Monday, December 31, 2007

Into 2008

We are at the very end of 2007 now with so many memories to keep from the previous 12 months we experienced. There were sadness and joy immersed throughout the year. For both Lan and I, 2007 is the year we made a very important decision; to be together for the rest of our lives. Marriage was something that I did not expect to enter last year, but here I am a married and happy wife of a wonderful husband!
I am continuously grateful for the 'one' Jesus has chosen to be with me for the rest of my life.
Well, 2008...
There are many exciting things, I believe, waiting for us. Honeymoon and going home to Beijing will be the two obvious ones. For the year to come, I am praying that I will keep learning to be a better and better wife for Lan and to help my family. Also that I will do great in my PhD study. Above all, I want to thrive to be a better daughter of my Father, Jesus Christ; to love, to serve and to be closer to Him each day of my life.

Oh well, that's all for now. Jesus bless you all and have a great new year!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Merry Merry Christmas!

We received the first two Christmas cards Monday, which are from our supervisors. Well, the one from my supervisor is an interesting one! 'Enjoy your first Christmas being married!' That's what she wrote in the card. Hehehe... Both Lan and I laughed on that. It just sounds funny to us.
Many people ask what are we doing in Christmas, where are we going to go. The answer is: nothing and nowhere. We do not plan anything particularly special for this Christmas, but I do look forward to being at home and relaxing for at least several days at home. It is after Christmas that we plan to shop some gifts to be brought back to China during Easter, it is because the sale starts then hehe...
Right now we are still in the office, finishing few things before the year goes by, getting ready for the business next year, which are already piling up. The building is very quiet at this time of the year, as the students are already on holiday, and some of the lecturers do not come to the office. Friday, they are going to shut down the building, including the heating system, so we are quite reluctant to come to the office next week. Besides... it's CHRISTMAS!

Well, friends, this year we did not get the time to write and send Christmas cards by post due to the busy work. All I can say is...
Have a very lovely and happy CHRISTMAS!
May we remember the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ,
And be filled by his warmth, peace and joy of His coming.

Jesus bless you, always!

Ps. I guess I will really enjoy my first Christmas being married. It is so warm and comfy to realize that I am not living alone anymore for the rest of my life... I will always have Lan next to me and deep in my heart. Thank you, Jesus, for the abundant blessings you pour into my life.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Neck massage please...

Just been to the doctor. The blood test is excellent *and so she said*. The problem is, she concluded, a muscular problem around my neck. She said the neck muscles are so tensed and, so, create the headaches.
Hence, she suggested to do some neck exercises and have some massages. *Yey! I got Lan to massage my neck every night hihihihi....* Well, let's hope what she said is true, in that case I don't have to go and see the doctor again on 02 January 2008 (my next appointment).

We had a huge fight last night, which proven to consume our energy so much, that dinner we just snored away and did not wake up until the morning (well, at least, I did!). Such an unpleasant experience that I really pray and hope and will try my best not to make it happen again. Yes, I admit, it was my fault. I was not supposed to leave you alone, I am sorry, dear...
I learnt my lesson and will not do it again. Thank you, for giving me chances to improve.
You are the greatest gift God has given to me,
And will stay the greatest for the rest of my life.
You are the gift so great that the evil tried to snatched you away from me...
But I cannot afford to lose you again...

You have become my everything in life,
Someone I lean on and depend on.
I said 'I do' for you deserve all my life and love and more than that.
I love you, honey, so much....

Friday, December 07, 2007


This morning I was down ill again. I could not get sleep at all last night, my whole body was painful with eczema and it was just so annoying! So by the time I got to sleep was 5 a.m. in the morning and I was like a beaten chicken lying on the bed, exhausted. And there the headache strucked again! *doom!*
So I asked Lan to go to the office by himself and to ring the doctor for the blood test results. When he came back at lunch time, he told me that the doctor said everything is normal in the result, but somehow, Lan is not convinced and insists to go see the doctor next week for further investigation of me.

Well, I have to say that even I feel it is just so NOT right.

Monday, December 03, 2007

China, I am coming!

Despite of being married to a Chinese man, I have never been to China, which probably the most odd thing for a person to be married to a person and never even stepped a foot on her husband's origin nor met her parents-in-law before the marriage.
Well, I had no excuses, but at that time it was not feasible for the time we had and the money, to have a trip to Beijing. Also, both families thought we will have plenty of chances to meet each other in the future time. And that future time for me is finally coming! After only meeting my parents-in-law (Papa and Mama) through chatting and webcam, I soon will have the chance to meet them in person!
I am very excited and happy and cannot wait to see them. Next year we are going home! We plan for the Easter holiday in Beijing, I really look forward to see Papa, Mama and grandparents of Lan and maybe other family members! :) The only issue that I have to work on is my Chinese! So far, I have been improving my vocabularies from Lan, but not by much. I guess I just have to be confident then.

Onto another topic, I had my blood taken on Friday. Lan was there to hold onto my hand, I was scared to death... I had surgery for my broken elbow when I was 7 years old and I always hope I would never even touch a needle again! Results will come in a week, because the doctor requested for a complete test on the blood (whatever they all are!), so we hope nothing serious happens.
Mama (Lan's mum) was very worried and panicked when she knew I was unwell. She cares so much, I am so blessed by The Lord.

Monday, November 26, 2007

What's with ME?

For the last 2 months, ever since I landed in UK, I have not been 100% healthy. There is always something that keep me in bed; severe headache, painful joints and sometime problematic pain in stomach. I don't know what is really going on with me.
My supervisors and Lan are worried and keep telling me to go and see doctor, which I really am avoiding to do so simply because of the possible disappointment of long wait! However, today, I can't take it anymore! I went to book a doctor appointment. Thank God, I can see doctor tomorrow afternoon.

I have been worried about my progress, because I spent lots of time staying at home, unable to get a grip of myself. Even checking email and posting on my blog are quite an effort to make. Anyway, I pray that whatever illness I have right now, God will take it away.

Update: Been to the doctor yesterday and doctor required me to do a blood test on Friday and to come back and see her 2 weeks from now. Well, let's hope nothing terrible/critical happens.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Alone... No More.

It's my new layout! This numbered the sixth design I have made for my own blog. Hope you like it as much as I do. I loved the previous one, but I am giving a new look to my blog.
I intentionally looked for a picture of chopsticks, because chopsticks symbolize a pair/couple that cannot be separated from each other. TO eat with chopsticks, you have to use both of them, impossible to use only one. :)
Inseparable is you & me.
Having you in my life, I am alone no more...

dedicated to my one and only love, Lan.

- nie, 16 November 2007

Sunday, November 18, 2007

.: 23 :.

my surprise tiramisu23is officially my age now! Not as depressed as usually, simply because I have someone to be by my side all my life now...
Well, I felt better yesterday (Saturday) and was looking forward to have a special birthday dinner with my lovely husband, Lan. Let me share my story of this year's birthday.

16 Nov 2007

Friday night, Lan came home later than I expected him to be, saying that he had to mark the bachelor students' assignments and got really busy. However, I did not realise that it was his excuse to run to city centre and bought my favourite cake, tiramisu. He came home with a box of chocolate and a black forest cake, apologizing for not being able to find tiramisu. I was already very happy though. He is so caring, that I don't want to ask for more. He is simply the best.
THANK YOU, honey!We had bacons and potatoes for dinner and everything went normal. After dinner, we watched Naruto (the Japanese weekly anime) together. When we finished, he excused himself to the kitchen to cook some water (we use normal kettle to cook water to save on electricity). Several minutes later, he asked me to come to him. 'There is some problem with the stove', that is what he said. I am still not suspicious...
When I get to the kitchen, it was dark! What is it? He sang the 'happy birthday' song and hugged me. It was a SURPRISE! Oh my Jesus, he is so so so sweet! *it was 2 days before my actual birthday and he is being so nice!*

FYI: Tiramisu means 'take me with you'.

