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I am back *sort of!*

I feel like I've abandoned this blog for forever! Well, literally my life has been in chaos for the past 2 weeks (at least!). When, I said I was going to slow down and breathe in, it did NOT happen. I made one little but fatal mistake on my paper, which sent me to a race with time. And I was tired! And I AM still very tired...
I had fun with my brother being here, but I wished, oh how I WISHED... I had more time spent with him. Instead, I was running crazy in the office trying to fix this and that and do this and that. Argh... I am physically and mentally exhausted. I hope he liked the treats we spoiled him with and the day I accompanied him to go shopping. Hmmm... it's been a while. He went back to Brighton on Wednesday, and yes, I still cried. (Aren't I such a crybaby?!) I love him to bits! I see him becoming a man more and more each day and how The Lord walks with him! Praise God for that!

Well, now that the paper is submitted and the technical report needs only minor tou…

Slowing down & breathing in!

My paper has shaped up, thanks to the teamwork with my supervisors. Tomorrow, we will be submitting, so this matter can be put aside at least until March! I am crossing my fingers that we will get accepted and published by the conference. I know we worked extremely hard on this. :)
And if we do, hopefully, I will be attending the conference in Edinburgh, this July. I am looking forward for my second time going there... my first memory of Edinburgh is not very pleasant, especially because it involves me being in pain from Eczema.

And, no, I don't forget... I would like to thank all of my friends, who have supported and prayed for me. I do believe that prayers do wonders and miracles! :)

And with the business of writing paper coming to 'almost' an end, I am happy to say that I will be MIA for awhile! Tonight, Lan and I are picking up Erwin, my brother from the train station. He will be here in Liverpool until Wednesday. I am glad for that, because then I will have a reason for …

Almost but not there...

It's been a long week... I am tired (beyond tired), lost my mind, can't really focus, feel like a zombie...

But I'll keep going. I have too... and I will.

I am beyond thankful to my dearest husband, who supports me so much all the way. And all the glory and honor to The Lord, for the favors that He pours upon me. It's unbelievable... To my dear supervisors, thank you! To the IJCAR conference's chair, thank you for the gracious extension on the deadline.

Oh how I am loved! I will get there, to the finish line!

The beginning of the combat!

It's finally the dreaded Monday here... I am not really looking forward to it, but, I still have to face it... It's officially the COMBAT week! To get a not-even-nearly-done paper to finish by Friday! Only God knows how to make this possible!!!

So please please... pray for me that I am fit enough (to not throwing myself to the ground due to stress!) to endure this whole week of serious use of my brain!

Thanks friends :)

Surat untuk Bapaku

Bapaku yang terkasih,

Terima kasih sudah merajutku di dalam rahim ibuku dengan begitu indahnya. Aku tahu dan percaya rancanganMu indah selalu dan rencanaMu atas hidupku tidak pernah melenceng. Ada kalanya di mana aku merasa hidup ini terlalu berat dan aku tidak kuat, namun saat itu selalu adalah saat terindah... Karena aku tahu saat itu, Engkau sedang melunakkan aku dan menyempurnakanku seperti yang Kau ingini.
Ada kalanya di mana aku berlinang air mata, kecewa dan sakit, tertunduk dan sedih. Namun aku tahu, Engkau ada di sana; menangis bersamaku, menampung air mataku dalam kirbatMu dan membalut lukaku dengan hangat kasih setiaMu.

Di dalam hidupku, Engkau adalah Allah yang selalu bisa kuandalkan. Tempat aku bersandar dan bertumpu selalu. Lebih dari segalanya dan semuanya, Engkau adalah Bapaku yang sempurna. Kau membuatku mengerti kasih yang abadi dari seorang Bapa, serta persahabatan yang kita punya, yang spesial dan unik! Kita punya banyak rahasia, yang hanya kita yang tahu, yang aku pe…

Where to print?

A few of you asked me where I printed my photobook, in the last post. Well, here is my answer:! After so much 'researching' and comparing different printing services, I chose Blurb because it offers the cheapest price for more pages.
So it costs me around GBP20.00 to get a 40-pages photobook printed out and mailed to me! I know that a lot of people use Shutterfly, but gosh, I think their shipping prices are so EXPENSIVE! So, I had to give that one a pass.

I love blurb! Their services are superb and their software is easy to use. I think I'm gonna stick with them until I can find a cheaper alternative (Yeah! I'm all about cheap :p).

The arrival of my long awaited gift!

