Grace's Ministry

Before we left homeToday was Grace's dance performance at the church. With 8 other girls, they were dancing just before the sermon started.
Ever since she was small, Grace loves to dance, play music and sing. She is a kind of person that has that HUGE creativity inside her. It is the talent that God has put inside her. I am proud to be her big sister and so blessed that I can have both brothers and sister. It is just complete. Seeing her glowing eyes, makes my heart joyful, it is like seeing a well full of happiness inside it. So deep and yet can be clearly seen.
She is a smart, happy and active girl. She has such bright future in front of her! And I, when I am able enough, would like to help my parents to support my siblings. They have done much for me and I shall remember them. No, I am not repaying, because they told me that what they've done are parents' responsibilities, but, I am sharing with my blessings. After what I can achieve, I want my siblings to achieve at least the same level as I am at, or, if they want to be, higher than me.And they started dancingIf you think that I have high hopes and dreams, yes it is true. I believe I can do it, with the help of my Lord. :)
Back to Grace, everyday, she always surprises us; by her answers to questions, things she does, thoughts she thinks and many others. I am really proud of her and love her!

She is a precious sister to me! Although sometimes we can fight too! Hahaha...


  1. Hi, Sher. Long time, heh?. Hehehe. Kabarnya gimana nih?

  2. wah cantiknya, semoga bisa jadi good dancer nantinya ya.

  3. fight? memang apa aja yg jadi bahan fight-nya kak sherly? :D

    btw, Grace ultah Maret nanti kan?

  4. Itulah gunanya seorang adik kan, bisa jadi lawan buat bertengkar. Hahahaha...

  5. hallo hallo

    wah, Grace keliatan cantik tuh... :)

    Jadi inget pas masa2 TK dulu, disuru pentas nari bareng2 di depan orang, he3... :)

  6. gimana kalo ccnya ikutan nari?
    pegang flag trus di lambai2 oleh juga kan?


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