Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Happy birthday, my little angel!

Six years ago,
I was so looking forward to your birth.
Although I was still in Shepparton, but I felt we were bonded the second you were born.

These six years, no matter where I was; Liverpool or home,
I have never stopped being amazed by the miracles God has made; how you were created and how you grow each day in His faithful cares.
Everyday, you teach me new things through your cheerful smiles, shiny eyes and happy personalities.

And today,
I give thanks unendlessly to the Lord, for you...
for a beautiful angel and beloved sister that He has given into my life.

Happy 6th birthday, Grace!

Cece loves you!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Grace's Ministry

Before we left homeToday was Grace's dance performance at the church. With 8 other girls, they were dancing just before the sermon started.
Ever since she was small, Grace loves to dance, play music and sing. She is a kind of person that has that HUGE creativity inside her. It is the talent that God has put inside her. I am proud to be her big sister and so blessed that I can have both brothers and sister. It is just complete. Seeing her glowing eyes, makes my heart joyful, it is like seeing a well full of happiness inside it. So deep and yet can be clearly seen.
She is a smart, happy and active girl. She has such bright future in front of her! And I, when I am able enough, would like to help my parents to support my siblings. They have done much for me and I shall remember them. No, I am not repaying, because they told me that what they've done are parents' responsibilities, but, I am sharing with my blessings. After what I can achieve, I want my siblings to achieve at least the same level as I am at, or, if they want to be, higher than me.And they started dancingIf you think that I have high hopes and dreams, yes it is true. I believe I can do it, with the help of my Lord. :)
Back to Grace, everyday, she always surprises us; by her answers to questions, things she does, thoughts she thinks and many others. I am really proud of her and love her!

She is a precious sister to me! Although sometimes we can fight too! Hahaha...

Friday, February 23, 2007

Secret Mission Fever

Remember I told you all about me doing a secret mission?? Well, I am enjoying my time doing the mission! It is a cool mission! Maybe all of you start to think... Hmmm... Sherly is having too many secrets these days!! Well, yes, it is true, I have to admit it! However, I promise, there will be time when you all know what it is about (as long as you all are patient waiting for some time hehe).

I am very happy typing up this post, because just some minutes ago I received the scanned offer letter from my supervisor. The genuine letter is still on the way, in a place somewhere between Liverpool and Denpasar, hehehe... But, even reading only the scanned letter gives me a great joy and gratefulness to my Jesus for He fulfils all the desires of my heart as He says in the Bible. My obedience is paid by Him. Thank you, my Jesus, for millions of gifts You send me every day of my life.

Now, about him aka secret admirer, he is planning to come to Denpasar early July. Please help in prayers (as I am praying, too) that The Lord will bless him and provide him financially to come all the way to Denpasar. For I have faith that no miracles are impossible for my Jesus. Amen!

That's all for now. Grace is already complaining, asking me to go to bed early, hehehe... God bless you all!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

330. Acceptance news & secret admirer

Praise The Lord! I just read a great news from my supervisor-to-be today. The University of Liverpool have sent me the offer letter last Friday, 16th February 2007. That's not the end of the process yet... In fact, the 'battle' begins now. I have to start sending the application forms for various scholarships and of course, pray harder and continually.
So, first of all, thank you for all of you that have been helping in prayers for my PhD application. And secondly, please continue to help in prayer for the scholarship applications. I know and am sure that The Lord has great plans for me.

About the secret admirer that everybody has been curious of... Well, again, it is not the time yet for me to say who it is, but one day, I will tell you. Hehehe... *that doesn't say much, does it?*
But, devishanty was right to say that, since I know the person, he is not a secret anymore to me, but a secret to all of you. So, I shall leave him with the name secret admirer until the 'show time'. Be patient on this.

Well, yesterday, we had a fight... we hurted each other, but it is all over now and we have said our apologies to each other. Love is so messy, right?

I am still coughing a lot. Today, I went to the doctor, he said I got infection somewhere in the lung, but it is not serious. He gave me some medicines. I hope after the 3-days medication, I will be healthy again, because this cough has been disturbing my sleep at nights.

God bless you all, my friends!!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

my v day - surprise call!

While I was busy checking my e-mails around 8 p.m. yesterday, my mobile phone was ringing... Anynomous Call *who could it be?* I was surprised to hear his voice. It was my secret admirer!!! *ciyeee...*

I was so happy to have conversation with him, it was such a sweet surprise. Although it was only a 7-minutes conversation, I can feel how caring he is, but... that is not enough for him. Today, when I opened my email, I found an e-card from him. I really never expected to receive such sweet gifts at all, but he left me amazed!

