Happy birthday, Mam + 2010 Resolutions

I know that this is a bit late for the day, but I still want to dedicate a post for my mum's birthday, like I do it every year in the past years of my blogging.
So, here is a very happy birthday wish for Mami! I pray The Lord adds to you all the desires of your heart and the best things that He has in store for you! Amen!
And as for the requested birthday present, please keep reminding Lan so that you really get what you asked, Mam! LOL! ;)
But, here is a little birthday present from me. :) I love this picture of you smiling. You do know that you are really beautiful to me; when I 'grow up' I want to be at least like you. I love you, Mam!

Composure Plus by Taylor Made Designs
Birthday WA by Three Paper Peonies
Date strip from A Work In Progress - Designs by Vicki.

And, since it is only the third day of 2010, I think it's not too late to post about my resolutions. I am never really committed on making resolutions each year, but this year, I make this list as a reminder to myself of what should be accomplished in the next 12 months. So, here is my 2010 resolutions:

Me, Myself and I by FruitLoop Sally
'10' Doodley Do by Pamela Donnis
2010 from 10 Things by Meg Mullens (Wild Dandelions Designs) and Traci Reed Designs.
Fonts: CK Ali's Hand and CK Academia

'Til the next post, peeps!! God bless you and keep warm if you are experiencing winter days right now!


  1. Hepi birthday to your mum Sher, I agree she has a beautiful smile. May everything she wishes for, will come true yah.. especially her wish for a grandchild :-)

  2. Eh? How did you that she wishes for a grandchild? :p

  3. Hahaha, just guessing... ^_^ but i remember you told me that your mum yearns for a grandchild.. hopefully on her next b'day, she'll get her wish ya. :D amin amin..

  4. Nice posting and nice to meet U.

  5. happy bday ya buat nyokap lu sher, mirip abisss mukanya :D
    itu resolusinya tulisan tangan lu sher? bagus ya tulisan lu, lucu nyambung2 gitu :)
    gua sejak smp udah gak bisa lagi tulisan sambung hihihi..

  6. Happy Birhday to your mommm NIe , llke mother like daughter he22 , itu loh smile nya he22
    pada scrapbooking nih ? hebattt deh !

  7. Happy birthday buat Mami-nya Sherly :)

  8. sherly, happy birthday for your mom too
    wish her always happy
    scrapbook di blogmu bagus2
    aku jadi tertarik belajar scrapbooking
    thanks ya

  9. Viol: itu bukan tulisan tanganku. Hehehe... itu 100% bikin digital :D

  10. met ultah buat mom nya, mirip banget ama kamu

  11. happy belated birthday buat nyokap lu ya sher... iya bener lho mirip banget ama elu... :)

    and happy new year!!

  12. happy birthday for your beloved mother, sher :)
    God bless her and the whole family.. Amen!


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