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Leaving the single life

Entering the marriage life is never easy, especially after the 'wedding fever' is over, honeymoon is done and life returns to the daily routines, where fights start to occur and not rarely the couple starts to think "Did I marry the right person?"
The 'experienced' people often say that the first few years of your marriage is critical and, yes, I agree to them. It is the 'shocking' time *if you wish to call it that way* of knowing the very trueself of your husband/wife, that includes all the bad and worst habits, which you never found when you both were still in the boyfriend-girlfriend relationship.

In my personal experience, after several months of marriage, we had arguments sometimes and that, I think, is not a strange thing. However, what we (Lan & I) realise is that the arguments or the fights are not caused by mistakes, but by our single life's habits. I remember my husband said to me, we are not robots, we cannot change the habits we ha…

Back to where I belong

Hi guys! I'm not sure whether you are wondering how I've been, but here I am! Back to my blogging world, back to LIVERPOOL, back to be with my HUSBAND and back to be BUSY! Hehehe...
I arrived at 18.00 UK time on Monday, and every since then, many things I had to do. Buying household appliances; toaster, iron, microwave, groceries, etc. and tidying up the flat. Yep, we are living in a flat, which is owned by the University, we consider it nice enough to live in. It's just... it has a bath, but NO shower! That's the weirdest thing that I've ever known about a bathroom hahaha... Still, we gotta live with it. We are to be thankful that The Lord has provided us with somewhere to live.

During these several days, I got sick a number of times too. I got too tired and so sickness strikes. Even now, I am still recovering and getting used to the time and weather of UK again.

Above all, I have to say that... I am facing what the real marriage is.

Have a blessed weekend, friend…

Happy Birthday, Hans

Tomorrow is Hans (my little brother)'s birthday. He is going to be 11 years old! So, A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to YOU, brother!

Well, this whole week, I have been doing something that I had never done before. I am a private English teacher now! Only for one week though, because Lee, the Korean girl who is my student now, rang me last Friday. However, she said that she is having a hard time during our lessons, because I am giving her the tasks which are similar to IELTS questions (Because that's exactly what she asked me to teach her!). I would say she is doing fine :) She is good, just need some more confidence.

Moving on to my excitement! Well... two days to go! I am very very happy! At the very moment, Lan is busy with moving into our new flat. I hope he is doing fine. Jesus be with him. Although my flight is still 2 days to go, my PhD supervisor has contacted me to arrange our first meeting next week. *Oh God... the study will start again very very soon!*
The great thing is tha…

'til the day we gather again...

A week before my departure back to be with my husband, my beloved brother, Erwin flew back to London to return to Brighton for his last year of Bachelor. It's sad to face that the family is parted again after these 3 months we were all together and complete. However, there is nothing we can do about it... this is the consequence of our decision leaving home to pursue our education.

What I really know in my heart is that, although we are far away by distances, but our hearts are always connected to each other and missing each other. Thank you Jesus and Mami Papi for teaching us the importance of unity.
I remember when we were little...
Playing like friends, fighting like mad...
Loving each other endlessly.

We grew up as sister and brother and best friends.
Although unsaid, we are inseparable by hearts.
Win, I thank The Lord to have you. It's always been sweet time.

just for 'Nyo' Win.
Love you!

12 months

This morning, when I turned the page of the daily calendar, I realized that I have been home for exactly 12 months now. I remember how happy and sad I was, leaving Liverpool and arriving in Denpasar; happy to see my whole family again and sad to be apart from Lan.
Many things have happened in the last 12 months. Up and down, laughters and tears, joy and sadness and many more. However, as you all know, the big event of all is our wedding in July. Lan told me many things have changed in Liverpool. They keep 'refurnishing' the city. Well, going back on the 17th, I am excited to see the changes in the city, but more importantly, I am overjoyed to be reunited with my husband again.
Not that I will not be sad leaving my family, I am sure I will, but, now, I have my own family to build, to take care of and to be with. Things are much different to one year ago, in a good way. :)

Well, less than 2 weeks to meet my husband again. I miss him so much...
I've proven many times, Lord...