The very WELL done to my hubby!

After anxiously waiting for the news for a few months, the news is finally here...

CONGRATULATIONS AND A VERY WELL DONE TO MY BELOVED HUSBAND for getting his scientific paper accepted into the infamous CADE* (the Conference on Automated Deduction)!
I am very proud of you, honey! You worked hard and you deserve this acceptance very well! I thank God, above all, for such a great blessing that He has given to us; for your great achievement and for the happiness painted all over your face that continues to make me smile! Thank you, Jesus!

I hope next year, I will be able to make you proud as well in the 23rd CADE! I am very competitive, you see... If it weren't for my eczema, I probably will be competing with you this year hahahaha...

So, is it home or Montreal (Canada) we are going, dear?

Ps. CADE is the major international forum at which research on all aspects of automated deduction is presented. The first conference was held in 1974. (taken from

Ps2. I've made the scrapbook 2 weeks ago, but couldn't be bothered to resize it to upload on my blog. So, now that I have the chance, here it is...


  1. congrats!!!

    btw apa sih automated deduction tuh maksudnya?

  2. congratulation Lan!! both you and Lan must be very happy with this achievment. he deserves it!! hehehhee.. good luck buat km juga ya, sher, semoga berhasil di the next CADE! JBU both!

  3. Well Done Lan! KErennnn... Semoga kamu jg taon depan bisa ya Sher... Berkat Tuhan melimpah atas kalian b2... CADE itu di Montreal toh?

  4. wuaaahh hebat nya si hubbie Nie.. plok plok plok..selamaat :)

  5. congrats ya :D
    pada pinter2 banget sih, kok gua kayanya udah gak semangat ya buat belajar hihi :P

  6. WOW!! CONGRATZZ!!! :) Hebat ui, hehhee... :)

    Btw, kenapa ke Montreal??

  7. hehehe, kali ini suami istri diperbolehkan untuk bersaing dehhh

  8. Ya, saya juga kepengen tinggal di Indonesia.
    Habis, there is not place like (Indonesia) home.
    Salam sejahtera dari Barcelona (Spain).

  9. Proficiat! :-D
    Dan good luck buat kamu dan proyekmu, Sher! :-D

  10. Nie
    Congrats yah buat hubby n kamu juga tentunya .
    coba kamu ga ada urusan sama ecxema jd berkompetisi neh ama hubby ? hua222

  11. congratz yach buat Lan... cia yo sist.. kamu pasti bisa kok....

  12. ke montreal donk sher...siapa tau bisa mampir...:D CONGRATS ya buat hubby.....

  13. congratulations for Lan, and congrats also for his wife hehehe.

    It seems the next home is Montreal yah... wow asyikkkk :)

  14. Selamat buat Lan!! kalo jd ke kanada kamu boleh ikut dong sheer :))

  15. selamat ya...*orang asing yg sok kenal, hhe* salam kenal

  16. congraaaaaaaattttsssssss

    ehem...canada donk hehe

  17. wow...selamat buat Lan... kalian berdua emang top dah... semoga sukses ya buat buat kalian berdua... hayo jangan mau kalah sherly tahun depan...


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