Slowing down & breathing in!

My paper has shaped up, thanks to the teamwork with my supervisors. Tomorrow, we will be submitting, so this matter can be put aside at least until March! I am crossing my fingers that we will get accepted and published by the conference. I know we worked extremely hard on this. :)
And if we do, hopefully, I will be attending the conference in Edinburgh, this July. I am looking forward for my second time going there... my first memory of Edinburgh is not very pleasant, especially because it involves me being in pain from Eczema.

And, no, I don't forget... I would like to thank all of my friends, who have supported and prayed for me. I do believe that prayers do wonders and miracles! :)

And with the business of writing paper coming to 'almost' an end, I am happy to say that I will be MIA for awhile! Tonight, Lan and I are picking up Erwin, my brother from the train station. He will be here in Liverpool until Wednesday. I am glad for that, because then I will have a reason for myself to relax a little bit after such a mad week last week. ;)

So, I wish you all great week ahead and be blessed!!!


  1. wow akhirnya selesai juga ya.. tinggal dikit lagi lega deh sher, skarang have fun dulu, jalan2 n makan2 ama erwin buat ngilangin stress ^^
    selamat ya sher akhirnya kelar juga hehe..

  2. Thank God akhirnya kelar juga ya Sher... You've done your best, just surrender the rest to God :-) Asyiknya mo jalan2, have fun yahh..

  3. *still crossing the fingers* :-D

    Have fun with your beloved ones (Lan and Edwin), Sher! Hope you could relax!

  4. kelar juga akhirnya .. toss !!
    waktunya santai , mkn enak & jalan2

  5. berkunjung n moohon kunjungan baliknya makasihhhhh

  6. Alo sis, pa kabar? hehehe...


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