It was supposed to be my Christmas gift from Lan last year, but somehow, it didn't make it in time... But I am glad that I finally got it NOW! What is it, anyway?

Well, it's the very FIRST photobook of my scrap-pages! I love how my pages turned out. Though, I did complain about it not being as sharp as it is on my screen or sometimes the photos came out darker than intended, I am so very happy to have it printed out! Totally loving it! Even Lan, who hesitated when he ordered the book for me, loves the book very much and encourages me to aim for another book for 2010. :)
(Click the images to see bigger size)

This week, snow hit Liverpool BADLY! I mean, really, badly! I was so happy when it snowed so much. I went out by myself on a photo-hunting trip, because Lan just hated the cold! I have to say I had so much fun taking photos with my new 50mm lens, although when I got home, I was drenched with water! LOL!
Here is the bad part though... the snow stayed for DAYS and turned to ice! …

About A Guy + Freebie

This time I am here to present you another fabulous kit, where Michelle and Laura of simply.scraps has teamed up again! I present you: About A Guy!

This kit is so FABULOUS to scrap about your beloved MAN, your handsome BOYS and many other themes! As per usual it will be 20% until Friday! So go grab it while it's HOT!
Here is what I made with it and a photo of my beloved hubby:

Now, that's NOT all I wanted to tell you. At the end of 2009, Michelle had rearranged her CT for a bit and there so called the freebie team, which are making fabulous freebies for Michelle's FAN! And so, it starts RIGHT now!
We have not one but TWO freebies up for grab! The first one is this awesome cluster frame made by Angie, which you can get from Michelle's blog:

(Click on the image to go to Michelle's Blog)

The second one is made by me and I hope you like it :) Now, here is the way of getting this second one... You just have to be a FAN of Michelle Batton Designs in Facebook! So, if you haven&…

His Assurance!

Ku kan terbang tinggi bagai RAJAWALI
Di ATAS segala persoalan hidupku
TIADA yang mustahil bagi DIA


I will fly high like the eagle
Above all the problems of my life
And I believe that when I am with HIM
Nothing is impossible for HIM!
Amen! Last night while I was having difficulty to sleep, I was listening to this song by Irwan Alexander. And I felt The Lord was re-assuring me about this new year. That nothing is too hard to do when I am with HIM!
I am in the process of writing a paper, as I probably already mentioned it in the past. I was finding it as a mission impossible. Why? The deadline for Abstract submission is on the 15 January and the Paper submission is on the 22 January. That's like days away... YET, I am NOWHERE near finishing it =(
Last night, I went home feeling stuck and frustrated with myself. But, you see..., that's what I did wrong: depending on my own weak brain and only when I am stuck I c…

Happy birthday, Mam + 2010 Resolutions

I know that this is a bit late for the day, but I still want to dedicate a post for my mum's birthday, like I do it every year in the past years of my blogging.
So, here is a very happy birthday wish for Mami! I pray The Lord adds to you all the desires of your heart and the best things that He has in store for you! Amen!
And as for the requested birthday present, please keep reminding Lan so that you really get what you asked, Mam! LOL! ;)
But, here is a little birthday present from me. :) I love this picture of you smiling. You do know that you are really beautiful to me; when I 'grow up' I want to be at least like you. I love you, Mam!

Composure Plus by Taylor Made Designs
Birthday WA by Three Paper Peonies
Date strip from A Work In Progress - Designs by Vicki.

And, since it is only the third day of 2010, I think it's not too late to post about my resolutions. I am never really committed on making resolutions each year, but this year, I make this list as a reminder…

Here is the first day of 2010!

My plan to watch the London Eye's fireworks countdown last night was a total disaster, after we found out that our analog and old crappy TV does not catch any channels any more after the digital switch-over! Argh!!! We don't watch TV often, but I do want to watch the countdown...
Then, my beloved hubby did his utmost to make sure I can watch the countdown, but looking for the i-Player of BBC channel. Yep, we can watch TV online now, but... BUT, the countdown is NOT available online! Blahhhhhhhhh... that was it... We gave it up!
Instead, we just watched the clock and made our own countdown. LOL! We watched by the window for some fireworks that painted the sky, then we just hugged and kissed and wished each other a very happy new year ahead for our little family. We really hope that by this time next year (yep, I'm talking about 2011 already!), my tummy will be a huge round ball with our junior in it. We can't wait to build our family. Thank The Lord, Lan seems to be wanti…