Ahhh... The exam is finished today! I felt that I did so much better today than yesterday. Thanks for everyone, who has been so supportive towards me.
Now, I will be having a little holiday on my own until the last semester of my degree starts. Yes, I have tommorow (Wednesday) until Sunday doing nothing basically. Monday my last semester will start. I hope it would not be so hectic as it has been for my last 3 semesters, but well... the chance it won't be as relax as I want it to be might be too small compared to the difficulty it will brings. It is okay... That's life anyway... As long as I have God with me, I know I will be okay.

It has been raining for the whole day today. In the afternoon, it snowed a little, followed by some icy rain (hale). Luckyly enough, I was already at home before the hale. It hurts so much when the ice hits your body.
I guess my cold will stay a little longer, since I caught a little bit of rain, going back home. I did not bring my umbrella, but that did not bother me much. I was too happy to know that I finished the exam well. I was actually feeling blessed and grateful.

Oh well, I probably use my holiday to regain my strength and energy and prepare myself for next semester. That will be a good idea! I can finish knitting my scarf or even continue doing my cross-stitch. Hmmm... let me think...
Anyway, I just wanted to share this good feeling to all of you. Take care and have a blessed week! *cheers!*

For someone,

I might be too selfish
I just wanted to share my happiness
But seems like you don't care...
When you are busy enjoying the world of your own.

Some say you take me for granted
Do you?
Some say I should teach you a lesson by doing the same
Can I?
Is it I or you, a fool?

I don't do things that I don't want them to be done to me...
You know that well, I am sure.

Little things that you took as unimportant,
They hurt me.
Do you understand how it feels?
Think again!
Or should I do the same to you?
So you will know.


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