17 Nov 2007

the Italian restaurantIn the morning, as usual, we took sometime to chat with Lan's parents. I really 'fall' in love with my new papa and mama! I am really grateful that I get very nice parents in law, they love me like their own daughter, always get excited to hear me practicing my Mandarin and to communicate with me. I simply love them.
After the conversation, we went to do the weekly grocery shopping; some vegetables, eggs and snacks. The day was cold but no rain. We were happy about that, thinking and hoping that it will not rain when we are going for the dinner. Anyway, the UK weather is never predictable. As much as we hoped it will not rain, it was pouring rain when we walked down to the restaurant!
The Italian restaurant, Il Forno, is one of the best restaurants in Liverpool. When we went in, they welcomed us so warmly. The waiter was so friendly and great! He took our coat and jacket to put them in the cloak room and helped us with the order.our order These are what we ordered:
- Bruchettas and 'Il Forno' insalate (salad) for appertizers
- Main meals: Lasagna for me and pizza for Lan
- Drinks: Orange juice
- Dessert: vanila ice cream with Bailey's Irish cream and chocolate shavings on top.

All of them were very very delicious and worth the price (and they are not expensive either!). The restaurant has a warm atmosphere, but very busy, lively and vibrant. The service is excellent, the price is affordable and the food is beyond our expectation. We were really satisfied with our dinner and we went home very happy and full. We highly recommend Il Forno restaurant for those, who might visit Liverpool and expect a great Italian food! One thing though, make sure you book first! Hehehe...
After dinner, we went home to watch Stardust on the computer. It is a nice fantasy movie.

18 Nov 2007

my beloved husband!We just stayed at home and spent a lot of time talking and sharing thoughts with each other. We were going to go out, but since the weather forecast said it is cold and rainy today, we just cancelled it.
Lan cooked lunch and dinner today. He especially cooked noodle and spring onion soup for me today. It was delicious and warm.

Oh my... I am one a lucky person! I got the best husband I could get in my life! I can never thank Jesus enough for all the love that surrounds me, through my husband, family and friends! Life is wonderful, because I walk with Jesus!

Thank you.
For more pictures, visit HERE.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Birthday fever

My birthday is days to go, bt I am not feeling entirely well this whole week. Have not been to the office at all since Tuesday, fever, headaches and eczema problems and many others that are making me not myself this week. We went to do the grocery shopping on Tuesday night, thinking I was better, but I felt like fainting inside the shop, dizzy and drowsy. *sob* Then heavy rains and winds accompanied us along the way home, making us all wet. More to that, I got worse.

Well, I was excited that we are going to celebrate my birthday with a dinner in an Italian restaurant, which I already booked several days ago. Now, I lost the mood completely, but seeing Lan so excited about it, I feel that I am selfish, if I just cancel the dinner. Please pray that I feel much better tomorrow, so we can enjoy my birthday.

Special to Anita Christine:
A very HAPPY and BLESSED birthday just for you!
I pray for abundant love, peace and joy throughout your life!
May happiness follows you and your family in each path of your life!

God bless you and be with you always!

Ps. Thanks for being a great friend and sister! :)
16th November 2007

Image's credit to: ma4u4a @ deviantART

Monday, November 12, 2007

whose hands is future in?

As humans, we cannot help ourselves to think about the future. 'Where would we live for sure?', 'What would we do after we finish study/this job?', 'What kind of family we want?' and many other questions regarding our lives in 'sometime in the future' term. We have been going through this issue lately. As a new little family, often in our conversations, we cannot avoid to discuss what kind of expectation of the future we personally want. Lan, being the head of the family, somehow tries so hard to get my expectation of our family right so that, hopefully, he will be able to make it come true.
However, it is such a vague and ambiguous issue to discuss. Who knows where the future leads? Only God knows. So, as many times as we discuss about future, that many times I told him to just lead it 'flows'. I believe God knows what's best for us, He has the perfect reasons of where He will reside us at, what job He will give us to do and for all the other things, too.
Well, not as easy as saying it, trust in God is really something that I put my hope in. Through the years of experience walking with Him and being guided by Him to get to United Kingdom, finished my Master, found the best husband I could possibly have and to be married with Him, I believe God (my Lord Jesus) has a very special plan for me, even before I was born. And now, since Lan and I have become one union, I believe that God has a special and beautiful plan for our family; a plan of prosperity and not disaster.
And so, through my hope and trust in God, I continue living my days with beautiful dreams, having Him as my strength to carry on, believing He never forsakes me and will give the best for our family.
Future in Jesus' hands is the best future we could have asked for.

- nie, 12 November 2007

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Early birthday present

As some of you are aware of, my 23rd birthday is 2 weeks away. Well... like never before, I receive a birthday present very early this year. Lan bought me a bright red coat to replace my old black coat that he does not like. He keeps saying that I look old when wearing the black coat, so he had me to leave the black coat in Bali. You can see me wearing the black coat from ~here~. That means when I returned to UK, I did not have any coat with me (as I only had one coat, it is too expensive to have more than one!). Hence, I struggled with the cold weather, only by wearing jacket. So, as the weather grows colder, my beloved Lan bought me this very bright coat, which he chose and likes it very much.
We first saw it in Chester when we had a day trip there last month in a shop named 'Coast', but did not immediately buy it. Then we looked around in Liverpool for other alternatives, but he only likes that one. Tried to find it in Coast shops in Liverpool, they only have the black ones... and so, he bought it for me over the Internet and it arrived several days ago. I have to say that I am going through a 'make-over' ever since I returned to UK. Lan comments a lot on my appearance and changes it; buy me hats, bags and some jackets. I am very thankful to The Lord to have a very caring husband. He cares and thinks about me so much...

At the same time, I am thanking The Lord for giving me such kind parents-in-law. Mama and Papa (Lan's parents) sent me lots of gifts; 2 pairs of shoes, delicious food, some clothes and even some books for learning Chinese. Every weekend, we will have conversation together and I am learning Chinese bit by bit and they are really supportive. I feel so blessed!

Well, it has been a long time since the last post... Yep, I have not been in the mood to post and, last week, I had to go to a 3-days workshop, which really costed most of my energy. It was fun meeting other people and having to not sit in the office for three days, but at the same time, I really missed Lan, because I did not see him for during the day as usual. Not that it is over, I have to return to the work that I have to do...

Have a great week ahead, friends! God bless you!
I keep asking myself...
Why did I fall in love with you?
Why did I marry you?
Why do I want to spend the rest of my life with you?

And, yet, as always, I go speechless.
I question love...
But I answer nothing but love.

I love you.

- nie, 04 November 2007

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tummy ache: baby or ...?

Since we don't really plan to have baby yet for now, the stomach ache I had last week was quite worrying both of us. Lan really got cold sweat when I started to say "Maybe... I am really preg..." I did not even get the chance to finish the sentence, he stopped me right away. Heheh...
Well, a number of people do ask me about the 'good' news and even suggest me to buy a testpack. Thank you very much for being so caring. :) Even my mother asked me the same question. But, the answer is... not yet. Sorry to disappoint you, friends, but I am not pregnant at the moment.
Why am I so sure? Because my monthly guest has arrived! *yey!*

Well, it is not we do not want to have baby. It is just that we are not ready yet and, more importantly, we do not have a stable income for now. We depend on our scholarships of our study at the moment and for the next 3 years. So, I don't think it is really wise to have baby now and, thus, we are postponing it for the time being until we feel that we are stable enough to be able to pay the expense and living cost of the new member of the family. :)

Friday, October 19, 2007

Is it about life, pain or comfort?

Two nights ago, I was going through the TV's channels until I was stuck to this one particular program named "Dispatched: Abortion, what you need to know". Apparently, UK government legally allows abortion in this country, as long as the pregnancy has not reached the 24th week. The reason is that: the scientific study shows that the fetus (baby in the womb) can only start to feel pain in the 24th week, where the brain is fully developed.
Some agree with the 'law' and feel comfortable to carry on the abortion activities in their clinics/hospitals, thinking that as long as the fetus cannot feel pain, they are not 'fully' alive. Not all agree for the same reason. One lady that spoke in the programme, said that we should make abortion legal in the thoughts of the women; What if they are not ready? What if pregnancy and baby become obstacle to their future? And many more what ifs...
Some, clearly, disagree to making abortion as legal. One argument is that premature babies (even the ones younger than 24 weeks) can feel pain and, thus, it clearly shows that fetus, no matter how old it is, can feel pain. Another talks about religion, humanity and cruelty.

