Should I blame the weather?

I'm seriously asking that question now... My family's health is in a mess right now; Han and Grace have been having fever today and my condition is not that better as well. Since the last posting, I have been up and down with the stupid illness, sometimes cough, sometimes sore-throat and many other things.
Yes, the weather has been very bad lately. The extreme heat that almost everybody whines about, and to be honest, it really is HOT! *I'm not trying to exagerate here* And for me, who has been living in a cold and wet country, this is really a huge blow to my body. *hiks* Lately, I have started to think about the nice and cold winter days in Liverpool, making me want to go back there ASAP.
Anyways, I just can't make a decision in a snap of my fingers like that. Everything has to go through a process, the Lord taught me that over the years... and so, I try my best to still be positive about this heat, coz I know, I will miss it when I get back to UK. That is sooo human! Just never can easily feel satisfied with what they have.

Now, about my junior high friend's wedding... I went to both the matrimony and the reception. The matrimony was in the Catholic Cathedral's chapel (just because the cathedral is undergoing some renovation *again*). Surprisingly, contradicting what my friend told me several days before the DAY, the chapel was full of people!!! I felt glad to be there, at least, to see my friend was happy. Then I start to imagine the day of my marriage, which is.... *grin* who knows when.
Then, the reception was full of people that I don't know! Most of them are most probably the parents' relatives and guests. Anyways, I was the first to come among all my friends, so I was like a lost person looking here and there for familiar faces. The fun begun when my friends came. We talked and talked, and the reception felt so short! Hahaha.... Good old days... Will always be in my heart, together with the friends I treasure.

These days, other than being busy with my PhD application process (still filling forms, etc. for any new opportunities that come up!), I also have a secret mission to accomplish. I can't tell you just yet about it until the right time has arrived. However, please just pray for me that everything will go smoothly. Thanks! :)

Okay, that's all for now. Take care and have a great week ahead! God bless you always!
Being close to You, my Lord,
The only place I feel safe, still and peaceful.
Draw me near, closer each day to You, my King,
For I long to always be in Your presence.

The desire that I have is that I can please You and obey You.
To bring smiles to Your face and joy to Your pure heart is a great honour that I shall not let go.

Unending praises and thanksgiving only to You, my Father,
You have proved Your tenderness and humility, O King above all kings.
How attentive Your ears are towards me, a mere human...
You listen to my prayers
And the cries of my heart, You never take it lightly.

Thank You, Jesus, for who You are in my life.


  1. hehehe
    I'm the first one again ya
    smoga cepet sembuh smuanya ya..

    kayaknya belakangan emang cuaca ebrubah2
    jdnya ga enak terus..

    aku berdoa ya buat secret wishmu :)
    smoga tercapai :) :)

  2. Sher,thanks tuk visitnya..:)
    hari ini baru ganti template nich..tapi mau pakai kopes utk shout box nya, gmn yach??confious..:(

  3. huaaa Sher,,, semoga keluarganya cepet sembuh ya!!
    di Kotabumi jg panasnya gilingan.

    secret mission: nikah ya?:p

  4. Kumpul lagi bareng temen2 lama emang seru ya :)

    Iya nih, bokap-nyokapku juga bilang, panas banget!!
    Dulu yg aku gak suka adalah kalo panas en kelembabannya juga ikut tinggi, uuggghh... bene2 dah..
    Kamu cepat sembuh juga ya. Banyak minum air dah kalo udah panas gitu. Psssst.. es cincau skalian deh, ngadem :D

  5. *kipas2in angin ke rumah sherly*

    hik disini juga lage panas bener sayy... menyengat banged yah, cepet bikin sakit kalo tiba2 ganti lage weather modenya.

    smoga cepet smbuh ya muachhh

    and its good to knoe another fren who got reconciled with lots of her old frens heheehe

  6. lagi pada sakit ya, semoga semua lekas sembuh Sher.

    GBU too...

  7. cepet sembuh ya sher...
    dan semoga keinginanmu tercapai :)

  8. sama... cuaca disini jg lagi gila2an. mau siang malam juga panasnya gak ketulungan. banyak yg roboh...


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