About Me 2

I once did the same thing the last time, which you can see HERE. Now, I will do it again for the second time as a request from such a warm lady, Sili. Let us start....


  1. She is a very PERFECTIONIST person, who would stress herself out (and sometimes to the measure of depression) to do things as perfect as she wants.
  2. Be who she is, say exactly what her mind and heart say and won't even act nice if her heart is disliking something. Too STRAIGHTFORWARD? Maybe...
  3. She enjoys cross-stitching, knitting, scrapbooking and sometimes sketching random things. After sometime of not knitting, I will soon start knitting a pair of mitten for Lan. I hope it will work out well :)
  4. She dreams of having twins! Tee-hee...
  5. She has super sensitive nose that even Lan thinks that Sherly was a doggy in the previous life *bite Lan!*
  6. People's first impression of her: Quiet and JUDES (mungkin krn modelku garang kali ya =P). The impression after: talkactive and such a crazy gal!
  7. She is super quiet when she is angry and always puts such a face that Lan really hates. (I am working hard on reducing my temper)
  8. She loves SWIMMING, but hates other sport. That reminds me of old time when I always compete with BFF Yulia for fun. Tiara Dewata swimming pool, inget ga Yul? :)
  9. She is NOT a morning person.
  10. She has no regrets. Anything I do, I do it with pleasure, even there might be some not-so-good time in between. In my life, I have no regrets and will never have. I cherish everything that happens in my life, anyone that comes into my life and all that has been given into me. For I believe nothing good will come out of regret. :)

Sil, lunas ya utangku. Thanks once again for such a praise and the prayer. *hugs*

Ps. Anyone would like to this? You are most welcome to do so. :)


  1. I used to pray & asking GOD to give me twins...
    tp skr? always berharap supaya jangan hamil...kekekek...

  2. sama, aku jg perfeksionis sampe menyiksa diri gitu de, wahahahaha, kerasa banget kemarin pas megang Divisi Materi di Kompetisi Matematika, hehehe... :)

    Ah, sama. I also so am not a morning person deh, wahahhaa...

  3. sama donk..aku juga kalo marah, diem hihihi.

    semoga ntar kalo hamil, dpt twin ya...ada bibit twin, gak sherl ?

  4. haaaaa... peer lagiii...
    passsss ajah deh sherrr ;) hihiihi

  5. no 1 , no 7 , no 9 itu persamaan kita Sher , no 4 , itu perbedaan kita , dah 4 gitu loh , hihihihi...

    Twins ?? amen amen , moga2 di catat Tuhan keinginanmu ini , hihihi

  6. weksss kl marah gitu sama kek gue, diem seribu bahasa :D

  7. setuju banget sama poin ke 10!
    btw, aku juga bukan orang yang suka bangun pagi loh, tadinyaaa... kerna ud ada anak2 jadi terpaksa kudu bangun pagi2... hihihi...

  8. *dreams of having twins*... waaa moga2 dikabulkan Tuhan ya Sher... kl aku not dreaming of having twins (takut malah.. kekeke.. sodaranya dendi ada yg kembar & tanteku jg ada yg kembar, so we're praying hard supaya ga dikasih twins... kekeke.. aku badannya kecil gini, takutnya ga bisa.. :p)...

    *perfectionist* -> ini keliatan bgt Sher. hahaha...

    *straightforward* -> bener2 bertolak belakang ama aku, i'd prefer to keep it inside... meskipun skr lg pelan2 belajar untuk ga memendam sesuatu inside...

    *cross-stitching* -> ajarinnn Sher... hehe.. sayang tinggalnya jauh yak.. :p

    Aku ga tau kl kamu not a morning person.. hihi...

    But most of all, i'm 100% agree with point 10... "everything happens for a reason"... ^^

    Have a good weekend ya Sher

  9. Perfeksi kadang bikin burn out...tapi perfeksi juga yang bawa kesuksesan...dilema juga yach...?

    Pengin anak kembar Nie, capeknya dobel loh...:)

  10. sekarang pengen kembar, tar dapet kembar pusing loh?

  11. no.7 donk ... g pengen liat tuh , ha22
    musti Lan yg explain neh gmn jelas nya , hua222

  12. moa dapet kembar limaaaaaaa....

  13. Despite the fact that those minuses are describing some minor qualities of yours, still I find you a great friend indeed :D

  14. aku suka renang juga Sher, tapi aku masih suka olahraga lain hehe, thanks ya udah membolehkan kita tahu 10 hal tentangmu, jadi lebih kenal deh

  15. More about Sherly :D

  16. I'm not a morning person either - . -"

    Kapan2 ajarin berenang donk, aku ga bisa berenang hehehehehehe

  17. Wow..you know yourself better than me and that is a lot. hehe.. Briliant!

    Im sure, there's a lot more good things that u dont write here ;)

  18. Sambungan yang dari Multiply iyu kah?


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