I am back *sort of!*

I feel like I've abandoned this blog for forever! Well, literally my life has been in chaos for the past 2 weeks (at least!). When, I said I was going to slow down and breathe in, it did NOT happen. I made one little but fatal mistake on my paper, which sent me to a race with time. And I was tired! And I AM still very tired...
I had fun with my brother being here, but I wished, oh how I WISHED... I had more time spent with him. Instead, I was running crazy in the office trying to fix this and that and do this and that. Argh... I am physically and mentally exhausted. I hope he liked the treats we spoiled him with and the day I accompanied him to go shopping. Hmmm... it's been a while. He went back to Brighton on Wednesday, and yes, I still cried. (Aren't I such a crybaby?!) I love him to bits! I see him becoming a man more and more each day and how The Lord walks with him! Praise God for that!

Well, now that the paper is submitted and the technical report needs only minor touch, I am trying to relax! Have a day-off and do our laundry! God knows that I am running behind on my household chores and that Lan is missing his wifey! LOL!
For now, I am praying and wishing that our paper (I am collaborating with my supervisors) will be accepted, which, I'd have to wait until March 15!

So there... that's the story about me running around like a mad-lady! LOL!


  1. good luck sher.. moga2 diterima ya!!!

  2. nunggunya lama amat ya, masih sebulan setengah lagi.. hihi.. kalo cepet2 kan leganya lebih cepet ya sher, yah memang ini tahap terakhir jadi gpplah tegang lebih lama :P
    semoga cepet diterima! :)

  3. semoga cepet beres, dan bebas dari stress, sher....
    we love you....

  4. Happy weekend yah bu guru :)

  5. hi Sher.. iya emang stress nulis paper.. dari experimental setup sampe penulisan ngejar2 deadline, memang melelahkan.. gut lak ya.. semoga ntar maret keterima.. daku kemaren pengen ikutan conference lagi di Pittsburgh, USA.. tp dah mao lulus maret ini, mudah2an... jadi ga bisa ikut dhe.. ok, have a great weekend ya..

  6. All the best Sher, hopefully diaccept ya papernya... :-)

  7. semoga di accept de paper nya , biar poolll lega deh !
    sukses yah Nie

  8. smoga papernya diaccept yah , you can do it :)


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