whose hands is future in?

As humans, we cannot help ourselves to think about the future. 'Where would we live for sure?', 'What would we do after we finish study/this job?', 'What kind of family we want?' and many other questions regarding our lives in 'sometime in the future' term. We have been going through this issue lately. As a new little family, often in our conversations, we cannot avoid to discuss what kind of expectation of the future we personally want. Lan, being the head of the family, somehow tries so hard to get my expectation of our family right so that, hopefully, he will be able to make it come true.
However, it is such a vague and ambiguous issue to discuss. Who knows where the future leads? Only God knows. So, as many times as we discuss about future, that many times I told him to just lead it 'flows'. I believe God knows what's best for us, He has the perfect reasons of where He will reside us at, what job He will give us to do and for all the other things, too.
Well, not as easy as saying it, trust in God is really something that I put my hope in. Through the years of experience walking with Him and being guided by Him to get to United Kingdom, finished my Master, found the best husband I could possibly have and to be married with Him, I believe God (my Lord Jesus) has a very special plan for me, even before I was born. And now, since Lan and I have become one union, I believe that God has a special and beautiful plan for our family; a plan of prosperity and not disaster.
And so, through my hope and trust in God, I continue living my days with beautiful dreams, having Him as my strength to carry on, believing He never forsakes me and will give the best for our family.
Future in Jesus' hands is the best future we could have asked for.

- nie, 12 November 2007


  1. Hai pengantin baru hehe. Yap janganlah kamu kuatir, even bunga bakung di padang pun dijagaNya toh. Weitzzz :D

  2. hahaha, setuju. We make the plan, God decides the rest, hehehe... . kadang malah rencana yg dah dibuat gak berjalan mulus dan "banting setir" ke hal lainnya, hehe.... ;) makanya kadang aku jg gak mikir apa2 buat masa depan, walo ada rencana, tp let it flow ajah... ;)

  3. Sher, janganlah kuatir dengan masa depanmu karena Tuhan udah merencanakan yg terbaik buat kalian b2. Jalanin aja apa yg kamu sedang jalanin sekarang.

    Aku jg after merit, mo pindah ke sydney. Banyak yg bilang it's a crazy idea, krn di bne udah dpt kerjaan bagus, etc, etc. Tp koq ya feeling ke sydney-nya strong bgt... So we'll start a new life, with a new status, new place, new job, new everything. Yg terpenting, Tuhan-nya tetep sama. And we all gonna be allrite. :-)

  4. ada content bagus nih utk dikirimin SMS (aq dikirimi oranlain sih) soal "future thing".

    JaLan meNuju BAHAGIA & SUKSES tdK seLalu luRus,

    Ada tikuNgan BernAma keGagalan

    Ada buNdarAn beRnaMa keBinGunGan

    TanjAkan BernaMa teMan

    LaMpu meRah bErnamA mUsuh

    LamPu kuNing beRnama keLuarga.

    EngKau aKan menGalAmi ban kEmpes & peCah, ituLah hidup.

    TaPi jiKa EngkAu memBawa bAn seRep beRnama TEKAD,

    MeSin berNama KETEKUNAN,

    AsurAnsi bErnama IMAN,

    PengEmudi berNama YESUS, sAmpaiLah di daerah yG disebut


  5. wah, jago banged ni ampe S-3..
    gw juga S-3 de.. Sd,SMP,SMA...*jayus*
    gw jurusan ekonomi-managemen. dulu sma nya di sman 2 denpasar... lo dari bali juga ya?? uda lama ya ngeblog??gw baru baru ni...

  6. manusia hanya berusaha, tuhan yg memutuskan

    aku pindah blog

  7. rencana ke depan di pasrahin aja ke Tuhan sambil kau buat rencana juga :p

  8. blognya bagus banget terutam skinnya lucu bgt jadi naksir abis neh


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