A month to go

Excitement is growing within me, looking at the calendar, realizing that next week we are already in the month of August. Yes... a month to go before I fly home to Denpasar. It has been one year since the last time I saw my family. However, excitement is not the only feeling that is growing. I also feel sad and worried... How am I suppose to part from Lan?
I, now, know the difference between having an LDR and a day-to-day relationship. The latter one feels more real; you can learn about each other better, you can know each other deeper and it makes your day more colourful! I, now, feel so attached to him that I don't know how I am going to cope going home and being far from him. We talk about this often; about how both of us going to handle all the time being away from each other. At the end of the day, I can only say: "If we are really true to each other and honest about our love, distance should not break us apart." He added, "In fact, nothing shoud break us apart." And I have faith that he will surely come to Denpasar to meet my parents.
The last 5 months, I learnt a lot about relationship; about myself, my feelings, love and about him (the other end of the relationship). I still can recall myself going back to Liverpool in September 2005 with a sad and heavy heart for a truth that I knew, not expecting to find colourful love here in Liverpool. But now, I will go home with a smile because I have loved someone dearly and I shall hold it in my heart boldly.

Well... this posting is just to share what I am feeling and thinking lately. I know it's been sometimes since I poured out my thought.
Onto a different topic, I am going to the beach tomorrow with Lan!! Yippee!! I am so excited to spend time with him! That's all for now! Until the next posting!
Let us take our steps to the future with faith, dear...
Don't worry about what it may bring and where it may take us to.
As long as we try our best, that's more than enough.

If God permits, then, we will give thanks with the most grateful heart for the happiness He bless us with.
If not, at least, we will not regret to not try our best...
For we both know, we are true towards each other.

For now...
Let's cherish our love and time together!
Holding hands and smiling at each other as if it will last forever.


  1. Alo midsist *mwah* siyap giliran ke 3 yaaaaw... ntar emailnyah daku kirim...
    cintah emang indah :p
    met wiken sist *kedip dari jaoh :p* hehehew


  2. Hallo, wah kalo aku malah bulan agustus meninggalkan Jogja, he3... :)

    Yah, kan gak selamanya bisa mengharapkan u/ bersama-sama trus... . Pasti ada saat u/ "berpisah" sejenak (misalnya pulang kampung, pekerjaan, dsb)... :)

  3. Allo... salam kenal Nie... Is it hot there??? Summer time.... Happy Weekend ya...

  4. hauuu... jadi ngiri hehehe. anyway sist, cnta jibi part 2 udah dposting niy. maapkeun kalo jadi gokil abis2an :D

  5. wuih pasti skrg lagi in the hoy di pantai:p
    wakakaka bahasa apa tu?:D

    duh Spedaman sebentar lg juga bakalan senasib sm Sher,,, LDR...

  6. aih sher, romantisnyaa ... dipantai lagi. ntar foto2 yang laen pasang ya :)

  7. sher... aku juga sedang merasakannyaaaaa...

    huhuhuhu... huoo...huoooo...

    tapi.. jauh dimate dekat dihati kan nekkk...
    *kata-kata penghiburan dari bencong di salon..hehehe...*

  8. LDR? nothing wrong with that. i believe you can. just believe your heart. just believe your love. and just trust him :)

  9. enjoy your date with Lan yah Nie,apalagi bakalan jauhan hehe..
    Happy wiken -x- gbu ..

  10. wah.. enak juga nih mau ke bali. hidup di paradise island :D LDR is not always easy. Semoga semua berjalan lancar.

  11. oh mau kembali ke bali ya...hihihihi...deh langsung merit di bali ae, di lembah pujian hehehe

  12. have heaps of fun on ur date!!! asiknya ke pantai...

  13. sis..... *peyuk*...
    kalau jodoh, pasti kalian ga bakalan terpisahkan kok... yakin deh. :D met pulang kampung yah.. :D nisa malah heran kalau pacaran selalu LDR. :( ... nanti kalu nikah bilang" yah. hihihihi.. XD

  14. uhh g kerasa yaa bentar lg km pulang k indo, jauhan deh sm pacar pasti bakal kangen bgt tuh hehehe..

    duhhhh pantaaaiii..
    pengen bgt kesana..
    jd mupeng niy huhuhu


  15. Shier, selamat berkejaran di pantai ya...jgn lupa membawa pulang kerang untuk dijadikan kenangan :)


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