To those who agree, I really have a disturbing question... 'Isn't abortion equal to murder?'
They never ask to be created and, if they can choose, would prefer not to come to this cruel world. As humans should know that everything we do (or decide to do) results consequences to follow the decision, then women (and men, too!) should know that whatever type of sex they have can lead to the possibility of being pregnant.
So, why, after taking the decision (and probably enjoying it at that time being), they cannot face the consequence it brings? It makes me think how coward are people in this world today, how cruel and selfish humans can be...

Well, it will not be surprising if there is any of you that disagree with my beliefs. Please don't get mad at me. Take this as a someone's opinion out of billions of opinions of the world.

God bless!

Image's credit to: poivre @ deviantART.

Just received the news that I didn't get the £20,000 scholarship award. I am feeling sad for a bit, but thank Jesus that this means He has prepared bigger blessings for me and Lan.
Have a blessed weekend, friends!

Friday, October 12, 2007

malesku lagi kumat...

Lama ga post pake bahasa Indo...
tapi sayangnya post kali ini mesti bilang kalo penyakit males ngeblog lagi meracuni aku!
Plus seminggu ke belakang perut agak bermasalah, I got some kind of funny feeling!
Makan, tidur, duduk pun ga enak.
Rasanya seperti masuk angin, tapi kadang juga seperti ditusuk-tusuk oleh tusuk konde.
Tidur pun tak nyenyak, selalu kebangun akan mimpi-mimpi yang tak kumengerti...

Hayah... ada apa dengan badan ini?!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Being in the office...

Been awhile since my last post... I really don't know what to share. From two weeks ago, my routinity has started; going to the 'office' from Monday to Friday.
I call it a great thing, being a PhD student in this country (or maybe just UofL, they give us so many facilities. We got a shared office, where we have our own private PC (which includes the fast Internet) and our own desk. We even get all the stationary, coffee and teas provided for us! (You just have to bring your own cup!) However, those facilities really pay off what we are actually doing. Real research, real thinking. No more lectures, you work on your own motivation under the guidance of your supervisors.

Well, I have to thank The Lord for giving me such nice supervisors, that I knew well during my Master degree. But I am not pleased to say that I am having a hard time coming back to study after one year of rest. Still, I am trying my best, although sometimes it does give me a severe headache.
Another motivation would be that I have Lan to be in the same office with me, he helps me a lot in bringing back all the memory of 'Computational Logics and their friends...'

A drawback about having a private desk in your faculty building is that you will have to be in the office often enough (or maybe almost everyday?) so that whenever your supervisors look for you, they will definitely find you. Although, I personally prefer working at home. An additional drawback will be, you have to go to the 'office' and yet you have to pay tuition fees!! That doesn't make sense, does it? Well, once again, I thank The Lord for granting me the full scholarship, life becomes much lighter in a way.

Well, friends, that's my first impression of the PhD course. Right now, I feel so fed up with all the works I am stuck at, that's why I wrote this post hehehe... God bless ya, friends!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Leaving the single life

Entering the marriage life is never easy, especially after the 'wedding fever' is over, honeymoon is done and life returns to the daily routines, where fights start to occur and not rarely the couple starts to think "Did I marry the right person?"
The 'experienced' people often say that the first few years of your marriage is critical and, yes, I agree to them. It is the 'shocking' time *if you wish to call it that way* of knowing the very trueself of your husband/wife, that includes all the bad and worst habits, which you never found when you both were still in the boyfriend-girlfriend relationship.

In my personal experience, after several months of marriage, we had arguments sometimes and that, I think, is not a strange thing. However, what we (Lan & I) realise is that the arguments or the fights are not caused by mistakes, but by our single life's habits. I remember my husband said to me, we are not robots, we cannot change the habits we had for 20-or-more years just in one day. And that applies to EVERYBODY. Thus, rather than calling the first few years of marriage as a shocking time, I'd prefer to call it the ADAPTATION period of marriage. If you are asking for an example, here is one...

Before the marriage, my husband used to watch TV to release his stress, everytime he got home from work and he carried that habit into our marriage lives. I got mad... simply because he has been away for the whole day, we both were busy doing our works and, yet afterwards, he spends his remaining time sitting in front of the TV.
What do I want? I want time to talk with him, I want to know how was his day. In one word, communication. However, somehow, he just did not think it is important! And so I got mad.

After we talked it through, *after some arguments though*, we realised that both of us were wrong. I was wrong for being mad and not knowing that it was his 'single life' habit. He was wrong for not thinking it through and thought that the TV was his only stress-relief, when he can actually talk to me and spend some quality time to communicate with me.

And so we both learnt.

Leaving single life is never easy... Sometimes it gives the feeling that you are not free anymore and restricted, but, hey, I am sure when you were proposed you yourself said 'I Do!'. So, live with the consquences. To me, I am not losing my freedom, it is just we have to view our world in a different angle that now we have someone to live our lives with together and forever.

To those, who are still in their single lives, don't think of this as a scary thing that will haunt you when you get married, but take it as a fun thing that you will only be able to do when you are married. :) Of course, knowing your beloved husband/wife deeper and better is a good thing right?

Remember, nobody is perfect, so everybody needs time to polish their lives to be better.

God bless you, friends! I hope my sharing is useful.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Back to where I belong

Hi guys! I'm not sure whether you are wondering how I've been, but here I am! Back to my blogging world, back to LIVERPOOL, back to be with my HUSBAND and back to be BUSY! Hehehe...
I arrived at 18.00 UK time on Monday, and every since then, many things I had to do. Buying household appliances; toaster, iron, microwave, groceries, etc. and tidying up the flat. Yep, we are living in a flat, which is owned by the University, we consider it nice enough to live in. It's just... it has a bath, but NO shower! That's the weirdest thing that I've ever known about a bathroom hahaha... Still, we gotta live with it. We are to be thankful that The Lord has provided us with somewhere to live.

During these several days, I got sick a number of times too. I got too tired and so sickness strikes. Even now, I am still recovering and getting used to the time and weather of UK again.

Above all, I have to say that... I am facing what the real marriage is.

Have a blessed weekend, friends!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Happy Birthday, Hans

Happy birthday, Hans!Tomorrow is Hans (my little brother)'s birthday. He is going to be 11 years old! So, A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to YOU, brother!

Well, this whole week, I have been doing something that I had never done before. I am a private English teacher now! Only for one week though, because Lee, the Korean girl who is my student now, rang me last Friday. However, she said that she is having a hard time during our lessons, because I am giving her the tasks which are similar to IELTS questions (Because that's exactly what she asked me to teach her!). I would say she is doing fine :) She is good, just need some more confidence.

Moving on to my excitement! Well... two days to go! I am very very happy! At the very moment, Lan is busy with moving into our new flat. I hope he is doing fine. Jesus be with him. Although my flight is still 2 days to go, my PhD supervisor has contacted me to arrange our first meeting next week. *Oh God... the study will start again very very soon!*
The great thing is that my supervisor has already asked for a computer to be ready for me and has allocated a place in the same office with Lan in Computer Science department! *Isn't GOD great?! VERY!*

Oh well, that's all for now... I'll post again when I already in UK. See you then!

Have a great weekend, friends! God bless you always!
Your naught,
your wit,
your excitement to everything around you,
and the way you see life with happiness and smiles...
Build you to be a unique and joyful person.

Tears, angers and sadness flea in less than a minute...
Smiles, laughters and joy seem to always full in you.
That's YOU. That's my brother, Hans!

Time flies fast...
You were once a chubby baby, whom I complaint when I had to carry you.
You are 11 years old now.

Have a very happy and blessed birthday!
God bless you and be with you always!

Monday, September 10, 2007

'til the day we gather again...

A week before my departure back to be with my husband, my beloved brother, Erwin flew back to London to return to Brighton for his last year of Bachelor. It's sad to face that the family is parted again after these 3 months we were all together and complete. However, there is nothing we can do about it... this is the consequence of our decision leaving home to pursue our education.

What I really know in my heart is that, although we are far away by distances, but our hearts are always connected to each other and missing each other. Thank you Jesus and Mami Papi for teaching us the importance of unity.
I remember when we were little...
Playing like friends, fighting like mad...
Loving each other endlessly.

