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arus balik & upcoming month

Selesainya Lebaran berarti selesai sudah liburan. So... setelah seminggu ke belakang aku sekeluarga sibuk meng-handle tamu, sekarang kita bisa santai, karna semua tamu-tamu (teman-teman orang tuaku serta sanak saudara) sudah pada pulang. Cuma ya sekarang kita lagi rajin tidur untuk menebus kekurangan jam tidur yang diakibatkan seringnya pulang malam pada masa-masa Idul Fitri kemarin.

--- Sekian sekilas info ---

Hehehe... kayak baca berita koran aja ya? :P
Niwei, October is flying and November is rolling in, it's a busy month for me. From 6th November to 12th November, I will travel through Malang, Jogja, Solo, Bandung and Jakarta to help my uncle by being one of his staffs in the Universal Singapore-Malaysia Education Fair. I am looking forward to this event, because I am sure I will gain much lessons and experience from the other staffs.
After that, back to Denpasar, there will be my aunty, who lives in America, waiting to be visited while she's having a holiday here.

303. Happy Ramadhan!

For all my friends, who celebrate the Ramadhan, I'd like to say... Happy Ramadhan to you all! I am sorry for all the wrongs that I might have done to you all. God bless you always!

Ramadhan holiday is a busy time for me... because there are many of my parents' friends are staying for holiday in Bali. So we are busy visiting and going out with them. In addition, my mum's brothers are also here, which means that we have to make time to see them as well. Right now at my house, it feels like a children dormitory!! Three of my cousins are here and one of them is a 7 month old baby. Can you imagine how crowded and busy the house is (with 4 children and one baby). Right now, I feel so tired... so, I better end this post! *hugs*
God never promises that life will be an easy straight-way journey.
There are times when we need to turn to the right or to the left, change the gear, adjust the speed...
And times, where we find a 'traffic jam', a flat tire...
But He promises that H…

another waiting

All alone, I am now. Lan has gone back home to Beijing and he had fulfilled the promise he made me that he will come to see my parents and seek their permissions. In fact, he asked permissions not only from my parents but also from my godfather and my grandma. I am so blessed that they all accept him happily. My parents even started to miss him right when he left and my grandma was thinking about his journey all the time.
It has been a great time with him. We learnt many new things about each other, life and marriage. It's been good. Praise The Lord for that!

Now, it's my turn. November is a busy month for me. The first two weeks, I will be busy helping my uncle with a Singapore-Malaysian education fair. I will be going to Malang, Surabaya, Solo and Jakarta. Then, I will have to renew my passport, apply the Chinese tourist visa and buy the airline ticket to go to Beijing to see his parents.
I have faith in our relationship, especially after my family gave positive responds to …

while together...

It's been more than a week since I typed my last posting. Yes, I have been too lazy and too tired to update, maybe I am enjoying my time with Lan too much. Hehehe...
To let you know, I am having a great time while he is here since 4 October 2006 ago. We went to Kuta beach to watch sunset, Ubud, Kintamani (we had a nice lunch with a spectacular outdoor view there) and also Tanah Lot. I take all those times as precious memories together... we also went to the cinema; he was quite shock knowing that the cinema ticket only cost around £1.50, which is very cheap compared to England's £5.00 per person.
Other than those nice times together, there were many things went on. Lan got baptized on 09.10.2006, with a Christian name Paul. We were very glad. Congratulations, Lan! And welcome to the Kingdom of God!
In addition, we also had many talks with my parents about our relationship. I am very pleased to know that my parents are positive about us and like Lan very much. They already trea…

Fly to the moon heaven

As you all know, Lan arrived on Wednesday from Beijing. I was so happy to see him again, my heart was pounding so fast when I picked him up in front of the arrival gate at Ngurah Rai Airport.
He's staying at my house, at my brother's room to be exact. We have so much to talk about together... He is doing well; having a great time with my little brother and sister and adjusting well with my family. Somehow, Lan manages to comunicate with Han-han and Grace. I don't know how, but they just get along so well. Fyi, Lan can't speak Indonesian.
He and my parents get along well, too. We haven't talked seriously yet, because at the moment, there is a guest from London staying at my house. So we are extremely busy and I am extremely tired (while I'm typing this posting).
Tomorrow, we plan to go on a tour (with my dad as the driver, hehehe) around Bali to show the guest and Lan the main attractions (or famous places) of Bali. Hopefully, they will enjoy the tour and have a…

One more night

My heart is beating so fast...
One more night! Several more hours!
I will see him again, very very soon...
After exactly one whole month, we have not seen each other,
Finally, I am meeting him again tomorrow night.

My heart is full with joy and happiness.
I can't stop thanking God.
I still can't believe that he is really coming (but I have too!)

I am so so so happy! :D

Lagi sumpek...

Di tengah-tengah dag-dig-dug menanti datangnya Lan, aku lagi ngerasa sumpek banget di rumah. There is someone, who came and being so nosy... Staying for two weeks and hasn't showed any sign that she's going to leave my house.
If I don't consider her as somebody, whom I have to respect, I would gladly and openly ask her to leave this house immediately.
Sorry for being so harsh and rude, but her attitude and words are undeniably sharp and painful to the listener. Any negative attitude you can think of, she has them...
God, please give me the patience to bear the presence of this person.

I have tried to be considerate, but sorry, you are somebody, who doesn't even deserve that compensation. God, forgive me for being so rude.