Busy Easter

the special cakeThe trip to Surabaya, my birthtown this time was not very pleasant. I was not very well when we started the journey, and I was worse when I got to Surabaya. 38 degrees Celcius of fever, bad headaches, sore throat and painful ears, that on the Friday, I had to go to the emergency room of Budi Mulia Hospital (simply because no doctors were opened that day!). Had an injection, which really helped me to feel better, but made my bum a bit sore. Anyway, sadly enough, I am still in a bad condition, because I am still feeling tired, we just got back from Surabaya this morning at 3 a.m.!

Despite the sickness, I was still moving on with the business. We went to Pasar Atom, eat some Hay Nam Rice *yummy!*, walked around for a bit, then we went to Tunjungan Plaza. Oh! I was in Surabaya to celebrate birthdays of two special persons! Mee-a and my cousin, Lia.
Mee-a's birthday was 06 April 2007. She came to my house around mid-day and had to wait for a little bit while I was in the hospital. She was very pretty that day :)
We talked a lot until afternoon, then we went to Tunjungan Plaza. We had dinner at Hachi-Hachi. Sushi for dinner! Yummy! Thank you, sista! I enjoyed our dinner together! After that, we went to a photobox. She gave the photo to me, hopefully I will be able to scan it soon! :)
Thanks to Mee-a, my special sister, for spending almost the whole day with me. I really appreciate your time and I cheris our friendship and sisterhood very much!
Moving on, on the Easter Sunday, was my cousin's 17th birthday. She had a party at Tomodachi cafe and pastry. Mee-a and I were the receptionists hehehehe...
I enjoyed the time being the receptionist with Mee-a. The chair was so comfortable and, more than that, both of us had a great time talking just the two of us! Sister forever for us! *wink*
I really can't stop thanking God for giving me such a kind sister! Thanks Jesus for your beautiful plan! When the party started, both of us went back and forward to get the sushi hihihihi... Nice nice nice... All I could think in my mind is: I'm getting fatter! Hahahaha...

Oh well, that's all for now, I think. I am still very tired.
See you all soon in the next post! God bless!
Dear Mee-a,
You are a sister...
You are a true friend...
You are dear and special...
To me, truthfully.

I love you, sister, for who you are.
- nie, 10 April 2007


  1. hehehe
    aku tetep komen yg pertama
    setelah tak pikir2 sakmaleman, aku masik speechless
    ga tau mo omong apa

    tapi ketemu kamu
    salah satu hadiah terindah dari tuhan
    bisa melihat contoh nyata kehiduapn sehari2 dr keluargamu, papa mamamu, tante od and fam, bener2 amazing buat aku

    tengkiu for everything sis
    luv u

  2. nie, happy easter yah... gossh dah lama gag mampir sini...udah back for good ya:?

  3. the bond of your sisterhood with meechan melt my heart =))

    happy belated birthday to your baby sister and your cousin and i saw ur photobox pics on mia's blog. glad the three of you had heaps of fun mwahh

  4. wahh sepertinya menyenangkan, meskipun harus dirusak sama sakit segala ya. skarang emang lagi musim sakit ya cuacanya ga enak banget.. take care sis..

  5. sher beneran gak bs comment di SB loe weird huh! eniwei pa kabar, get well soon OK! take care n GB n hav nice weekend...


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