Eits... You must be wondering who could he be, right? Well, I can't tell you just yet. When the time is right, I will tell you this special he of mine. *wink*

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Somebody told me that chicken pox is something that everybody has to 'enjoy' once in their lifetime. Not for me. Chicken pox is a nightmare for those that experienced chicken pox TWICE in their lives, and that includes ME! So I really had enough and fed up with the suffering. In addition, the itch it creates makes, even the adults, go nuts, so I am sure you all can imagine if the children have it. Yep, that's what happenning! Han and Grace are having chicken pox!
So, for million times in a day, we have to remind them: "Don't scratch it! Or else...," you all know the continuation. I am feeling itchy and nuts everytime I see the blisters, even so, those excuses don't save me from taking care of my little bro and sis. I am better now, just tired... I know, now, how tired my mum is (at least a portion of her tiredness). That's why I just have to still do this and that.

Another news for you all is that I didn't make it through to UWE after the interview. I am thanking God for it, coz honestly, I really don't have a heart to move away from Liverpool. So for now, I am building my faith and confidence that I will be accepted by UofL, get the scholarship and return to Liverpool! Amen! *please help in prayers, friends*

Okay that's all for now. Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!! Love is in the air!
God bless you all!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Should I blame the weather?

I'm seriously asking that question now... My family's health is in a mess right now; Han and Grace have been having fever today and my condition is not that better as well. Since the last posting, I have been up and down with the stupid illness, sometimes cough, sometimes sore-throat and many other things.
Yes, the weather has been very bad lately. The extreme heat that almost everybody whines about, and to be honest, it really is HOT! *I'm not trying to exagerate here* And for me, who has been living in a cold and wet country, this is really a huge blow to my body. *hiks* Lately, I have started to think about the nice and cold winter days in Liverpool, making me want to go back there ASAP.
Anyways, I just can't make a decision in a snap of my fingers like that. Everything has to go through a process, the Lord taught me that over the years... and so, I try my best to still be positive about this heat, coz I know, I will miss it when I get back to UK. That is sooo human! Just never can easily feel satisfied with what they have.

Now, about my junior high friend's wedding... I went to both the matrimony and the reception. The matrimony was in the Catholic Cathedral's chapel (just because the cathedral is undergoing some renovation *again*). Surprisingly, contradicting what my friend told me several days before the DAY, the chapel was full of people!!! I felt glad to be there, at least, to see my friend was happy. Then I start to imagine the day of my marriage, which is.... *grin* who knows when.
Then, the reception was full of people that I don't know! Most of them are most probably the parents' relatives and guests. Anyways, I was the first to come among all my friends, so I was like a lost person looking here and there for familiar faces. The fun begun when my friends came. We talked and talked, and the reception felt so short! Hahaha.... Good old days... Will always be in my heart, together with the friends I treasure.

These days, other than being busy with my PhD application process (still filling forms, etc. for any new opportunities that come up!), I also have a secret mission to accomplish. I can't tell you just yet about it until the right time has arrived. However, please just pray for me that everything will go smoothly. Thanks! :)

Okay, that's all for now. Take care and have a great week ahead! God bless you always!
Being close to You, my Lord,
The only place I feel safe, still and peaceful.
Draw me near, closer each day to You, my King,
For I long to always be in Your presence.

The desire that I have is that I can please You and obey You.
To bring smiles to Your face and joy to Your pure heart is a great honour that I shall not let go.

Unending praises and thanksgiving only to You, my Father,
You have proved Your tenderness and humility, O King above all kings.
How attentive Your ears are towards me, a mere human...
You listen to my prayers
And the cries of my heart, You never take it lightly.

Thank You, Jesus, for who You are in my life.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Cuaca yang gak enak banget gini; kalo siang panas banget, kalo malem dingin karena hujan, bikin aku roboh lagi. Kali ini aku diserang flu deh... hidung jadi mampet, meler, kepala pusing, badan juga kadang panas dingin.
Hiks sebel sebel sebel!!! Masa hari Jumat ke kawinan temen dengan bawa virus begini?! Padahal kemaren sudah minta kerok segala, punggung jadi belang seperti harimau. Duh... ga tau deh!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Banquet of The King

In the golden court of the King,
There are festivities and joy.
The angels sing never-ending praises to the King above all kings.
They dance in colourful clothes to worship the Lord above all lords.
The majesty of the King and His mighty splendour shine over the heaven from the holy throne throughtout the eternal banquet.

- inspired by the vision Jesus gave during the church service today.

The truth is that, words cannot express how wonderful it is to be in heaven with Jesus, but one thing that everyone should know is that heaven is real!

Update: Today, I received the first wedding invitation from among my friends. My friend is going to marry on 9th Febuary 2007. They seem to be happy and I am happy for them. And I... linger on the memories, on my wishes, on our wishes...