Secret Mission Fever

Remember I told you all about me doing a secret mission?? Well, I am enjoying my time doing the mission! It is a cool mission! Maybe all of you start to think... Hmmm... Sherly is having too many secrets these days!! Well, yes, it is true, I have to admit it! However, I promise, there will be time when you all know what it is about (as long as you all are patient waiting for some time hehe).

I am very happy typing up this post, because just some minutes ago I received the scanned offer letter from my supervisor. The genuine letter is still on the way, in a place somewhere between Liverpool and Denpasar, hehehe... But, even reading only the scanned letter gives me a great joy and gratefulness to my Jesus for He fulfils all the desires of my heart as He says in the Bible. My obedience is paid by Him. Thank you, my Jesus, for millions of gifts You send me every day of my life.

Now, about him aka secret admirer, he is planning to come to Denpasar early July. Please help in prayers (as I am praying, too) that The Lord will bless him and provide him financially to come all the way to Denpasar. For I have faith that no miracles are impossible for my Jesus. Amen!

That's all for now. Grace is already complaining, asking me to go to bed early, hehehe... God bless you all!


  1. duuh iya nih rahasia2an mulu..
    tapi nampaknya kamu lagi bahagia banget ya jadi aku ikut seneng deh :)

  2. boleh nebak nggak ya? soalnya clue yg mengarah ke secret admirer sista sherly udah jelas tuh...

  3. he? grace minta bobo labih early? kenapa? ga bisa liat ccnya seneng dikit buka2 internet ya?

  4. wah bikin penasaran deh itu sapa ya secret admirer nya :)

  5. success for you and for your secret admirer


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