We grew up as sister and brother and best friends.
Although unsaid, we are inseparable by hearts.
Win, I thank The Lord to have you. It's always been sweet time.

just for 'Nyo' Win.
Love you!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

12 months

This morning, when I turned the page of the daily calendar, I realized that I have been home for exactly 12 months now. I remember how happy and sad I was, leaving Liverpool and arriving in Denpasar; happy to see my whole family again and sad to be apart from Lan.
Many things have happened in the last 12 months. Up and down, laughters and tears, joy and sadness and many more. However, as you all know, the big event of all is our wedding in July. Lan told me many things have changed in Liverpool. They keep 'refurnishing' the city. Well, going back on the 17th, I am excited to see the changes in the city, but more importantly, I am overjoyed to be reunited with my husband again.
Not that I will not be sad leaving my family, I am sure I will, but, now, I have my own family to build, to take care of and to be with. Things are much different to one year ago, in a good way. :)

Well, less than 2 weeks to meet my husband again. I miss him so much...
I've proven many times, Lord...
That You are faithful.

Walking towards the future with You,
I will never be in doubt,
For the future You promised me is brighter than the sun could shine.

Thank You, Father, for this beautiful life with You.

- nie, 05th September 2007.

Friday, August 31, 2007

How's married life?

Marriage is not one-hundred-percent of happiness, really...
The reality is that...
There are things that you have to leave behind,
There are things that you gain while stepping forward into the new beginning.

Once, you belong to a family.
Now, you own your own family.
It's a kingdom that both of you, your partner and you, have to build to be strong, full of love, peace and joy.

Family should be a kingdom that imparts the joys of Heaven in Earth.

- nie, 06 May 2007

Ionce wrote my thought above about wedding and marriage in this post before I was officially married. And yes, things changed and are still continuing to change. But, hey, marriage is not as scary as some people think it is.

Well, this post is to answer all of you, who have asked me *and are going to ask me* about how my married life has been. I'd have to say that this post might not be the definite answer from me, because, as most of you already knew, I have to be apart from my husband, Lan, for 2 months just after a week we are married due to my UK visa validity.
So, how does married life feel to me?
  1. It really makes me feel that I am not alone anymore in this world.
    Ever since we are married, I got the feeling that I have someone, who is very reliable and trustworthy, to lean on, no matter what happens.
  2. We are one.
    Soul mates that have been united by God through holy matrimony to be one, not two anymore. It is beautiful, if you have felt it, to be able to share our feelings *whatever feelings it may be*, and how we are connected to each other in our hearts and minds. As if... we can automatically read each other's thoughts and feel each other's feeling without saying any words.
  3. Losing my independence
    This is something that is really personal to me and a task for me to be able to adjust to it. If you have known me long enough, you would've known that I have been away from my family since I was 15 years old until just now (22 y.o.) and most of those years I have spent it by myself. And I feel so independent that I don't worry about going to a new place by myself.
    However, now, having a husband, I cannot do always think like that anymore. Marriage involves 2 persons and it takes cooperation of both to build this marriage into a happy and beautiful family. Thus, I am learning to 'give up' some of my independence. And, hey! Having someone, who is ready to help you almost all of the time, is nice, isn't it? Hehehe...
  4. Married life = Divide your time wisely!
    These days, with the PhD waiting for me in Liverpool once I arrive, I often think on how to divide my time. I can imagine that I'll have to manage and take care of the household works (cooking, cleaning, shopping grocery, washing, etc) and at the same time be the best for the study plus spend a good quality of time with Lan. I'll have to say, even just an imagination makes me feel how hard it is to be done, but, whether I like it or not, I'll have to face it and do it.
    So, I am learning to sacrifice the 'fun' time that I used to have plenty of it when I was single for some things better. Wu wu wu... It's gonna be a bit hard maybe for me.
Well, this is quite long already. To sum it up, as I said in the poem I made above, I gain many positive things through my marriage already. A lot of lessons I learned and many are still waiting to be learned. Life is about learning, right? :) What am I leaving through this marriage? Slowly but sure is my childishness and selfishness. *That's a good thing for me hehehe*

OK, friends. That's all for now. God bless you all and have a lovely weekend.

Ps. thanks for wishing me to get well soon. I am much better right now. :)

Friday, August 24, 2007

My latest news

Long time no update, Anita asked me why, hehehe... I've been unwell and busy lately.
The maid has gone home for two weeks, so... *if you can guess right* I am her replacement. Well, not 100% replacing her, otherwise, I will be lying on the hospital's bed. Mum and I work together, although, for the last two days, I had to force myself to get out of bed and forget the painful headaches on my head.
I've been sick for 2 weeks, now. My nose can't breath and, most of the time, it affects my ears, I can't hear *sob*, then, the headache follows. Sometimes, it is really painful that I feel like fainting, it's like there are many nails going through my head. I went to the doctor, yesterday, but he said I'm OK (really?!). I left the doctor with disbelief and complaint for such an expensive cost. He's really making money, isn't he?!

Well, that's all I have for now. I am very tired and thinking of having an early night. Tomorrow awaits with its business of cleaning, wiping, sweeping, mopping and many more... The good thing is that this really prepares me before I leave for Liverpool and become the real housewife hehehe...

Until the next post, God bless you all! :)

3 weeks and 2 days left...

Thursday, August 16, 2007

In a month time...

17 September 2007 is the date I will certainly reunite with you.
Honey, I miss you...
Every breath I breath,
Every tears I cry,
Every blink of my eyes,
and every thought of my mind
They always think of you.

Wait for me and miss me there.



It has been awhile since I made a poem. I think it's coming back to me hehe...

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Thank You, JESUS!

Update: I got my passport and visa now. However, my plan to fly to UK asap has to be postponed. For some reasons the British Embassy has given me a visa that will only be valid on 17 September 2007! That's a month from now...
Well, can't do much about that, except wait for another month. I am so sorry, honey...

That's the most important sentence that I should and have been saying these two days! Thanks also for all of your prayers, my dear friends.
As planned, I went for an interview to the British Embassy yesterday for my UK visa application at Floor 19th Deutsche Bank Building, Jl. Imam Bonjol, Jakarta at 10.00 a.m.
The interviewer was a very nice lady. She asked many questions, starting from my course title, Lan's details, future plans and the amount of funding available for my living costs during my study. Thanks Jesus for the extra calmness He gave me that I could answer each and every question correctly and comfortably. At the end of the interview, she told me that the visa should be issued and finished by today (Wednesday, 08 August 2007). However, because of the Pilkada (local province election in Jakarta), the sending of my passport and other documents have to be postponed another day because many companies are closed today.
The most important conclusion is: my UK visa is OUT!

Another good news that I received yesterday is that I got an e-mail from the UofL saying that I am successfully shortlisted for the Duncan Norman Scholarship, which, if I get it, will give me £20,000 each year for living costs. Isn't Jesus great? Definitely, HE IS! :)
The announcement of the final decision will be in early September, so, I will wait for the good news!
For now, I am already in joy because I know I will meet my dear husband soon! Yes, dear, I am taking the flight next week!

Once again, thank you very much, my dear friends, for the supports and prayers! God bless you abundantly in return!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Been a month

"Been a month already!" Lan said that to me in his email. I wonder which is the real reality; time flies or we've been apart too long? We miss each other terribly that we've gone through some sicknesses one after another.

The visa application has not given us a happy news. Instead, on Tuesday, 07 August 2007 at 10.00 a.m., the British embassy requires me to attend an interview in Jakarta. So, here is an extra effort to get my visa. Please, dear friends, kindly pray for me and for this visa application that it will come out quickly.

Anyhow, being apart gives us many important lessons; about our feelings towards each other, the importance of each other's presence, the meaning of our marriage and many others. Being apart does not mean we don't grow, instead, it makes us much mature and gives us great understanding about our marriage. Thank you, Jesus, for allowing this to happen. I believe that You have a great plan for us. Amen!

OK, friends, that's all for now. God bless you!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Bali Gospel Festival 2007

Starting today, 25th July 2007, until Saturday, 28th July 2007, at GOR Ngurah Rai, Bali Gospel Festival 2007 will be held every evening at 18.00.
Today, there were many miracles happened! The deaf can hear, the crippled can walk and many more! I am full of joy to see Jesus really touched Balinese people with His grace and compassion. Moreover, I am glad to be involved as an usher (so is my brother Erwin) to help my dad and the other team members.

