Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Blog's New Look!

It's been quite sometimes I used the simple layout for my blog. And, since today, I got diarrhoea, I had to stay at home and can't go far from the bathroom... so it's time to play with Photoshop! Hence, here is the new look of my blog! :)
This time, I tamed 'the beast' aka the blogger XML template. Finally after 4 hours (and beyond), I got the hang of fiddling with XML. Thank God for that!

Oh, the scrapbook above I made quite awhile ago, but I forgot exactly when... I love how it looks, so I put it here as for my own memory.

Yesterday, my hubby bought me a very nice and special gift! Yep! It's a handbag, not just any handbag but a Radley handbag! He made one of my dreams come true... I am soooo happy! Thanks to him, I can have the handbag I've dreamed of!
Thank you, hun, for making me so happy. :)

We've made our decision about CADE. The ticket to Montreal, Canada, is too expensive for us to buy (well, Lan is paid by the University to go to the conference because he got accepted, off course!). So, sadly, I won't be accompanying Lan to Montreal *hiks*. However, our plan is that we go to Bali in the middle of August for several weeks. This is because we promised my parents that we will be home for their 25th wedding anniversary.

I am looking forward to go home *again*... but I am sure this time is more fun, because my hubby is together with me. :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The very WELL done to my hubby!

After anxiously waiting for the news for a few months, the news is finally here...

CONGRATULATIONS AND A VERY WELL DONE TO MY BELOVED HUSBAND for getting his scientific paper accepted into the infamous CADE* (the Conference on Automated Deduction)!
I am very proud of you, honey! You worked hard and you deserve this acceptance very well! I thank God, above all, for such a great blessing that He has given to us; for your great achievement and for the happiness painted all over your face that continues to make me smile! Thank you, Jesus!

I hope next year, I will be able to make you proud as well in the 23rd CADE! I am very competitive, you see... If it weren't for my eczema, I probably will be competing with you this year hahahaha...

So, is it home or Montreal (Canada) we are going, dear?

Ps. CADE is the major international forum at which research on all aspects of automated deduction is presented. The first conference was held in 1974. (taken from

Ps2. I've made the scrapbook 2 weeks ago, but couldn't be bothered to resize it to upload on my blog. So, now that I have the chance, here it is...

Friday, April 17, 2009

Leeds, 11 - 13 April 2009

This Easter holiday was a suddenly-planned trip for us. Just several days before the trip, Lan decided that we should go to Leeds and have some fun there. So, we booked hotel for 3 days-2 nights stay and so looked forward to the trip. Leeds is around 2 hours and 30 minutes from Liverpool by coach and have warmer weather than Liverpool. Still, we prayed for a nice warm weather for our holiday...

11 April 2009
We headed out from Liverpool at 09.00 a.m. The weather was nice and sunshiny, the traffic was okay. We arrived in Leeds coach station on-time, around 11.30, then we made our way to the city centre to get something to eat.
What I noticed is that Leeds has more shopping malls than Liverpool! And, God..., people shop like crazy! After walking here and there, with a printed google-maps of Leeds in our hands, we finally decided to eat in a pub; fish and chips for me, Southern fried chicken for Lan. It was surprisingly cheap and we were full to the neck!
Well... it's time to head to the hotel. This time we stayed at Hilton Hotel. Since we decided on the trip so close to the date, all the 'cheap' hotels are not so cheap anymore... so we might as well go to better hotel with the same price, right? Checked in, sorted out our stuffs, then... a bit of rest on the comfortable bed. Ughh... so nice, that if we did not have any other plan, I'd be happy to just snooze in.

However, we did get ourself up to go to the next destination: Kirkstall Abbey. We were supposed to head to the coach station, first, and catch a bus to get there... instead, half way we took wrong direction and got lost to this very quiet and kind-of-creepy community. It took us almost an hour to finally get the right track to get to coach station! Then, 20 minutes on the bus, we got to Kirkstall Abbey (Kirkstall Abbey, one of the most complete examples of a medieval Cistercian abbey in Britain). It is a very nice place for a nice and relaxing stroll in the afternoon. With the birds chirping and the flowers blooming, the place is very beautiful!
When the sun goes down, we returned to Leeds city centre, got something to eat and watched "Fast & Furious" in the cinema, before we went back to hotel to take our rest.

12 April 2009
The second day of our adventure began after we had our breakfast in the hotel. This time the destination is Harewood House, home to the Queen's cousin, the Earl of Harewood. Again, we got on the bus for around 30 minutes to Harogate. It was a busy Easter Sunday in Harewood. A lot of family came by cars for picnics, camping and even to attend the dog-show, which happened to be on that day!

We started by going to Harewood house first, admiring the art of old time English house decoration. Sadly, we were not allowed to take any photographs, but each room in the house was simply magnificent! All the details, colors and furnitures are really elegant the way they are! After that, we sat in the cafe for a cup of Yorkshire tea, while feasting our eyes on the colorful garden scenery. Simply a bliss!
Refreshed, we continued our stroll along the garden and the bird park. They sure have a lot birds from many countries! I am so proud to see Jalak Bali & Ayam Jago there... Hehehe... At 4 p.m., satisfied with what we have seen, we headed back to Leeds and had dinner in Picolino, an Italian restaurant. Delicious but a bit too dear... I must say.

13 April 2009
Happy 31st birthday, Honey!!!
It was a day of a little bit shopping... We went to the visitor information centre to buy some souvenirs for ourselves and our parents. Then, we headed to city centre to window shop and bought some chocolates as Lan's birthday present.
Then, at 15.45, we got on the coach back to Liverpool. It was a short but sweet and beautiful, as well as adventurous trip we had. I enjoyed it so much! I cannot stop thanking my husband for organising this trip and thanking God for such beautiful weather we had.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Amateur Hairdresser

It's a common secret that getting haircut in the UK is very expensive. Hence, seven years in the UK, I had never had a haircut here ever! However, for Lan, it is inevitable. His hair grows fast and thick. Perfect for winter, but not for summer.
Seeing his friend got all his haircut from his wife, I was tempted to give it a go; being Lan's amateur hairdresser. Well, we both say it is not bad for a first-timer, although it did take me 2 HOURS and drained my energy. The combinations of nerve-wrecking experience and extreme anxiousness were with me for those 2 hours.

All in all, I have to say..., I am pleased with my braveness. It didn't turn out to be bad! Maybe, I should consider taking a hairdresser course!