Paris, I'm in LOVE!

We had a great great time in Paris for 5 days. I would say it was NOT enough... I wanted to stay longer, but maybe it's the sign we should return there soon :)
We spent the first 2 days in Disneyland, made me feel like a little child going into a fantasy land! Then the third day we went to Eiffel tower and Arc de Triomphe. Fourth day was spent at Notre Dame, Musee de Louvre and Champ de Elysees. Fifth day, we went to Chateau de Versailles before heading back to Liverpool. Those 5 days were spent with lots and lots of queuing, burning feet, tiredness, good food, happiness and fun!

Now we're back to the reality that we have only a few days here for packing, cleaning up and all the other stuffs to do before flying out from Manchester for the one last time to Bali and then to Beijing.
I will keep those sweet memories of Paris in my head for now, maybe once we're settled I might write them down in this blog. :)


  1. Wah, asyiknya!! Kalau jadi aku mungkin September/Oktober mau ke Paris nih :P

    kalau pake residence permit UK gitu masuk-masuknya gratis(misal ke Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, dll, tapi enggak berlaku di Eiffel) juga nggak? Denger2 kalo pake residence permitnya Belanda gratis loh, haha :)

  2. Ah day one day..akan aku injak tanah perancis!!
    Aku mau liat foto2nya dong...:)

  3. huahhh.. kapan yah g bisa ke paris juga wakakaka..kek na setiap orang yg ke paris pasti ga pengen pulang, cuma bokap g aja yang punya duit ogah ke paris, eropa dan sekitarnya, katanya ga bagus, ujung2 na trip ke china, dasar cina mania si bokap ^^

  4. very nice pic sher!!!
    gua juga pengen ke paris...

  5. aduhh senengnya , im in love in Paris too hehehee but never been there Nie !
    seneng jg mau plng ke Bali yah n finally to Beijing ?
    Its final destination ? or be back to Liverpool ?

  6. aaah... im in love toooo...


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