Monday, October 10, 2011

Migrating to Wordpress.

Since I can't open blogger easily here in Beijing any more, I have decided to move Journey of Happiness to a new platform:

You are welcome to visit there any time :) See you there!

Monday, August 22, 2011

6 more days....

To Beijing, China.
Why do time fly so fast when we are having fun? I can't believe it already comes to the last week of our holiday at my home... One month is truly NOT enough! :(
Sunday afternoon will come so soon for us to leave Bali on the way to Beijing. I still am NOT excited. I really don't know what to expect... Maybe I'll just close my eyes and have faith that God knows what's ahead of us... Maybe.

Please pray that things go well for us starting a new chapter there, in Beijing.

Anyway, this evening, we went to Airport to send my beloved best friend and sister, Yulia, off to go back to Jakarta. She came since last Wednesday, for 5 days. Too bad I was sick, so we didn't get to go around Bali as planned. However, we had a great time at Tanjung Benoa; me taking photos and Lan and her playing jetskis, banana boats and parasailing. We also played UNO together, the four of us (Lan, Grace, she and I), and had way too much laughter!
I'm so glad she came. I really am blessed to have her as a best friend for the last 12 years (and for many more years to come, I believe). My lovely sister, thank you for coming to meet me. I love you and I miss you already! xoxo.

'Til the next post, God bless you all! :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The latest news!

We are back from being in Surabaya for a week. It's just nice to just be at home again, except that I am sick. Headache, runny and blocky nose, as well as fever. Ugh... I am feeling horrible right now.

We were super busy in Surabaya. Meeting people here and there. The most important, however, was to renew my passport and apply for the Chinese visa. So now I got my new passport and Chinese visa. One thing that was so complicated is how to legalised our Indonesian marriage certificate. :( We had to send things to Jakarta (Departemen Hukum dan HAM + Departemen Luar Negeri) to get their approval stamps, etc. Super complicated! Until now, it's still not finished yet... I hope it's finished real soon, so that we can have stress-free holiday!

How are you all doing? I hope I find you all well.

Anyway, headache is killing my head, so I better lay down for now.


Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tired but home.

After a trip seemed to be forever and so tiring, we are finally back home. We slept more than 12 hours since last night and woke up around 1pm today!
It's our first time seeing my parents' house since the renovation, looking nicer and spacious. Lan has been forever teasing Grace, our little sister and having a grand time giggling and playing with her. Another good news is that Internet is way faster now! We even have wireless! *woohoo* ;)

Anyway, that's all for now. See you tomorrow.