to find one Tiramisu for me in the afternoon after I finish my lecture. And so, I went with …

Quiet Sunday

Brrrr... Today is so so so COLD! Last night was freezing, the water in the pond was freezed up like a big chunk of ice block. I did not do much today; in fact, I did not even go to Church *lazy me!* Well, I woke up at around 12 noon (I was really really late for Church!).
And so, I stayed in my room, knitting my scarf, prepare for tommorow's activity and browsing the Internet.

Oh well, the last semester of my Bachelor course starts tommorow. Going to lectures again, taking notes again... That's the life of students basically. *grins* I am not excited about going back to Uni tomorrow, but, I shall be excited about my graduation early July!
Wish me luck for this last semester!

Have a blessed week, everyone! I hope everyone had a good weekend! ;)

*Masak & Beli Baju*

Hari ini, seperti yang sudah direncanakan, temenku dateng untuk makan siang. *temen yang kemaren kehilangan dompet itu (baca postingan sebelum ini)* Nah, aku udah rencana untuk bangun jam 8 pagi gitu, tapi apa daya... malemnya ga bisa tidur sampe jam 4 pagi *sigh...* Akhirnya baru bangun jam 10 pagi *jam mentok...* Itu pake acara loncat dari ranjang segala, saking kagetnya karena sudah jam 10 pagi, belum acara masak-memasak pula.
Akhirnya aku cepet-cepet mandi dan langsung berkutat di dapur. Pagi-pagi kan tetangga-tetangga belum pada bangun, jadi lebih leluasa gitu pake dapurnya. Aku masak 'Ayam bumbu rujak', yang bumbunya sudah dibikinin sama Mami tercinta dari Indo dan sisa dicampur santan saja. Sudah panik-panik gitu takut keburu temen dateng.
Eh... jam 11.30, HP berdering: "Sher, sorry yah aku baru bangun. Aku naek bis jam 12 aja deh, ntar kalo dah deket aku telpon kamu." Yah... tau gitu kan bisa santai dikit, tapi ya udah lah. Semua udah beres dan aku bisa brows…

Sixth Sense?!

Today, as planned, I went to meet my friend and window shopped around city centre. It was cold, but being together with someone to-talk-to felt so much better than going by myself. We went to several shops and tried some clothes, which are on sale. Suddenly, my friend screamed to me in Indonesian, "Sher, dompet gua ilang!" (Sher, I lost my wallet). The next second, she was in panic. I kept telling her to calm down so that she can think clearly. We did not even bother buying any clothes in that store, we walked fast and went back to all the stores we've been to. And we found it in the second store, we went to.
The fact was that she was being careless. She did not close her bag properly. Letting it opened, the wallet dropped without her knowing it. Fortunately, the security officer in that shop found it and kept it secure. She was very happy to find it - Everybody would! I thank God for that, since I asked for His guidance and prayed the whole time until the wallet was fou…

Liverpool banjir?!

Huehehe... Semoga saja tidak. Daku hanya worried saja bahwa itu akan terjadi. Bagaimana tidak?! Sudah dari kemaren sore sampai malam ini pun hujan belum reda di Liverpool ini. Hujan yang deras, seakan-akan Tuhan sedang membuka pintu air-Nya di Surga dan menghabiskan persediaan air itu di Liverpool ini. (Tapi kabarnya di Jakarta juga sedang hujan deras ya? Hingga menyebabkan banjir dimana-mana...)
Well, di sini, yang kulihat, kolam ikan yang lumayan besar di halaman asrama tempat aku tinggal itu, sudah meluber. Airnya sudah melebihi volume yang bisa ditampung di dalam kolam yang lumayan besar itu. Banyak juga genangan-genangan air di mana-mana... Dengan hujan yang terus menerus itu, otomatis, suhu udara pun menurun. Dingin sekali di sini. Sudah pakai baju tebalpun masih gemetaran.
Dingin-dingin begini, enaknya dipeluk... *huekekeke...* Cuma sapa yah yang mau peluk aku di sini?! Lha wong, orang yang kepingin banget peluk aku ada nun jauh di sana *mringis*. Enak lagi, bisa bobo seharian …


Ahhh... The exam is finished today! I felt that I did so much better today than yesterday. Thanks for everyone, who has been so supportive towards me.
Now, I will be having a little holiday on my own until the last semester of my degree starts. Yes, I have tommorow (Wednesday) until Sunday doing nothing basically. Monday my last semester will start. I hope it would not be so hectic as it has been for my last 3 semesters, but well... the chance it won't be as relax as I want it to be might be too small compared to the difficulty it will brings. It is okay... That's life anyway... As long as I have God with me, I know I will be okay.