Meanwhile, I am still waiting for the outcome of my visa application. The application went in on Tuesday (yesterday) and 'they' (the appointed agent) said that it will come out in 3 working days, so we shall see.
Lan is eagerly wanting me to return ASAP and I am so impatiently wanting to be with him again. We are missing each other like crazy now! So, friends, please help in prayers for my visa application, so that I can be with my husband again, quickly.

God bless you all!

UPDATE: Visit my prawedding photos album at my MULTIPLY

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Great news!

Yesterday, I received an email from my Supervisor. She told me that the Head of Department of Computer Science has agreed to give me a £3500 bursary for my MPhil (PhD) course! Praise Jesus!

Blessings and more blessings keep coming... and I can't thanks my Jesus enough.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Pre-honeymoon story (2)

Continuing my story about our prehoneymoon!
Actually on the night of 07 July, after we said good-bye to Yulia, we swam for a little while. The water was so cold that both of us were shivering. Do you think it's romantic to take a swim under the starry night with your husband?! Hehehehe... Anyway it was fun! :)
The next day we had an early morning. It was Sunday, 08 July 2007, we took a taxi at 6.30 to take us to the church, GBI ROCK Lembah Pujian, that is the same church we had our holy matrimony. We have arranged to meet my parents there, so that after the service finished we went home with them.
After getting the swimming suits, we headed back to the villa. Grace and my parents swam until afternoon while Lan slept because he was so tired. As for me, I just watched TV and sometimes browsed around the Internet. For dinner, my dad took us to Pepito Restaurant (close to the Ngurah Rai International Airport). We had quite a big dinner there, that afterwards all of us had difficulty to walk hahahaha...
Since the restaurant has a supermarket next door to it, we just walked around the shop to let the food go down our stomaches. During that time, Lan and Grace were always joking around, teasing each other. I am very glad to see that both of them have become good friends, there is a special bond between both of them, a big brother and a little sister. They are so cute when they are together, Lan turns to be a little boy while playing with her hehehe... And, now, with Lan far away, both of them are missing to tease each other.
Continuing, after the window-shopping, Lan insisted for both of us to watch Die Hard 4.0. So, we went to the cinema and luckily we did not miss the movie. It was a good movie, although, I shall say, it is too simple and I was having a waist pain throughout the movie so I didn't really enjoy the 2 hours seating there. >.<

The next day, 09 July 2007, we didn't do much. Just relaxing and resting. Lan watched the television almost the whole day, while I slept in for several more hours. Overall, I really enjoyed our prehoneymoon. The villa was great! *Thanks Ko Peter!* Lan was sure to return there if we go back to Bali for holiday.

Ps. Honey, I am missing you very much. Wait for me, I am returning soon.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Pre-honeymoon story (1)

This afternoon, Lan already left to fly back to Manchester, United Kingdom. We both felt that we shouldn't even let each other go, but... he had to go, so I let him go and take my heart with him to thousands miles away. Anyway, only after Lan went, then I get the time to share with you all about the days after the wedding. As I mentioned we went to Villa Danoya on 6th July 2007 for a 4 nights pre-honeymoon trip. Yes, it's a pre-honeymoon, which means that the real honeymoon is coming up. We are still discussing the right time for it and the destination. Well, I hope it is coming really soon.

06 July 2007
We were picked up by the Villa's car at around 2 pm at that day. Going with us were Han, Erwin and Yulia. They came along for a swim. And so they swam until afternoon, while I was enjoying the free Internet facility from the Villa hehehehe... At night, after dinner at Cafe Tahu with my parents, they dropped us at Galeria 21 Cineplex. We watched Transformer. I have to say it was a very good movie! I enjoyed watching it very much! We came back to Villa at around 12 at night and feeling so tired.

07 July 2007
The second day in the villa, the day of Kuningan (Hindus ceremonial day), the day of so many weddings because of such a good date, and a day of the weekend! Well, on this day, we planned to go to Dreamland beach with Yulia. I heard that Dreamland beach is a very nice beach, white sandy beach much better than the famous Kuta beach. So, we rent a jimny car for the day. At first, it was supposed to be Yulia, who drove, but Lan insisted to see my not-so-perfect driving skill. Therefore, I drove along the By Pass road. Thank God, Lan said my driving skill is not bad at all, except that I liked to speed up hehehehe...
We arrived at Dreamland beach around 12.00 mid-day. It was so so so hot, but I really have to say that the waves were superb! The water was so clear and blue, the view was fantastic! The three of us agreed that one day we will come back for sure. I did not go into the water, as I don't really like to swim in the sea, so I just watched the waves quietly and enjoyed looking at Lan and Yulia swimming. Lan had his chance to try on the short surfing board and he gave up hehehehe... It was a very tiring effort to surf, since he is a beginner, because the wave was simply too strong.We spent several hours (at least until 16.00 afternoon) at the beach. When we left the beach, both Lan and Yulia were exhausted, tired and hungry. And so, we headed to Kuta Square... First stop was Haagen Dazs. Yes, we had some ice cream there. Our favourite ice cream so far! (Lan & I had Strawberry cheesecake, cookies and cream and baileys scoops together) After feeling refreshed, Lan said he was hungry and he suggested we ate at KFC. He was so hungry that he ate 4 chickens at that time!
Heading back to the villa, Yulia prepared herself to go to the airport and fly back to Jakarta. My bestest friend for more than 8 years now... she really took the effort to attend my wedding. Thank you very very much, my sister! Seeing you leaving, I was so sad, because I don't know when is the next time we meet again. However, my promise is true... Lan & I will definitely attend your wedding! ;) *he already said it!* And I was so glad that Lan and you became good friends!

Ok friends, this is already a long post... I will continue it in several days!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Wedding photos

As I promised, I have uploaded our wedding photos to my Multiply. *Since in the villa there is a free unlimited (not stable, but you can't complain! it's free!) Internet, so here I am uploading as many photos as I can*

So, enjoy the photos and you are very very welcomed to leave comments on each photo. I hope browsing through the photos, you will feel our happiness too!

The URL is

Thank you and God bless you!

Friday, July 06, 2007

The Wedding

I am -sort of- back now! It went very well on the day! It feels like a dream, but it is so so so true!
A huge thanks to all of you, my dear friends, for the prayers, supports and the congratulations! We really can't do this without your precious prayers. Here is one of the wedding photos we took on the day. The others are coming soon. So, I hope you all will be patient.
Right now, we are waiting to be picked up by Villa Danoya's car. Yes, we are going to have private time together for 4 nights here in Bali. However, this is not a honeymoon, Lan calls it pre-honeymoon time hehehe... We are still deciding and planning about where we should have our honeymoon. :)

Ok friends, this is a quick update from me!

And we are officially announced as... Husband & Wife
We are Mr. and Mrs. Zhang!!

Friday, June 22, 2007

My mixed feelings?

Nervous? I am!
Stressed out? I Unconsciously am!
Happy? I am!
Feel as if I am dreaming? Definitely! Often I look at my wedding dresses and think "Am I really going to be a bride in several days?"
Busy? Well... finishing up the preparation.

No matter how up and down I feel, The Lord puts in my heart an overflowing joy to welcome our miraculous wedding day. And if you bother to ask, YES, I cannot wait to pick Lan up from the Ngurah Rai Airport! He is arriving at 12.05 pm on Monday!
So, friends, maybe this is the last post here before I become a wife! Hehehe...

See you very soon and Jesus bless you always!

Image's credit to: ~xStarSoulNightx @ deviantART

Monday, June 11, 2007

The celebration of Happiness

I am excusing myself from all of you. The time for Internet becomes so little because I have to spend a great deal of time to organise our wedding. Please forgive me if I can't visit your blogs as often as I always do, but if I have time, I will try to visit as many of your blogs as I can. Hopefully, after the wedding, I can visit all of your blogs again. :)

Please keep both of US in your prayers, friends. We appreciate that very much. We would also like to thank you all in advance for all the prayers, the congratulations and all of the beautiful wishes you have given us.

Jesus bless you all!

Ps. I will soon take my shoutbox off for temporarily. Therefore, I will prefer you to post your message for me in my previous post. Sorry for the inconvenience! Thanks! :)
It started with two shy ‘ILU’s in the friendly e-mails, hoping that we won’t hurt each other’s hearts for what happened in the past.
It continued with a statement that “…emotion is like a spring. The more you press it, the more you get bounced.
Late January, that time, you asked my hands for marriage for the second time and for real.

