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All alone, I am now. Lan has gone back home to Beijing and he had fulfilled the promise he made me that he will come to see my parents and seek their permissions. In fact, he asked permissions not only from my parents but also from my godfather and my grandma. I am so blessed that they all accept him happily. My parents even started to miss him right when he left and my grandma was thinking about his journey all the time.
It has been a great time with him. We learnt many new things about each other, life and marriage. It's been good. Praise The Lord for that!

Now, it's my turn. November is a busy month for me. The first two weeks, I will be busy helping my uncle with a Singapore-Malaysian education fair. I will be going to Malang, Surabaya, Solo and Jakarta. Then, I will have to renew my passport, apply the Chinese tourist visa and buy the airline ticket to go to Beijing to see his parents.
I have faith in our relationship, especially after my family gave positive responds to Lan's visit. And I believe The Lord is looking and smiling at us, that He will give His blessings when our marriage comes to place. In addition, my godfather will come for my birthday celebration. (Time really goes fast... I feel as if yesterday was my 21st birthday!!! I am getting older fast!! >.<) Okay guys, it's already very late. I think I should get some sleep. God bless you all!

No matter what difficulties may come to stop us,
Lord, I trust and believe...
That Your words and Your words alone are true.
Your words will come to pass and You will never forsake us.

Thank you, Lord, for never forsaking us.

Ps. Dear... I miss you lots already. Hope to see you soon.


  1. sher, seneng bgt deh baca tentang kemajuan hubungan kamu & lan.. emg mestinya gitu sher.. yang namanya relationship itu mesti ada progressnya.. hehehee.. congrats ya dear..

  2. emm emmm
    dia pasti juga merindukanmu sherr

  3. duh lagi ada yang kangen berat neh ...

  4. Waa, yg lagi kangen nih..... :D Tapi gpp tuh, yg penting lampu udah ijo kan, he3.... :)

  5. Sher,,,minta tipsnya menghadapi calon mertua dunx:p
    Lan sukses bgt nih;)

  6. duh... yang lagi kangen....
    tapi bentar lagi ketemu lagi kan sher.... hehehe... selamat ya... moga2 langgeng terus ya......

  7. Sendiri sementara untuk nanti berdua lagi Sher ;)...wuahhh itu November schedule padet juga say...jaga kesehatan ya..apalagi abis semua itu bakal ngunjungin Camer ;)...Forbidden City and the Great Wall of China katanya bagus banget untuk di kunjungin Sher, kate Frans sihh, yg abis balik dari Cina dan sempet luangin waktu kesana :)..ogutnya menikmati foto foto-nya ajeeee he he... Met wiken juga ya ;)...

    XXX Shierly

  8. duhh senengna udah dpt restu ortu :)
    eh say klo k jkt ketemuan loh..
    klo ngga aq marah huhuhu..

  9. Sher, congrat ya, restu keluarga itu sangat penting buat kelanjutan hubungan kita,may GOD bless u...
    happy b'day, smoga panjang umur, sehat, bnyk rezeki, n' slalu dlm lindunganNYA...amin

    mohon maaf lahir batin ya....

  10. Pa kabar Sher? aku lama gak mampir ya he he. Lagi pulang kampung nih?

    Selamat! Tetap Semangat!


  11. :) do you miss me?
    mampir ya kalo ke surabaya

  12. I have faith in your relationship too. :)

  13. kawan2 blogger yg di kota2 itu bisa ketemuan aka kopdar dgn kak sherly donk...

    koq ga buat pameran pendidikan di medan aja kak? banyak anak medan yg minat sekolah ke luar negeri tuh.

  14. huhuhuhuh mrs.lan lagi rindu

  15. Ohhh Lan udah balik ya.. terus kapan kamu ke Beijing nya? Aku ikut seneng keluargamu udah nerima dia.

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