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What's with ME?

For the last 2 months, ever since I landed in UK, I have not been 100% healthy. There is always something that keep me in bed; severe headache, painful joints and sometime problematic pain in stomach. I don't know what is really going on with me.
My supervisors and Lan are worried and keep telling me to go and see doctor, which I really am avoiding to do so simply because of the possible disappointment of long wait! However, today, I can't take it anymore! I went to book a doctor appointment. Thank God, I can see doctor tomorrow afternoon.

I have been worried about my progress, because I spent lots of time staying at home, unable to get a grip of myself. Even checking email and posting on my blog are quite an effort to make. Anyway, I pray that whatever illness I have right now, God will take it away.

Update: Been to the doctor yesterday and doctor required me to do a blood test on Friday and to come back and see her 2 weeks from now. Well, let's hope nothing terrible/critica…

Alone... No More.

It's my new layout! This numbered the sixth design I have made for my own blog. Hope you like it as much as I do. I loved the previous one, but I am giving a new look to my blog.
I intentionally looked for a picture of chopsticks, because chopsticks symbolize a pair/couple that cannot be separated from each other. TO eat with chopsticks, you have to use both of them, impossible to use only one. :)
Inseparable is you & me.
Having you in my life, I am alone no more...

dedicated to my one and only love, Lan.

- nie, 16 November 2007

.: 23 :.

23is officially my age now! Not as depressed as usually, simply because I have someone to be by my side all my life now...
Well, I felt better yesterday (Saturday) and was looking forward to have a special birthday dinner with my lovely husband, Lan. Let me share my story of this year's birthday.

16 Nov 2007

Friday night, Lan came home later than I expected him to be, saying that he had to mark the bachelor students' assignments and got really busy. However, I did not realise that it was his excuse to run to city centre and bought my favourite cake, tiramisu. He came home with a box of chocolate and a black forest cake, apologizing for not being able to find tiramisu. I was already very happy though. He is so caring, that I don't want to ask for more. He is simply the best.
We had bacons and potatoes for dinner and everything went normal. After dinner, we watched Naruto (the Japanese weekly anime) together. When we finished, he excused himself to the kitchen to cook some water…

Birthday fever

My birthday is days to go, bt I am not feeling entirely well this whole week. Have not been to the office at all since Tuesday, fever, headaches and eczema problems and many others that are making me not myself this week. We went to do the grocery shopping on Tuesday night, thinking I was better, but I felt like fainting inside the shop, dizzy and drowsy. *sob* Then heavy rains and winds accompanied us along the way home, making us all wet. More to that, I got worse.

Well, I was excited that we are going to celebrate my birthday with a dinner in an Italian restaurant, which I already booked several days ago. Now, I lost the mood completely, but seeing Lan so excited about it, I feel that I am selfish, if I just cancel the dinner. Please pray that I feel much better tomorrow, so we can enjoy my birthday.

Special to Anita Christine:
A very HAPPY and BLESSED birthday just for you!
I pray for abundant love, peace and joy throughout your life!
May happiness follows you and your family in each p…

whose hands is future in?

As humans, we cannot help ourselves to think about the future. 'Where would we live for sure?', 'What would we do after we finish study/this job?', 'What kind of family we want?' and many other questions regarding our lives in 'sometime in the future' term. We have been going through this issue lately. As a new little family, often in our conversations, we cannot avoid to discuss what kind of expectation of the future we personally want. Lan, being the head of the family, somehow tries so hard to get my expectation of our family right so that, hopefully, he will be able to make it come true.
However, it is such a vague and ambiguous issue to discuss. Who knows where the future leads? Only God knows. So, as many times as we discuss about future, that many times I told him to just lead it 'flows'. I believe God knows what's best for us, He has the perfect reasons of where He will reside us at, what job He will give us to do and for all the othe…

Early birthday present

As some of you are aware of, my 23rd birthday is 2 weeks away. Well... like never before, I receive a birthday present very early this year. Lan bought me a bright red coat to replace my old black coat that he does not like. He keeps saying that I look old when wearing the black coat, so he had me to leave the black coat in Bali. You can see me wearing the black coat from ~here~. That means when I returned to UK, I did not have any coat with me (as I only had one coat, it is too expensive to have more than one!). Hence, I struggled with the cold weather, only by wearing jacket. So, as the weather grows colder, my beloved Lan bought me this very bright coat, which he chose and likes it very much.
We first saw it in Chester when we had a day trip there last month in a shop named 'Coast', but did not immediately buy it. Then we looked around in Liverpool for other alternatives, but he only likes that one. Tried to find it in Coast shops in Liverpool, they only have the black ones.…