We have no regrets, this time.
We have abundance of The Lord’s approvals and blessings.
Praise Jesus, The One, The Organiser and The Celebrator of our union.

Love, when you said, “I can't deny the truth I love you.
I softly whispered, “So do I
And, forever, I will always love you.

- nie, on his birthday 13th April 2007

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Friday, June 01, 2007


Business are growing taller and I become even more tired and emotional. What my friends said were all true, sometimes things does not go the way I want them to be with the planning of our wedding.
Well, today, I learnt an interesting skill! To search words or more exactly chinese characters using the dictionary! My Lord, it is more like mathematics and Sudoku! It is the most unusual way of looking through dictionary, hahahaha! But I like it and it will definintely help me in the future to learn Chinese Mandarin when I am in England :)

Tomorrow, Lan has met an appointment to ring my parents at 2 pm UK time, and he requested me to be with my parents, in case there is any misunderstandings. Oh well, I am very happy about accepting the request because it means I will hear his voice again after a while :)

Oh well that's all for now! Take care everyone! God bless!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Here I am!

Hola amigos!! Yup yup yup! I am back already. A day later than I mentioned in the previous post. I was too tired last night to tell you all that I am back.
Well, I had so much fun in Nusa Penida!! There were 39 of us in the team; 27 people from American's worship team named 'The Burn' and 13 of the Indonesians. Throughout the mission, I mostly played the role as an interpreter, being in the middle of the Americans and all of my Indo friends. It was such a huge blessing to me and helped me a lot in growing my faith higher.
It is amazing to see how those Americans, who flew all the way for 36 hours leaving all the comfort and nice feelings of their own places, did NOT complain a single time about the condition in Nusa Penida. They ate the food with abundant of joy and gratefullness, whether they really like it or not, too spicy or too tasteless or maybe also too disgusting for them. It is such a great example to learn to see how they work together hand-in-hand in unity with Christ as the focus all the time.
They did not complain about the smelly village people that we were ministering to. It was great lessons for me.

Overall, I am very much blessed and will be more than happy to be involved in similar kind of trip again. :D

Moving on... I have a GREAT news! Last night, when I quickly checked my email, I received an email from University of Liverpool, saying that I have been awarded an ORSAS scholarship, which covers full tuition fees and, in addition, £1000 towards living cost!! Praise Jesus!
He IS really great! He's been more than GREAT to me. Thank you Jesus for allowing me to feel such abundant blessings in this hard time.

All the glory and honor be to Jesus Christ alone!
Love you, my Jesus Christ!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Nusa Penida trip

Hiatus for two days!
Friends, I will be away for two days for a church medical trip to Nusa Penida with a team of 27 Americans missionaries, named "The Burn". I am very looking forward to having a great time there! :)
I will be leaving at 5.30 am in the morning. *I hope I can wake up hahahah...*

See you soon! :) God bless!
Love you until end of Earth
Love you until end of Sun
Love you until end of Milky Way
Love you until end of universe

- by Lan.

They are just simple things that you said...
But they touch me deeply to my inner heart.
Thank you, my love.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

He's been GREAT to US

I have to testify that our Lord Jesus Christ has been very generous to both of US! Throughout March until now, miracles upon miracles has been continuously granted by Him. From the little things to the big and impossible things.
I even asked my husband-to-be, "Can you actually count how many miracles Jesus has given and blessed us with? Can we think how much blessings He has poured upon us?" For me, personally, I can't count them, His blessings and miracles are too numerous to be counted, even just for this wedding. How much more are they for the whole of my life? Simply invaluable and uncountable!

Three days ago, my dad had a meeting with many churches leader in Bali for an important event. There, my dad actually told his close friends about my 'simple' wedding that we will have a holy matrimony at the church and a simple dinner with family and close friends. To me, it is more than enough. As long as we, Lan & I, are happy with that simple but full of joy celebration, that's already perfect.
However, it is not perfect for them. They actually protested and they all said, "You choose the place (restaurant) and the food, don't worry about the bill! We will sponsor you!"
PRAISE JESUS!! What a great miracle!! what a blessing!! It has become a great wedding celebration! Thank you, Jesus, for such a great gift You have given us.

Once again, thank you, our Jesus!

Ps. I will announce my husband-to-be and my prewedding stories blog exactly a month before my wedding, i.e. 15 days from now. Are you all looking forward to that day? :P

Image's credit goes to Wedding Channel

Update: Doh!! I checked carefully before I published to not mention his name! I guess I was too tired and sleepy that I unconciously typed his name and missed it when proof-reading it.
Oh well... now that you know, I shall announce also the pre-wedding blog... You can visit LS Wedding Journey. So far, I am the only one who has been posting. However, soon, Lan might join me writing the blog. :)

Image's credit goes to DeviantART's acidkandi.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Busy bee

50 days to our wedding day, I feel like a busy bee, because I have so many things to think about and to sort out before D-day.
The main priority at the moment is the invitations!! The invitations will be done tomorrow, so now, I am busy sorting out the addresses of my parents' friends, because 99% of the guests will be my parents' friends! Writing all the labels for the invitations, making sure that I write the right names, so nobody will complain. *God, that's a headache!*

Honestly, although we want a simple wedding, I have to admit that even the simplest wedding in this world is still complicated and you have to think about so many things. Thank God, wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime moment!! With so many things to go through, this will be one more reason for me to never think about divorce and remarry. It will be a nightmare!
Hehehe... I am sure my fiance will be happy reading this hahahaha... :P

Monday, May 07, 2007

The arrival of him

My husband-to-be's arrival date has been set! He has sent me the flight details, which also means that he already BOUGHT the tickets! I am very very glad to receive the news!
Monday, 25 June 2007 @ 12.05 p.m., will be the time he is arriving from the faraway country! And the journey to our unseparable union begins from that day. I can't wait to see him... I miss him very much and I hope time will fly fast so that I can hug and cherish him all I can.
Marriage is not one-hundred-percent of happiness, really...
The reality is that...
There are things that you have to leave behind,
There are things that you gain while stepping forward into the new beginning.

Once, you belong to a family.
Now, you own your own family.
It's a kingdom that both of you, your partner and you, have to build to be strong, full of love, peace and joy.

Family should be a kingdom that imparts the joys of Heaven in Earth.

- nie, 06 May 2007

image's credit to DeviantART's Vanishing S

Friday, May 04, 2007

Blooming Hope

I am feeling much better ever since the last post I wrote. I am thanking Jesus for how He answered my prayers through the beloved people of mine. I really experience the love and grace of Jesus through the people that He puts around me; my parents, my new cece Mee-a (who happens to be here and spending days with me in fun and craze hahaha!), Pastor Arifin T and my beloved Daddy in KL.

Thanks also for all of your encouragement and cheering up! God bless you all!

That's all for now, I am very tired with the new busy days of mine! 'Til the next post!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Have faith!

Hebrews 6: 11-12 (modified)

11. And I (your faithful Father) desire that each one of you (Sherly) show the same diligence to the full assurance of hope until the end,
12. that you do not become sluggish, but imitate those who through faith and patience inherit the promises.

I am in the position of strenghtening my faith, my hope and my patience. There is something really important happening that makes me feel confused, lose hope and want to give up.
I am refreshing my memory of all those great things that are impossible to the eyes of men; those that my faithful Father, Jesus Christ, has done continually for me in my life.
I am taking a decision that I will not give up, I will not be weaken anymore by the situation I am in. Instead, I will stand up for my faith, for I trust Him more than anything in this world and I believe nothing is too hard for Him to do!

Father, I am clinging to you and I know all that You have promised me, they are not empty promises, for they surely WILL come to pass.


Thursday, April 26, 2007


Ever since the first posting about Lan-lan, my first turtle pet, I have been very keen on taking care my little cute pets. Now, I have 5 turtles! I love them and keep close observation on them. They all have names; Lan-lan (the first turtle I have), Fatty & Lin-lin (the second pair of turtles I got), and Scooby & Snoopy (the last pair I just bought during Easter holiday). Everytime I went back to Surabaya, I brought them with me, clean their box and change their water everyday (I use drinking water! Hehehe... what a special turtle! :P)
At the moment, I am very concerned about one of my turtles, named 'Fatty'. He is not eating his food and does not stretch his neck when I put my finger above him as usual. He keeps avoiding all his friends and stays at one side by himself. I am very sad about this :( Anybody has ever known this problem with their turtle pets? If any of you do, please let me know what to do...

