Before I forget.

Today, I am writing about our anniversary celebration, before I forget all the details about it. We ended up having lunch at home, because we had a sleep-in and both woke up quite late. All the packing and tidying things up must be really tiring us down, not to mention it's been a nice hot week! It's nice outside, where you can feel the cool breeze, in our flat, not so much. It becomes really hot in our flat, because the window can only open very little (even that we have to wedge it with 2 thick shopping catalogue books!).

So, we finally ventured out around 4pm. First destination was this new Pattiserie Valerie that we saw at Met Quarter (a shopping centre). They are specialised in cakes and desserts as well as serving some hot food and salad. We went there for the desserts. There were so many choices, but we ended up with 3: Black Forest Cake, Double Chocolate Cake and a Whoopy Pie. Iced lemon tea for the drinks.
Mmm... Those cakes were heavenly! Sweet but not too sweet! Just lovely! They are quite expensive, as we ended up paying £15.25 for our desserts (the cakes are both almost £5 each)! However, we found out later that they are mostly £1 cheaper if we take away! So next time, we would take away and eat at home hehe...
It was around 6pm when we finished, about dinner time already... But we decided to walk around Liverpool One for awhile, to let all the desserts go down a bit. :) No shopping this time, just window shopping and taking pictures around.
In China, Lan bought me a point-and-shoot Canon S90. I love it very much because I can easily put it in my bag and it's not as heavy as our DSLR. So, lately, we've been using my camera a lot. (I think Lan's become too lazy to carry his own camera hehe).
Anyway, after an hour or so, we went to Mei Mei (Chinese restaurant) to have our dinner. We had Japanese Tofu on hot plate, Crispy noodles and Sze Chuan beans. Delicious and too much! We ended up taking some leftovers home. :)

Simple celebration, but it was nice. We hope to celebrate, at least, the next 50 years together.


  1. wah asiknya dapet kamera.... :D

  2. bentar lagi kalain meninggalkan Liverpool.....pasti kota ini akan selalu ada di hati kalian, karena di sinilah kalian ketemu....:)

  3. Happy anniversary yaa!! hehe :D

    Btw, asyik dong dapet kamera baru :P

  4. Happy Anniversary! Love the pics! Glad your celebration was an enjoyable one!

  5. Hi sherly! I love the name of your blog! I'll follow you in google reader! Cute cute pics of you and Lan!

  6. happy anniversary ya sher, amin yah semoga sampe 50 taon lagi gua juga masih tetep liat foto kalian lagi ngerayain anniv ;)

  7. hepi anniversary nie...maap telat hehehe :) langgeng terus yak...

  8. Kamera baru..ayooooo banyak banyak poto!!!

  9. Anniversary gw ngapain ya...Oh mancing hihihi

    Happy anniversary, Sher...Asyik camera baru...photo2x donk, pengen liat neh.

  10. Happy belated anniversary Lan & Shery, happy & be blessed always yaaah...


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