while together...

It's been more than a week since I typed my last posting. Yes, I have been too lazy and too tired to update, maybe I am enjoying my time with Lan too much. Hehehe...
To let you know, I am having a great time while he is here since 4 October 2006 ago. We went to Kuta beach to watch sunset, Ubud, Kintamani (we had a nice lunch with a spectacular outdoor view there) and also Tanah Lot. I take all those times as precious memories together... we also went to the cinema; he was quite shock knowing that the cinema ticket only cost around £1.50, which is very cheap compared to England's £5.00 per person.
Other than those nice times together, there were many things went on. Lan got baptized on 09.10.2006, with a Christian name Paul. We were very glad. Congratulations, Lan! And welcome to the Kingdom of God!
In addition, we also had many talks with my parents about our relationship. I am very pleased to know that my parents are positive about us and like Lan very much. They already treat Lan as their own son. Even with my little brother and sister, they play together and having many happy times and laugh together. So... I feel very happy and relieved to know that it works out very well. However, we are having another year to get to know each other before the BIG day. This is because we want to save some money first for the wedding and for us to be more and more definite that we want to spend the rest of our lives together, this way we can have a solid foundation to enter the marriage life later. So, friends, don't expect any exact date yet from me, hehehe... when the time comes, I will surely let you all know. :)

As for future plan, we are going back to UK together very soon (either December or January). Lan just received a scholarship to do a PhD at Liverpool University. So, I am going back there to accompany him and moreover, to find a job. Praise Jesus for such a wonderful miracle!
Hence, I will be in Liverpool for another 3 years at least. In total, at the end of Lan's PhD, I'll be in UK for 7 years!! What a long time?! But I know... God is a good God! His plan is always perfect for both of us.

I am also planning to go to Beijing to see Lan's parents. Right now, there are many things to organize, so I think I am going late November or after my 22nd birthday. *argh... getting older now...*

Okay, I think this is enough for an update hehehe... I didn't take any photos on my camera, they are all in Lan's camera. So I probably will get it when he goes back to Beijing.

Hiks... another two days and we have to part... I am sad and wish that you can stay forever besides me, Lan...


  1. jangan sedih ya, neng...cinta khan membawa Lan kembali...*terharu*

  2. duh sher .... jangan sedih yaaa. sabar, banyak berdoa aja. ntar juga semua balik baik kok :). aku ikut doain ..

  3. hohohoho... jangan sedih ya sher....

  4. tlg tanya ke Lan dunx, ada tips n trik ga untuk merebut hati calon mertua?;)

    ayo semangka yah Sher!! :D

  5. Wakakaka, jangan sedih tuh, kan ntar ketemuan lagi.. :D :D :D

    Bagus tuh, ortu dah ngasi lampu ijo, he3... :)

  6. Duh terharu deh baca postingan ini, God is awesome.... pisahan sementara aja kan ya :) ntar ketemu lagi :)

  7. seneng baca postingan sherly .. moga2 jalan nya lancar yah sher..

  8. feel happy n warm reading God's plan for the both of you =))

    sabar bentar ya kangen2nya sayy... you'll meet him soon... =))

    take care alwaiz *hugz*

  9. cup cup cup... eits... jng sedih sher... sini kei temenin xixixi...

  10. His plan is awesome!
    semuanya diatur dengan baik ya... Ikut ngerasa seneng deh sher

    pisah sementara gpp...kan menguji diri juga :)

  11. Luaarrr biasa Sher...emang God is really good ya ;)...Selamat juga atas babtis-nya Paul deh..ngga panggil Lan lagi he he...juga selamat atas penerimaan scholarship-nya Paul to do PhD di Liverpool...uuhh, kalo uda selesai bakal jadi orang hebad deh kalian beduaa :)...sukses nanti ketemu Camer di Bejing say...yakin deh gw pasti :)...sep sep...

    XXX Shierly

  12. masih kembali ke UK nih jadinya?
    kirain udah habis pulang.. hehe ^^
    btw pakabar..

  13. Sher, ceritamu ama Lan keik fairytale banged ya, bikin sinetron aja deh Sher hehehe. Jangan sedih say, kan bentar lagi mo nyusul ke Beijing ketemu camer :P

  14. Btw, salam ya buat Paul. Selamat atas baptisannya :) Welcome to the Kingdom of Heaven


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