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Wedding fever

Hi, friends! Thank you very much for congratulating us for the wedding and for the birthday greetings for him.
We are planning for a very simple wedding, since we really don't have any money at all. So right now, we are really clinging and depending to our Jesus Christ. Please kindly help in prayers, so that this wedding will be organised as we planned. We are only having a holy matrimony and a simple family dinner. For us, our Lord is number one, so, the matrimony is the most important event in our wedding. So far, things are progressing amazingly because of God's grace. I am really thankful to my Jesus, He is faithful and really is my Provider. Glory be unto Jesus always! Amen!

These days, I, unconciously, often worry about the wedding. So many 'what if's come to my mind that it disturbs my sleep. However, since it's a once-in-a-lifetime moment for me, I will enjoy every step of my journey preparing this wedding. :)

Notice, I have changed my layout to a romantic theme. Yes... the sad time has ended, it's time for romance *wink*
That's all for now. Have a great weekend everyone! God bless you all!

Friday, April 13, 2007

The birthday of special someone

Today, as promised, I rang him for his birthday. Seemed that he was looking forward to the call very much that I could hear how happy he was to receive my phone call from his ‘hello’.
We talked of many things, had some good laughs and times of releasing our longing towards each other. Although it was only a half-an-hour conversation, I know we are both really happy for the phone call. We both missed each other’s voices very much, the laughter, and the jokes, but we both understood that the cost of a phone call can shock everybody if we did not keep in mind how long we have been speaking. Yes, international (long distance) relationship is really very expensive! However, for the sake of his birthday, it is an exception. I want him to be happy always!

Well, I know this is the last birthday of his to be spent without me being close, and he knows that too! Starting July this year, we will be united as one. Yes, what you are thinking is right, my friends! I am getting married!
To whom? To the secret someone that I have mentioned several times in my posts.
For the revealing moment, wait just a little longer hehehehe.... ;)

Anyway, here is the photo of Mee-a, Grace and I in the photobox on Mee-a's birthday :) For more explanation, have a look at Mee-a's blog

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Busy Easter

the special cakeThe trip to Surabaya, my birthtown this time was not very pleasant. I was not very well when we started the journey, and I was worse when I got to Surabaya. 38 degrees Celcius of fever, bad headaches, sore throat and painful ears, that on the Friday, I had to go to the emergency room of Budi Mulia Hospital (simply because no doctors were opened that day!). Had an injection, which really helped me to feel better, but made my bum a bit sore. Anyway, sadly enough, I am still in a bad condition, because I am still feeling tired, we just got back from Surabaya this morning at 3 a.m.!

Despite the sickness, I was still moving on with the business. We went to Pasar Atom, eat some Hay Nam Rice *yummy!*, walked around for a bit, then we went to Tunjungan Plaza. Oh! I was in Surabaya to celebrate birthdays of two special persons! Mee-a and my cousin, Lia.
Mee-a's birthday was 06 April 2007. She came to my house around mid-day and had to wait for a little bit while I was in the hospital. She was very pretty that day :)
We talked a lot until afternoon, then we went to Tunjungan Plaza. We had dinner at Hachi-Hachi. Sushi for dinner! Yummy! Thank you, sista! I enjoyed our dinner together! After that, we went to a photobox. She gave the photo to me, hopefully I will be able to scan it soon! :)
Thanks to Mee-a, my special sister, for spending almost the whole day with me. I really appreciate your time and I cheris our friendship and sisterhood very much!
Moving on, on the Easter Sunday, was my cousin's 17th birthday. She had a party at Tomodachi cafe and pastry. Mee-a and I were the receptionists hehehehe...
I enjoyed the time being the receptionist with Mee-a. The chair was so comfortable and, more than that, both of us had a great time talking just the two of us! Sister forever for us! *wink*
I really can't stop thanking God for giving me such a kind sister! Thanks Jesus for your beautiful plan! When the party started, both of us went back and forward to get the sushi hihihihi... Nice nice nice... All I could think in my mind is: I'm getting fatter! Hahahaha...

Oh well, that's all for now, I think. I am still very tired.
See you all soon in the next post! God bless!
Dear Mee-a,
You are a sister...
You are a true friend...
You are dear and special...
To me, truthfully.

I love you, sister, for who you are.
- nie, 10 April 2007

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Passover Trip

Friends, I will be on hiatus for the weekend. I am going to Surabaya again for Easter holiday by car. It's my cousin's 17th birthday and we already promised that we will be there for the celebration...
So even with Lapindo mud in Porong, we are still going. Pray for a safe journey for us.

God bless you all and have a great Easter! :)

Update: Today, I met Since. Yesterday, she phoned me after she asked my phone number before she left Holland. Well, we finally met and had a very great chat! I am very glad to meet her! Hopefully, after I come back from Surabaya next week, we will be able to meet up again!

Looking forward to that, Sin! ;)

Sunday, April 01, 2007

not much, really...

not much really...
just want to say that I am missing you badly and that I love you very much.
Keep thinking about you in my days, hours and seconds.
Feel like hugging you tightly and never let you go...
So that you are forever mine.

- nie, 01 April 2007

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Grace's Performance & silly blogwork

Today, after so many rehearsals, Grace performed sucessfully at the 5th school art exhibition.
First, she participated as one of the dancers for the marching band of the school. It went well, apart from the ugly costume and the wet yard of the school because it rained a little in the morning. The marching band played four songs. Two of them that I remember was Oblada obladi and cucak rowo, the other two I forgot.

After the marching band is finished with their performance, the art exhibition started. We quickly changed Grace's costume, because she was the third on the list to perform. As usual, in Indonesia, they have introduction speeches from various people, which, thinking that the audience is students, they are really useless and boring hahaha...

The first performance was modelling and then continued by a solo performance of girl, singing 'you raised me up'. Not bad at all. I actually adore those kids, they are very brave and confident in performing. Then, it was time for Grace to perform. I was already ready with my camera and with my breath held. To be honest, I didn't really like it to be in the middle of so many kids. Their sweat almost made me faint, but anyway, for the sake of my sister, I just had to do it.

Grace was performing ballet with tamborine, the church's dance. The song played is Nikita's song, titled "Mengingat akanMu". Throughout the rehearsals, there were always things that she didn't do right. However, during the real performance, she did really well. She was, in fact, very good. Praise The Lord!
Knowing that she was the only one that did a solo performance on the dancing, I am very proud of her.

... Now, onto the second part ...

*blogwork, deleted! I'm fed up looking at it hehehe*

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Poetic Him

Sweetie, I miss you more.
You are my day.
You are my night.
I miss you more and more.
Please show up.
God bless us.

- Him, 24 March 2007, 2:30 pm (UK time)

Honey, you are making me sad and fly at the same time... :(

Friday, March 23, 2007

tentang hujan

Sudah dua hari ini kota Denpasar diguyur hujan yang cukup lebat. Angin kencang pun menemani hujan yang menurunkan temperatur yang akhir-akhir ini cukup tinggi. Kegerahan serasa hilang ditelan dingin dan sejuknya hujan.
Aku bersyukur, Tuhan tahu saat yang tepat untuk menurunkan hujan dan menongolkan matahari. Meskipun dunia ini berteriak-teriak bahwa iklim bumi ini sudah semakin kacau balau dan tak terkontrol akibat global warming dan lubang ozone yang menganga, aku tetap percaya bahwa hujan dan sinar matahari semua itu ada di dalam kedaulatan Tuhan yang Maha Esa.

