The beginning of the combat!

It's finally the dreaded Monday here... I am not really looking forward to it, but, I still have to face it... It's officially the COMBAT week! To get a not-even-nearly-done paper to finish by Friday! Only God knows how to make this possible!!!

So please please... pray for me that I am fit enough (to not throwing myself to the ground due to stress!) to endure this whole week of serious use of my brain!

Thanks friends :)


  1. semangat yah Sher...your faith and hardwork will bring you through it...with God everything is possible!!! GBU ^^

  2. I'll pray for you, sista :)
    Karena katanya; kekuatan itu bukan datang dari fisik saja, tapi justru dari mental yang sehat... :)

  3. of course I'll pray for you NIe !
    Cia you !!!

  4. ayoooo kamu bisa!!!!
    harus optimis pasti bisa ya sher!

    good luck!

  5. ciayo Sher. I know you can do everything through God who strengthens you! You're on my prayers always.

  6. cia you sherrr... we know you can :D
    lupakan sb sementara ini ya hehehe..

  7. udah berganti hari ya..
    ayo you can do it! just do it! ;)


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