in Singapore

We are here, using free Internet access in Singapore Changi Airport. We're so tired and sleep deprived, no matter how much sleep we had in the plane.

My monthly guest also decided that it's the 'perfect' time to visit me, so, from waist down, my body is triple-wreck!

We arrived in Singapore at 6.40am, and our flight to Bali is not until 3pm something, so we have lots of time to kill! Probably will be walking around, especially after so much sitting down we did!

I was secretly sobbing on the plane, while Lan was fast asleep. I was sad leaving Liverpool and heading to the unknown... At the same time, I prayed that The Lord guides our little family all the way, wherever we have to be.



  1. haha, bener tuh, killing time dengan keliling Singapore aja, kan kecil negaranya, huahaha... :D Ini perginya naik maskapai apa memangnya? Dengar2 kalo SQ memang ada "fasilitas" jalan2 itu lho kalo transitnya lumayan lama. Nggak tahu sih benar atau tidak :P

    Ah, I can totally understand that feeling. Leaving our comfort zone, a zone/place we have known so well, is always "difficult". But stay positive, always look at the bright side :P

  2. I totally understand the feeling :(
    Leaving liverpool yang uda jadi idup lu for the last 10 years..pasti berat.
    But God has awesome plan for ur next destination. Jiayoooo

  3. Sampai kapan, Sher di Bali?

    Mudah-mudahan di tempat baru lebih OK ya.


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