Lebatnya hujan tetap punya efek samping. Di rumahku, contohnya, di luar hujan, di dalam pun ada hujan. Kebocoran di beberapa tempat tak terelakkan, apalagi di salah satu sudut kamarku, sudah seperti keran bocor saja. Tapi ya sudahlah, toh kita manusia sudah diberi hujan secara cuma-cuma.
Udara dingin begini, aku jadi ingat dia. Aku kangen... pelukannya tiada duanya. *blush*

Thursday, March 22, 2007

back in Denpasar

Hello... hello... hello! I am back in Denpasar now after 'escaping' from Nyepi to Surabaya. It was a very tiring and busy journey back and forward, but with my family, I was enjoying my time as much as I could. The journey Denpasar-Surabaya pp actually put me in a thought of "when will I be like this again with my family? Soon, I will be leaving to do my PhD back in United Kingdom". I will surely miss the time I spent with my family.
In Surabaya, we went to TP, Pasar Atom, BG Junction, and several restaurants including cafesera and Banana leaf. Hufff... My feet were sore and tired. We also went to kota Batu (a little town close to Malang). It had been a long time since the last time I went there. Many have changed, but it is still a cool-weathered town, the water was cold too!
The good thing was I managed to meet several of my uncles (whom I rarely meet) and aunties. Surabaya... no matter what, it is still my birth town. I am very attached to it. :)

I think this is a very meaningless post hahaha... but anyway, just to let you know I am back. Somebody was worried because I did not reply his emails for several days. He forgot that I told him I will be away for several days in the weekend hehehe...

That's all for now. God bless!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Hari Raya Nyepi

Pasti semua yang di Indonesia sudah pada tahu kalo hari Senin tanggal 19 Maret 2007 nanti umat Hindu bakal ngerayain Hari Nyepi. Kalau yang pernah tinggal di Bali pas hari Nyepi, pasti tahu banget deh... pada hari itu, kita ga boleh nyalain lampu (api dan apapun yang bercahaya), gak boleh keluar rumah, dan gak boleh gaduh atau ribut-ribut selama 24 jam! Pokoknya sesuai namanya "Nyepi", selama 24 jam itu bali jadi sepi seperti kota mati, tidak ada satu orang pun yang boleh terlihat di luar kecuali sang pecalang-pecalang. Siapa itu pecalang? Mereka adalah orang-orang Bali yang sudah terpilih untuk menjaga keamanan Bali, untuk acara-acara apapun tak terkecuali Nyepi.
Biasanya, kalau ada yang melanggar, contohnya ketahuan nyalain lampu, rumahnya pasti dilempar batu. Tapi kalau kebetulan pecalangnya baik hati, ya ditegur aja, diperingati.

Nah, kalau keluargaku gak pernah betah untuk ngejalanin Nyepi di rumah. Pokoknya gak bisa deh gelap-gelapan! Siasat kita di saat Nyepi tuh, kadang kita melarikan diri nginep di hotel (karena kalo di dalam kawasan hotel, pasti deh masih boleh keluar, nyalain lampu, karena kan terhalang oleh lobi. Jadi di luarnya gelap, tapi di dalem leluasa), atau juga kita pulang kampuang ke Surabaya.
Untuk tahun ini, rencananya kita akan hijrah ke Surabaya, karena kebetulan ada beberapa urusan keluarga. Kalau untukku sih ada urusan yang berhubungan dengan secret mission Hehehe...
So, kalau weekend ini aku menghilang, harap maklum yah! :)

Blessed weekend for all of you! God bless!

Update: Today (16 March 2007), my application for Duncan Norman scholarship has been handed in by my supervisor. Please help in prayers. Thanks.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Missing you...

I am missing you, my secret admirer. Everytime I think of you, I feel as if my soul wants to fly to where you are.
It's been awhile since the last time I talked about him, if you noticed. Lots been going on between us; many discussions, some misunderstandings, bits of jokes, arguments and other things, but plenty of laughs and love :)
We are doing fine and happy, although sometimes he is too busy doing his research that it can be difficult for us to find time to talk with each other. However, I am happy that we continually send emails to each other and our trust getting stronger, our faith growing mature. Praise The Lord!!

Oops, there is something I have to do. That's all for now, guys! Until the next post, God bless you always! *Have a blessed week ahead :)*
Everytime you are lonely,
remember, dear, I am very close to you.
I am in your heart always;
Half of me is already with you.

- nie, 09 March 2007.

Friday, March 09, 2007

In This Life...

For all Ive been blessed with in this life
There was an emptiness in me
I was imprisoned by the power of gold
With one honest touch you set me free

Let the world stop turning
Let the sun stop burning
Let them tell me loves not worth going through
If it all falls apart
I will know deep in my heart
The only dream that mattered had come true
In this life, I was loved by you

For every mountain I have climbed
And ever raging river crossed
You were the treasure that I longed to find
Without you love I would be lost


In this life, I was loved by you

by Ronan Keating

I am loving this song these days... It touches me deeply.
Have a great weekend! God bless you all!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

another "blog"work

Hari gini masih dapet quiz-quizan. Adaaaa aja deh yg mulai PR-PR kayak begini. Aku dapetnya dr Vivie, kebetulan aku lg ga ada bahan utk diposting hehehe... So here we go:
1. Record that change your life: Jeffry S. Tjhandra & Hillsong
2. Records you've listened more than once: Hmm... There are lots of them, for example: Meteor Garden I soundtrack, Hillsong Blessed, Live to Worship, etc.
3. Records that you just don't understand: Rock, Metal, Punk Songs, I just hate them all. Can't listen nor understand any of them. Too noisy!
4. Record that made you laugh: I can't really think of any one of them, but I can say Project Pop was good one!
5. Records that made you cry: Worship Song & heart broken (sad) songs hehe...
6. Record that creeps the hell out of you: Black metal music and their kinds.
7. Record you wish had never been made: Anti Christ songs.
8. Records that you've just listened: Easy listening song, some nice pop songs (Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Phil Collins)
9. Record you've been meaning to buy (..or Steal): This one, well... lately I don't even want to have any desire to buy CD, too expensive.
10. Nge-tag sapa yah.........??? This one, no obligation, but I'd like to choose: Nia di Aussie & Mee-chan. :)

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Someone called "B"

B at CNY celebration at Jerami VillaTonight, we had hotpot (or what we call steamboat in Indonesia) to celebrate the birthdays of B (read it 'be') and Grace. Since we were quite busy these several days with some guests, we postponed Grace's birthday celebration until today. It is just a family celebration, but, we always enjoy our time together very much.

Well, you must've figured out that the person I call B here is my own dad. Hehehe... In the family, we call our parents Papi & Mami. The nickname "B" was created by Erwin and I. Being influenced by the film serial 'si Doel', we started to call him babe. It developed to just "Be", because it sounds cooler to us and much easier to pronounce hahahaha... Are we just lazy or what? :P
Anyway, today (03 March 2007) is B's 46th birthday! It seemed like just any ordinary day, but we say our special prayers for him...
Dearest B,
Happy Birthday!

May The Lord adds to you:
1. His special wisdoms
2. His unendless love
3. His eternal peace
4. His never ending joy
5. Abundance of His blessings from the Heavens above.

Have a blessed birthday! We all love you! :)

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Happy birthday, my little angel!

Six years ago,
I was so looking forward to your birth.
Although I was still in Shepparton, but I felt we were bonded the second you were born.

These six years, no matter where I was; Liverpool or home,
I have never stopped being amazed by the miracles God has made; how you were created and how you grow each day in His faithful cares.
Everyday, you teach me new things through your cheerful smiles, shiny eyes and happy personalities.

And today,
I give thanks unendlessly to the Lord, for you...
for a beautiful angel and beloved sister that He has given into my life.

Happy 6th birthday, Grace!

Cece loves you!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Grace's Ministry

Before we left homeToday was Grace's dance performance at the church. With 8 other girls, they were dancing just before the sermon started.
Ever since she was small, Grace loves to dance, play music and sing. She is a kind of person that has that HUGE creativity inside her. It is the talent that God has put inside her. I am proud to be her big sister and so blessed that I can have both brothers and sister. It is just complete. Seeing her glowing eyes, makes my heart joyful, it is like seeing a well full of happiness inside it. So deep and yet can be clearly seen.
She is a smart, happy and active girl. She has such bright future in front of her! And I, when I am able enough, would like to help my parents to support my siblings. They have done much for me and I shall remember them. No, I am not repaying, because they told me that what they've done are parents' responsibilities, but, I am sharing with my blessings. After what I can achieve, I want my siblings to achieve at least the same level as I am at, or, if they want to be, higher than me.And they started dancingIf you think that I have high hopes and dreams, yes it is true. I believe I can do it, with the help of my Lord. :)
Back to Grace, everyday, she always surprises us; by her answers to questions, things she does, thoughts she thinks and many others. I am really proud of her and love her!

She is a precious sister to me! Although sometimes we can fight too! Hahaha...