Without Internet, I still can live as long as I have my laptop.
Without my laptop, life is so deadly boring!

This week had been so tiring!
Purchased a HDD, but it got the wrong interface. Hence, I have to refund it and buy the right one. Guess what? The right one costs more expensive that the wrong one. Oh God, I am bankrupt!
Anyway, guys..., gotta go! My friend is going to meet up with me soon! I am in the library checking my e-mails and blogwalking.

Really... can't live without my beloved but annoying laptop!

Have a blessed weekend!! God bless!

Ps. I hope my laptop will be 'healthy' by next week. Ciao!


  1. Awww I'm sorry you got accidentaly ripped off! Sher, sama I can't live without my computer either, life is so empty without it. Maybe I love it more than I love my boyfriend (eitsss boong deng hehe, saya belum se-nerd ituh kok hehe).

    Oh iya... balik Sept ini ya? Turned real sad after reading ur comment in my blog. Cus I imagined if I was in your shoes. I think that if you both have the same purpose for your future... it's gonna be easier to make ur relationship last. I mean... we have relationship for marriage, right? So... maybe u should start thinking how things are gonna be like when you get married. Where are u gonna live, if it's in Indo or Beijing. Gotta have to sacrifice one thing for another. If u think one of u can do that, well just go for it. So yeah... it's just an opinion and I hope it can be a reference for u to make the right decision. And whatever decision that u take, I pray that it's the best.

    Trus, kalo harga hosting macem2 tergantung host, bandwith, paket, dll. Klo mau yang terjangkau di (ini yg selalu direkomendasikan Zee-M jg) paket termurah di situ setahun 70,000 tambah domain name 85,000 per tahun. Menurutku sih, worth it banget.

    Met menikmati weekend ya!

  2. aku juga susah banged lewati hari *despite how hectic the day is* without touching my keyboard hehehe...

    sabar ya neng buat the wrong purchase, moga2 laptynya cepet sembuh!!

    have a great weekend...

  3. Segitunya empty without laptie. Lan cembokur gak tuh!

  4. setujuuuuuu...
    semoga cepat sehat!
    *aku jatuh cinta sama M600i kok, kalau sama dia sdh berulang kali he he

  5. Komputer nggak baik buat kesehatan!
    Bikin kecanduan dan males.
    Apa-apa tinggal Google, membuat orang malasa berusaha dan cari praktisnya!!!

    But, I love my kompie!!! :p

  6. wah salah beli tho...
    duh cepet sembuh ya bwt si sony nya hehehe...

  7. weleh masih kasian skali kamu...all the best ya *hugs*

  8. yup, sekarang susah hidup tanpa perangkat IT. sehari ga cek e-mail aja rasanya udah gimana gitu...
    semoga laptopnya cepat sembuh ya kak...


  9. yup, sekarang susah hidup tanpa perangkat IT. sehari ga cek e-mail aja rasanya udah gimana gitu...
    semoga laptopnya cepat sembuh ya kak...


  10. wakss..
    msh lom sembuh juga laptopna say..
    huhu aq bs stres klo jd km *hiper*

  11. napa gak di lem aja HDD nya

    lem..par maksudnya hehehe..
    becanda MODE ON...

    serius mode on
    napa gak sekalian beli laptop baru aja

  12. Sherly, compi geek kayaknya udah jd kehidupan jaman sekarang deh...termasuk aku...Senin ini aku dapet laptop dari misua...horey...cihuyy

  13. huehuehue, hidup terasa sunyi tanpa komputer yg resmi punya sendiri


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