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Edinburgh (the photos)

Here comes the photos...
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For those who have not read the story yet, please see the previous post. :)


We're back from our Christmas holiday, both are sick of FLU (all the blocked/snorty noses and sore throats). Well, apart from being sick, we had a great time in Edinburgh.
We took off by train on Tuesday (23.12.08) morning and arrived around 1 p.m. in Edinburgh. We were 'given' a very beautiful scenery along the way up there; green landscape with hills and mountains, sheeps feeding on the green grass, simply blissful! Arrived in Edinburgh Waverley station, the cold weather greeted us, praise The Lord it was dry all the way. By the time we were out of the station, there were so many people buzzing around... Oh my! This town is so busy!

To me, Edinburgh is a pretty historical city. It is unique with the ups and the downs (good for exercising!), also, it has many little boutique-like shops. Cute! I myself, love it! The architectures are simply astonishing... it's like a modern era with a touch of the magnificent past. So unique and breathtaking!
As tourists, we find Edinb…

We wish you...



With the winter being unusually cold this year, my eczema has become the worst than ever before. It is painful and disturbing. At night, I would be hardly sleeping due to the itch and the inflamed feelings I experience... This obviously affects my day-to-day life; I cannot concentrate on my study because I'd be too tired during the day. And so, for the last several weeks, I barely made any progress.
Last Friday, my supervisors and I had a meeting. They would like me to seriously consider about suspending my study for at least a few months until I get better. This is due to the PhD's deadline being so strict, hence if I suspend it takes away the pressure of not keeping up with my research plan. On top of that, Lan had been suggesting me to go home, have some sunshine (damn UK! We can barely see the sun!) and relaxation a little bit.

After the meeting, I discussed this issue with Lan and my parents. At first, my parents would not agree I go home leaving Lan by himself here. I know…

Violence, no way!

Phew... just finished doing the laundry and our room looks like a clothes store going on sale hahaha...
There is this thing on my mind that I'd like to share with you. There have been several times where we heard a woman crying from the flat above us (we are on the ground floor). Lan even said that he heard the man beat that woman up, sometimes she screamed in horror... I just cannot understand why would a man beat his wife? I suppose you don't marry a girl to beat her up, right? Also you don't marry a guy just to be beaten up, am I right? We get married to love and to be loved.
Any man should know that he is supposed to protect his wife, not to beat her up! I thank God that Lan, no matter how angry he is to me, will never ever lay a hand on me.

Poor that woman upstairs... I hope the man will come to his senses!

Fun Sunday with hubby...

Despite of the fact that I was in pain of eczema all over my body, I had a great Sunday with my hubby. We got this fabulous 2for1 voucher from Pizza Express, which we normally will not go because of the price. We had a long walk from home to the restaurant, which is by the dock.
We ordered a Arrancini as an appetizer, which is risotto and ham covered and fried with bread crumbs. As our main, Lan had Diavolo classic pizza, devilishly hot with spicy beef, pepperoni, onions and tabasco, with hot green or jalapeno peppers, and I had Pollo Verdure salad, A warm feast of torn chicken breast and chargrilled Italian vegetables tossed with honey and mustard dressing, served on rocket and baby spinach and drizzled with balsamic syrup. They both were very yummy, especially my salad! Ugh... I'd love to have another one! Hehehe... Tiramisu was our dessert, wooo... so deliciously melting-in-mouth sensation!

After our super duper delicious late lunch, we went to the cinema and watched Madagascar 2…

About Me 2

I once did the same thing the last time, which you can see HERE. Now, I will do it again for the second time as a request from such a warm lady, Sili. Let us start....


She is a very PERFECTIONIST person, who would stress herself out (and sometimes to the measure of depression) to do things as perfect as she wants.
Be who she is, say exactly what her mind and heart say and won't even act nice if her heart is disliking something. Too STRAIGHTFORWARD? Maybe...
She enjoys cross-stitching, knitting, scrapbooking and sometimes sketching random things. After sometime of not knitting, I will soon start knitting a pair of mitten for Lan. I hope it will work out well :)
She dreams of having twins! Tee-hee...
She has super sensitive nose that even Lan thinks that Sherly was a doggy in the previous life *bite Lan!*
People's first impression of her: Quiet and JUDES (mungkin krn modelku garang kali ya =P). The impression after: talkactive and such a crazy gal!
She is…

Oh My! It's December!

Yeehaa!!! It's the start of December now! It means Christmas holiday is drawing near heehee... We planned, from so long ago, to spend our Christmas this year in Edinburgh, Scotland.
FYI, although I have been here for 6 years, I rarely travel to the 'faraway' destination within the UK. The transport is so expensive, too expensive for a poor student like me. Well, we have been blessed this year, our work as tutors (semacem asisten dosen), earn us some savings to indulge ourselves a little bit (although we are saving mainly for flight tickets to go to Indo next year).

The thing is that it has been so freezing COLD lately... Much colder than the previous winters I had spent here. So, at the moment, my eczema is worse and I am also getting some flu symptoms =(

Anyhow, have a great week, everyone! God bless you always!