Wedding fever

Hi, friends! Thank you very much for congratulating us for the wedding and for the birthday greetings for him.
We are planning for a very simple wedding, since we really don't have any money at all. So right now, we are really clinging and depending to our Jesus Christ. Please kindly help in prayers, so that this wedding will be organised as we planned. We are only having a holy matrimony and a simple family dinner. For us, our Lord is number one, so, the matrimony is the most important event in our wedding. So far, things are progressing amazingly because of God's grace. I am really thankful to my Jesus, He is faithful and really is my Provider. Glory be unto Jesus always! Amen!

These days, I, unconciously, often worry about the wedding. So many 'what if's come to my mind that it disturbs my sleep. However, since it's a once-in-a-lifetime moment for me, I will enjoy every step of my journey preparing this wedding. :)

Notice, I have changed my layout to a romantic theme. Yes... the sad time has ended, it's time for romance *wink*
That's all for now. Have a great weekend everyone! God bless you all!


  1. sher sukses persiapannya yaa, semoga lancar!!

    duh msh penasaran nihh ;)

    hepi wiken ya :)


  2. aku baru tahu kalau setiap layout yang sherly buat selalu sama dengan keadaan sherly. n_n
    duh.. kerasa dari layoutnya, lagi bahagia. hihi~ selamat bahagia ya :)

  3. nice new layout ;). met weekend jg yach, sher. wah bntr lagi dunk 71 day's lagi nich hehe...

  4. hallo hallo

    lama ga mampir

    congratz yaaa

    wah, iya ni. Skarang warnanya jadi pinky, klo dulu kan didominasi sama blue, ha3... :) :)

  5. selamat yah Nie,smoga lancar sampai ke hari H..hehe ga sabar nunggu poto pengantinmu

    mat wiken Nie yg lembut,GBU x0x0x0x0

  6. nice layout sher....
    hmmm..... mana siy calonnya?

    kok gak keliatan ya??? surprise neh ceritanya???
    wa... jadi gak sabar deh.... hehehhehehe.....

  7. Wish you the best for all the preparation for the special moment of your life:)

  8. huhuh, we understand, dear, kalo sekarang ini pasti lagi berbunga2 ria..
    mudah2an smuanya lancar2 aja.. we will always pray for you..

  9. ditunggu uandangannya sher ;)

    i know him i know hahaha...

  10. Hayaa.. Selamat ya, Sherly..! Semoga segalanya berlangsung baik, ya.. Ditunggu berita selanjutnya, lo! hehe.. GBU all, ya! :-)

  11. sher, congrats ya!! hepi 4 u d, btw is he d one ur bf waktu loe sekolah di UK kan, ayooo!! g nebak2 neh.. jd kapan eventnya? july? di bali or di UK acaranya?
    btw g gak bs shout lagi tuh di SB loe, weird huh!

  12. sherly sukses yah buat acara weddingnya..
    btw undangan sampe gak yah hihihi...

  13. Ikut happy dengernya Sher..

    Semoga segala sesuatunya lancar..


  14. Sher, who is the misterious guy?bukan Jonathan kan yah?hehheehe*kidding mode on*

    Wiiii layoutnya udah ada kesan wedding gitu lhooo, romantris bgt:)


  15. wah.. lama ndak ke sini..

    sekalinya ke sini ada kabar gembira..

    congrats ya..

    semoga jadi keluarga yang bahagia dan sejahtera, langgeng seumur hidup.. :)


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