not much, really...

not much really...
just want to say that I am missing you badly and that I love you very much.
Keep thinking about you in my days, hours and seconds.
Feel like hugging you tightly and never let you go...
So that you are forever mine.

- nie, 01 April 2007


  1. wah keliatan'nya kamu jg such a romantic person n lagi mellow yach... :). mank susah yach klo lagi missing some1.

  2. yap, the question is "Who is "you" ? :D Kalau yang ini terkadang obatnya ngga ada di apotik dimanapun.

  3. aduduu...lagi romance2an yah sher :P sebelum bobo pandengin aja potonya siapa tau menghilangkan rasa rindu ^^

  4. Poem-nya indah banget Sher :)... ayo ayo, yg lagi kangen :). Happy monday ya Say.

    XXX Shierly

  5. siapa sich 'pangeran' itu??

  6. counting the days ya
    :) :) :)


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