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New Brighton

Beach! Hehehe... We had such a great time when we went to the beach at New Brighton yesterday! In the morning, we met in front of my accommodation at 10.05. I was in a rush because I had to make 8 sandwiches for our lunch. *sama-sama lagi bokek, makanya bikin makan siang sendiri biar hemat * Then, we went to Liverpool Central Station to catch the train.

New Brighton is not very far from Liverpool. It is less than an hour journey by train. The town itself does not have much to see, only the beach! Yesterday was a good day (although at the end I felt it was very HOT!), we took our time walking along the beach, seeing the kids swam and playing with the water. Unfortunately, the tide rose very quick yesterday. It was only 1.30 pm and almost all the sand area is covered by the water, but anyway, we had a great time. We actually got time to sit on the beach and eat our lunch. It was like a picnic. Hehehe...

Then, we walked around until we got lost and had to ask for direction to get to the …

A month to go

Excitement is growing within me, looking at the calendar, realizing that next week we are already in the month of August. Yes... a month to go before I fly home to Denpasar. It has been one year since the last time I saw my family. However, excitement is not the only feeling that is growing. I also feel sad and worried... How am I suppose to part from Lan?
I, now, know the difference between having an LDR and a day-to-day relationship. The latter one feels more real; you can learn about each other better, you can know each other deeper and it makes your day more colourful! I, now, feel so attached to him that I don't know how I am going to cope going home and being far from him. We talk about this often; about how both of us going to handle all the time being away from each other. At the end of the day, I can only say: "If we are really true to each other and honest about our love, distance should not break us apart." He added, "In fact, nothing shoud break us apart.…

Kids... these days!

While watching television at Lan's place after dinner, we got our eyes on a program called Driving Mum and Dad MAD. In it, they showed several English parents, who have problematic children. The problem is simply the children are too WILD and uncontrolable. God... it left me shocked; there are kids, who tell their parents to shut up and swear at them, there are kids who spit in the house and many other unbelievable attitudes. They are just too immoral for a kid, I think, especially towards the parents.
To be honest, these behaviours might not entirely be the kids' fault. From what I saw in the program, the parents really play a huge role on these acts. How can you expect your children not to swear when you are swearing while talking with them or in front of them all the time? And some of the kids do those nasty things, simply because they want attention from the parents... but the parents are always TOO busy doing their own things and never think about spending good times with …

version 1.3: "Keys"

New layout! Hehehe... I had been very lazy posting on my blog these days; most of the times I spend with Lan or doing my dissertation bit by bit. I only have a month left before I go home, so I want to spend as much time as I can with him.
This layout, ummm..., what can I say? Lan actually bought the set of 'key-shaped' pendants shown in the corner up there *pointing to the top of the layout*. The one with the black stones is his, and the other one is mine. So we are a pair *grin*. The colours are mostly his favourite colours; red and black. I added white and pink, so that it would not be so dark and making it at least girly for my blog. However, I find the red is a bit too much, should I make it darker? (the font colour, I mean) Have your say, friends. :)

Sorry for my laziness of not updating nor blogwalking, but will do soon.
Ps. come to think of it, I might not move to, I am just too lazy. Hihihi...

Have a good week, peeps!

My bf is an indomie addict

Yup! Lan doyan indomie! Hehehe... Semuanya berawal dari hari Senin minggu lalu, di mana pas dia nganterin aku pulang ke rumah, perutnya tiba-tiba ngerasa laper. So, it started like this:
Lan (L): Do you have anything quick and easy to eat?
Me (M): Umm... I have instant noodles.
L: I'll have them then.
M: But I have to warn you it is not the instant noodles that you usually have. It's an Indonesian instant noodles, which in my point of view is much tastier. Don't blame me if you get addicted to it.
(Hihihi... he gets addicted to almost every food I introduce to him, such as, Thai Chili Sauce Walker Crisp and Haagen Dazs ice cream)

Jadilah pulang rumah, aku langsung masak Indomie rasa 'ayam bawang' buat dia, aku masukin juga chili powdernya, krn aku tahu si Lan doyan pedas.
M: *Sambil bawa mangkok* Here you go! Enjoy!
Aku berdiri di pinggirnya selagi dia nyruput mie.
L: Hmmmm!! This is good! *Hehehe... I told you, so!*

To cut the story short, ever since then, he's been add…


My laptop is up and running again! Yippee!! From 40 Gb to 60 Gb, I can feel it is much faster (but I am much more bankrupt! *sob*)
Anyway, just a quick post to tell you guys this good news. It's almost 2 AM in the morning now and I am so sleepy, but just finished installing programs that I need. (except Photoshop! Arghh... Have to ask Lan for Photoshop now.)

I will blogwalk as soon as possible. Tomorrow I am still busy with my project because I have a meeting with my supervisor on Wednesday. So... see you soon guys!

Special huge thanks to Lan! Thanks, love, without you, I don't know what I'd do. You've been such a blessing from God to my life.


Without Internet, I still can live as long as I have my laptop.
Without my laptop, life is so deadly boring!

This week had been so tiring!
Purchased a HDD, but it got the wrong interface. Hence, I have to refund it and buy the right one. Guess what? The right one costs more expensive that the wrong one. Oh God, I am bankrupt!
Anyway, guys..., gotta go! My friend is going to meet up with me soon! I am in the library checking my e-mails and blogwalking.

Really... can't live without my beloved but annoying laptop!

Have a blessed weekend!! God bless!

Ps. I hope my laptop will be 'healthy' by next week. Ciao!

HOT pot for HOT summer

Last week, Lan and I had hot pot for dinner in my flat kitchen. It is sort of a traditional chinese way of eating together with friends or family, while having plenty of time to have conversation. It was nice and very relaxing. I had a nice time talking to him about a lot of things. He did took some photos of the event, but I can't upload them now because my HDD has completely crashed and I can't use the laptop at all. So maybe later when the laptop is fixed, I will upload the photos.
Yep... my HDD has finally RIP. I have bought a new one, which cost me 80 pounds (because I have to buy the 1.8" HDD instead of 2.5" one). But really... my laptop is giving me so much trouble. When trying to open up the case to change the HDD, there is this one screw that screwed both of us up. No matter how hard we try to unscrew it, it just would not move a single bit. So finally, this morning, we went to a machinery shop that has all those handy but expensive tools. And... Yay! The sto…

Think and Mix

First of all, I'd like to thank you all that had given me encouragements in the previous post. It is like you guys build up my confidence and hope to carry on. Thank you! *hugs*
Right now, I am looking around for Hard Disk Drives' prices... Since the state of my laptop is getting worse each time I turn it on, I am starting to think that it will not be able to survive until September. And with Lan offering help to install it (if I decide to buy it here in England), I am almost convinced to buy it here and fix it as soon as possible. Having a slow laptop is killing driving me mad!! I just can't stand it! So hopefully soon, this matter should be solved.
Also, right now, I am thinking of moving my blog from blogger to blogsome. What do you guys think? Should I do that? My blog address will still be the same, it's just different blog operator. If so, does anyone know how to transfer my old posts from blogger to blogsome (if it's possible)?

Okay, I think that's all for …