Friday, August 31, 2007

How's married life?

Marriage is not one-hundred-percent of happiness, really...
The reality is that...
There are things that you have to leave behind,
There are things that you gain while stepping forward into the new beginning.

Once, you belong to a family.
Now, you own your own family.
It's a kingdom that both of you, your partner and you, have to build to be strong, full of love, peace and joy.

Family should be a kingdom that imparts the joys of Heaven in Earth.

- nie, 06 May 2007

Ionce wrote my thought above about wedding and marriage in this post before I was officially married. And yes, things changed and are still continuing to change. But, hey, marriage is not as scary as some people think it is.

Well, this post is to answer all of you, who have asked me *and are going to ask me* about how my married life has been. I'd have to say that this post might not be the definite answer from me, because, as most of you already knew, I have to be apart from my husband, Lan, for 2 months just after a week we are married due to my UK visa validity.
So, how does married life feel to me?
  1. It really makes me feel that I am not alone anymore in this world.
    Ever since we are married, I got the feeling that I have someone, who is very reliable and trustworthy, to lean on, no matter what happens.
  2. We are one.
    Soul mates that have been united by God through holy matrimony to be one, not two anymore. It is beautiful, if you have felt it, to be able to share our feelings *whatever feelings it may be*, and how we are connected to each other in our hearts and minds. As if... we can automatically read each other's thoughts and feel each other's feeling without saying any words.
  3. Losing my independence
    This is something that is really personal to me and a task for me to be able to adjust to it. If you have known me long enough, you would've known that I have been away from my family since I was 15 years old until just now (22 y.o.) and most of those years I have spent it by myself. And I feel so independent that I don't worry about going to a new place by myself.
    However, now, having a husband, I cannot do always think like that anymore. Marriage involves 2 persons and it takes cooperation of both to build this marriage into a happy and beautiful family. Thus, I am learning to 'give up' some of my independence. And, hey! Having someone, who is ready to help you almost all of the time, is nice, isn't it? Hehehe...
  4. Married life = Divide your time wisely!
    These days, with the PhD waiting for me in Liverpool once I arrive, I often think on how to divide my time. I can imagine that I'll have to manage and take care of the household works (cooking, cleaning, shopping grocery, washing, etc) and at the same time be the best for the study plus spend a good quality of time with Lan. I'll have to say, even just an imagination makes me feel how hard it is to be done, but, whether I like it or not, I'll have to face it and do it.
    So, I am learning to sacrifice the 'fun' time that I used to have plenty of it when I was single for some things better. Wu wu wu... It's gonna be a bit hard maybe for me.
Well, this is quite long already. To sum it up, as I said in the poem I made above, I gain many positive things through my marriage already. A lot of lessons I learned and many are still waiting to be learned. Life is about learning, right? :) What am I leaving through this marriage? Slowly but sure is my childishness and selfishness. *That's a good thing for me hehehe*

OK, friends. That's all for now. God bless you all and have a lovely weekend.

Ps. thanks for wishing me to get well soon. I am much better right now. :)

Friday, August 24, 2007

My latest news

Long time no update, Anita asked me why, hehehe... I've been unwell and busy lately.
The maid has gone home for two weeks, so... *if you can guess right* I am her replacement. Well, not 100% replacing her, otherwise, I will be lying on the hospital's bed. Mum and I work together, although, for the last two days, I had to force myself to get out of bed and forget the painful headaches on my head.
I've been sick for 2 weeks, now. My nose can't breath and, most of the time, it affects my ears, I can't hear *sob*, then, the headache follows. Sometimes, it is really painful that I feel like fainting, it's like there are many nails going through my head. I went to the doctor, yesterday, but he said I'm OK (really?!). I left the doctor with disbelief and complaint for such an expensive cost. He's really making money, isn't he?!

Well, that's all I have for now. I am very tired and thinking of having an early night. Tomorrow awaits with its business of cleaning, wiping, sweeping, mopping and many more... The good thing is that this really prepares me before I leave for Liverpool and become the real housewife hehehe...

Until the next post, God bless you all! :)

3 weeks and 2 days left...

Thursday, August 16, 2007

In a month time...

17 September 2007 is the date I will certainly reunite with you.
Honey, I miss you...
Every breath I breath,
Every tears I cry,
Every blink of my eyes,
and every thought of my mind
They always think of you.

Wait for me and miss me there.



It has been awhile since I made a poem. I think it's coming back to me hehe...

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Thank You, JESUS!

Update: I got my passport and visa now. However, my plan to fly to UK asap has to be postponed. For some reasons the British Embassy has given me a visa that will only be valid on 17 September 2007! That's a month from now...
Well, can't do much about that, except wait for another month. I am so sorry, honey...

That's the most important sentence that I should and have been saying these two days! Thanks also for all of your prayers, my dear friends.
As planned, I went for an interview to the British Embassy yesterday for my UK visa application at Floor 19th Deutsche Bank Building, Jl. Imam Bonjol, Jakarta at 10.00 a.m.
The interviewer was a very nice lady. She asked many questions, starting from my course title, Lan's details, future plans and the amount of funding available for my living costs during my study. Thanks Jesus for the extra calmness He gave me that I could answer each and every question correctly and comfortably. At the end of the interview, she told me that the visa should be issued and finished by today (Wednesday, 08 August 2007). However, because of the Pilkada (local province election in Jakarta), the sending of my passport and other documents have to be postponed another day because many companies are closed today.
The most important conclusion is: my UK visa is OUT!

Another good news that I received yesterday is that I got an e-mail from the UofL saying that I am successfully shortlisted for the Duncan Norman Scholarship, which, if I get it, will give me £20,000 each year for living costs. Isn't Jesus great? Definitely, HE IS! :)
The announcement of the final decision will be in early September, so, I will wait for the good news!
For now, I am already in joy because I know I will meet my dear husband soon! Yes, dear, I am taking the flight next week!

Once again, thank you very much, my dear friends, for the supports and prayers! God bless you abundantly in return!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Been a month

"Been a month already!" Lan said that to me in his email. I wonder which is the real reality; time flies or we've been apart too long? We miss each other terribly that we've gone through some sicknesses one after another.

The visa application has not given us a happy news. Instead, on Tuesday, 07 August 2007 at 10.00 a.m., the British embassy requires me to attend an interview in Jakarta. So, here is an extra effort to get my visa. Please, dear friends, kindly pray for me and for this visa application that it will come out quickly.

Anyhow, being apart gives us many important lessons; about our feelings towards each other, the importance of each other's presence, the meaning of our marriage and many others. Being apart does not mean we don't grow, instead, it makes us much mature and gives us great understanding about our marriage. Thank you, Jesus, for allowing this to happen. I believe that You have a great plan for us. Amen!

OK, friends, that's all for now. God bless you!