Almost but not there...

It's been a long week... I am tired (beyond tired), lost my mind, can't really focus, feel like a zombie...

But I'll keep going. I have too... and I will.

I am beyond thankful to my dearest husband, who supports me so much all the way. And all the glory and honor to The Lord, for the favors that He pours upon me. It's unbelievable... To my dear supervisors, thank you! To the IJCAR conference's chair, thank you for the gracious extension on the deadline.

Oh how I am loved! I will get there, to the finish line!


  1. lagi bikin thesis ya.. moga2 segera kelar ya sher!!

  2. greetings from the island of Bali -
    its really nice blog...
    see you by visiting me back...

  3. semangattttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!
    btw, aku udah balik ke belanda skrg :D

  4. semangat donk .. Fighting !!!

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  6. Ayo, Sher...! Go and fight 'til the end! :-D

  7. semangat sher, inget saat2 kebebasan sebentar lagi, berakit2 ke hulu berenang2 ke tepian, bersakit2 dahulu bersenang2 kemudian..
    jadul banget gak sih gua haha..


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