Tired but home.

After a trip seemed to be forever and so tiring, we are finally back home. We slept more than 12 hours since last night and woke up around 1pm today!
It's our first time seeing my parents' house since the renovation, looking nicer and spacious. Lan has been forever teasing Grace, our little sister and having a grand time giggling and playing with her. Another good news is that Internet is way faster now! We even have wireless! *woohoo* ;)

Anyway, that's all for now. See you tomorrow.



  1. welcome home sher, lan disini gak bisa ngomong donk yah ;P

  2. Asyiknya dah di Bali, have fun ya Sher. Lan udah makan terang bulan? =)

  3. kueren, ada wireless di rumah!!! hahaha :D

  4. Viol: Utah LAN ga bisa ngomong, mesti ditranslate.

    Noni: udah makan tearing bulan dia. Kemarin dikasih orang

  5. Hihihi memang tuh high speed internet di Indo menjadi barang premium banget.

  6. oww udah ada di bali , aku ketinggalan crt
    pantesan aku panggil di twitter tanya keadaan liverpool pasca kerusuhan trus si bebek yg nyaut ada di Indo wahahaaa
    btw enjoy the time with your family Nie !!!

  7. wuah...welcome home nie.. :) hayo refreshing.. tidur 12 jam? aiihh kapan yak aku cobain..hehehe :)


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