Somebody told me that chicken pox is something that everybody has to 'enjoy' once in their lifetime. Not for me. Chicken pox is a nightmare for those that experienced chicken pox TWICE in their lives, and that includes ME! So I really had enough and fed up with the suffering. In addition, the itch it creates makes, even the adults, go nuts, so I am sure you all can imagine if the children have it. Yep, that's what happenning! Han and Grace are having chicken pox!
So, for million times in a day, we have to remind them: "Don't scratch it! Or else...," you all know the continuation. I am feeling itchy and nuts everytime I see the blisters, even so, those excuses don't save me from taking care of my little bro and sis. I am better now, just tired... I know, now, how tired my mum is (at least a portion of her tiredness). That's why I just have to still do this and that.

Another news for you all is that I didn't make it through to UWE after the interview. I am thanking God for it, coz honestly, I really don't have a heart to move away from Liverpool. So for now, I am building my faith and confidence that I will be accepted by UofL, get the scholarship and return to Liverpool! Amen! *please help in prayers, friends*

Okay that's all for now. Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!! Love is in the air!
God bless you all!


  1. chicken pox... pfffeuuuuwwhh masih keinget penderitaan dulu, umur 12 tahun waktu itu kalo 'gak salah. Sampe sekarang masih punya tanda mata walaupun udah tipis banget.

    Semoga Han en Grace cepet sembuh dari CP, ya.

  2. eh aku sms kamu 2x ga dibales
    emang ga sampe ato emang ada sesuatu ato pulsa abis?

    ===alun2 priuk 11==

  3. wiiuuhh...2 kali kena chicken pox...gak enak juga yaa...tapi syukurlah udah baekan...semoga gak ada bekas yaa...

    get well son for Han n Grace juga yaa..

    all the best for all your application...My God leads you to the right uni...^^

  4. duh, gue belom pernah kena chicken pox tuh...n mudah2an ngga usah pake kena deh...
    cepet sembuh ya sher...

    n happy valentine! :)

  5. lha kena cacar lgg...enjoy iya deh sher, itung² istirahat, jgn digaruk² aja...

    happy vday ya

  6. chicken pox itu cacar kan? ko bisa dua kali sih??? jadi ngeri..

    anyway met valentine juga ya

  7. wuiii spedaman blum pernah kena cacar,,,
    jaga kondisi aja deh:D

    btw ayo semangka sekolah teruzzz setinggi langit!

  8. chicken pox,... dlu umur lima thn kenanya. hidungku hampir putus gara2 itu.

    adikku juga kena 3 thn lalu, ternyata bukan cuma dia yg kena chicken pox dua kali seumur hidupnya. eitt, jgn digaruk...

  9. hah?? 2 kali?? Aku dulu chicken pox pas kelas 3 SD, menderita banget... :( Beberapa hari kemudian adikku ketularan, wakakakaka....

    Koq bisa 2 kali sih?? Kata temen SDku kalo chicken pox 2 kali berarti alien loh, wakakaka... :)) >> pasti becandaan tu

  10. gue kena pas smp kelas 2. waktu itu komplit kakak beradik ber4 kena semua. pas nyokap lagi pulang ke rumah opa gue. huaaaa... menderita banget. untung nyokap buru2 balik.
    paling ga nahan sama gatelnya. sekarang juga meninggalkan bekas di kelopak mata. hiks2...

  11. waduh lagu jaman dulu " Love is in the air "...happy valentine


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