It has been raining for the whole day today. In the afternoon, it snowed a little, followed by some icy rain (hale). Luckyly enough, I was already at home before the hale. It hurts so much when the ice hits your body.
I guess my cold will stay a little longer, since I caught a little bit of rain, going back home. I did not bring my umbrella, but tha…

Messed Up!

Hosh.... The exam today was unexpectedly HARD! God... I thought it was going to be easy. Not only me, a lot of other students thought the same way. But... the reality was that the questions were different types from the ones the lecturer gave as exercises.
My brain was completely numb during the 2 and half hours exam. Even now, I don't feel like studying for my exam tommorow.
I know that I can do nothing about it now. It's all the past, but the disappointment over it still lingers. *sigh* I hate this kind of feeling...

I hope tommorow will be better... Only God knows.

Niat gak sih?!

Skali-kali break deh... Posting pake Indo dulu kali ini ^-^;
Weekend ini benernya ngapain yach?! Belajar sambil chatting sama Oen-Oen *hihihihi....*
Yang perlu ditanyakan ialah: "Benernya niat belajar ga sih?! Koq belajar pake nyambi segala?! Chatting pulak!" Huekekekeke....
Emang parah deh ya... Daku akhir-akhir ini kena penyakit darah males *grins* Bawaannya ngantuk muluuuu, tapi yah dipaksa-paksain deh belajar. It is a MUST! :p

Sekarang flu-nya sudah mulai menghilang! Senangnyaaaa! Dah dua hari terkulai lemas gara-gara flu ini. Sampe-sampe krisis kehabisan tissue and menuh-menuhin tong sampah dengan tissue. Hidung rasanya dah mati rasa beneran dan kulit di sekitarnya udah ngelupas-ngelupas.
Untungnya sekarang sudah merasa jauh lebih baik! ^^

Ok deh, walaupun telat, tetep saja saya ucapkan: Have a blessed and joyful weekend for everyone! *cheers!*

Great Time

My holiday was great, eventhough it was only for 15 days. All the tiredness is really nothing compared to the feeling and the joy being with my family.
It was busy. Most of the time we went to see my parents' friends, who came for the Christmas and New Year holidays. We visited each one of them and often took them for lunch/dinner. However, I enjoyed being with my family eventhough it was mostly in the car. We had jokes, we laughed together. It was fun!
Being at home was like being in Heaven for me, really. My mum's cooking, my dad's craziness, my sister's fussiness, my brothers' teasing habit... everything means so much.

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Ps. I forgot to say about the photo above. Hehehe... it is one of the photos my dad took in my parent's room when I was at home. From left to right: Han-han my youngest brother, me, Grace my little sister and Erwin my handsome little brother.
So... dd Rwitz, jgn dianggep makanan yah adikku :p
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Denpasar has not …

Back to the Habitation!

Finally, I am back in Liverpool now! It was a great holiday; just being with my family is the greatest time ever! Well, tommorow, I will be facing exam at 10 a.m. and right now I'm not feeling really well. With runny nose, blank brain and super-tired body, how am I supposed to do the exam?! But... I have to do it!
Oh well, for everyone, who has been asking why I was away for a long time... Here I am! *grins* It was hard to leave home... especially with a great holiday and the feeling of comfort being at home. Still, I forced myself once again to go and be miles away from my beloved. I know it is worthed it one day.
Okay, I better lay down and sleep. Get ready for tommorow's battle: the first final exam!
Take care and God bless! I might post more about my holiday soon. At the moment, I won't be blogwalking that much, I have to concentrate on my exams. See ya!