My Blog's New Look!

It's been quite sometimes I used the simple layout for my blog. And, since today, I got diarrhoea, I had to stay at home and can't go far from the bathroom... so it's time to play with Photoshop! Hence, here is the new look of my blog! :)
This time, I tamed 'the beast' aka the blogger XML template. Finally after 4 hours (and beyond), I got the hang of fiddling with XML. Thank God for that!

Oh, the scrapbook above I made quite awhile ago, but I forgot exactly when... I love how it looks, so I put it here as for my own memory.

Yesterday, my hubby bought me a very nice and special gift! Yep! It's a handbag, not just any handbag but a Radley handbag! He made one of my dreams come true... I am soooo happy! Thanks to him, I can have the handbag I've dreamed of!
Thank you, hun, for making me so happy. :)

We've made our decision about CADE. The ticket to Montreal, Canada, is too expensive for us to buy (well, Lan is paid by the University to go to the conference because he got accepted, off course!). So, sadly, I won't be accompanying Lan to Montreal *hiks*. However, our plan is that we go to Bali in the middle of August for several weeks. This is because we promised my parents that we will be home for their 25th wedding anniversary.

I am looking forward to go home *again*... but I am sure this time is more fun, because my hubby is together with me. :)


  1. bagus layoutnya... scrapbooknya juga bagus! :)

    wah asiknya ya mau pulkam ntar agustus....

  2. Rumah baru ya selamat yaa

  3. bagus sher layoutnya, jadi inget waktu gua juga ngutak ngatik template.. pusing hehe.. tp kalo udah jadi puas yah :D

  4. wuah keren hasilnya nih nie.. :)
    hayo pulang lage... :)

  5. Wew, keren neh hasilnya, hehehe

    ya gpp de ya, berkorban sekarang demi yang akan datang,haha

  6. rumah baru nih ya .. Bgs bgs !!
    tapi g naksir tas merah juga !

  7. Love the new layout, Sher.. and glad you both have made the right decision about CADE & going home... Rencananya pulang berapa lama Sher?

  8. tasnya kereeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnn. templatenya juga. blogspot asyik, bs gonta ganti. tinggal zilko neh yg gak pernah ganti template wekeek

  9. sher, new layout nya bagus d... simple and enak buat dikunjung terus :)... wah mau plg lg nich ke indo.. smoga bisa ketemuan yach qta hehe.... nice bag also... wah romantis hubby coz have a good choice and sense of nice bag.

  10. Keren, Sher!
    Blog dan tasnya.
    Warnanya merah pula... :-D

  11. :D horeeeeeeee XML dijinakkan
    buat aku yg beast itu WP


  12. suka deh ma scrapbook nya
    sekali-kali posting tutorialnya dunk sher, biar aq bisa buat jugak :D


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