Happy Birthday, Hans

Happy birthday, Hans!Tomorrow is Hans (my little brother)'s birthday. He is going to be 11 years old! So, A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to YOU, brother!

Well, this whole week, I have been doing something that I had never done before. I am a private English teacher now! Only for one week though, because Lee, the Korean girl who is my student now, rang me last Friday. However, she said that she is having a hard time during our lessons, because I am giving her the tasks which are similar to IELTS questions (Because that's exactly what she asked me to teach her!). I would say she is doing fine :) She is good, just need some more confidence.

Moving on to my excitement! Well... two days to go! I am very very happy! At the very moment, Lan is busy with moving into our new flat. I hope he is doing fine. Jesus be with him. Although my flight is still 2 days to go, my PhD supervisor has contacted me to arrange our first meeting next week. *Oh God... the study will start again very very soon!*
The great thing is that my supervisor has already asked for a computer to be ready for me and has allocated a place in the same office with Lan in Computer Science department! *Isn't GOD great?! VERY!*

Oh well, that's all for now... I'll post again when I already in UK. See you then!

Have a great weekend, friends! God bless you always!
Your naught,
your wit,
your excitement to everything around you,
and the way you see life with happiness and smiles...
Build you to be a unique and joyful person.

Tears, angers and sadness flea in less than a minute...
Smiles, laughters and joy seem to always full in you.
That's YOU. That's my brother, Hans!

Time flies fast...
You were once a chubby baby, whom I complaint when I had to carry you.
You are 11 years old now.

Have a very happy and blessed birthday!
God bless you and be with you always!


  1. Happy Birthday 4 ur bro.. wish him all the best n GBU..
    another 2 days to go... be patient after that u can meet ur hubby n share all happiness together...

  2. HAPPY B'DAY yah untuk adiknya, Wish him all da best!! :)

    eh, supervisor-nya pengertian yah, wkwkwkwkw.... lol. Sampe di UK lagi masih tetep akan nge-blog kan?? he3... :D

  3. Happy Birthday ya Han, panjang umur, sehat selalu, cepet gede, terus nyusul cc ke UK :p

    sher... 3 days to go ya, tiba di UK jem berapa? semoga lancar ya di perjalanan, GBU ;)

    Anita a.k.a Aiko's Mom

  4. Aloha...
    Happy birthday to you, Han... Biarlah masa mudamu Tuhan pake utk memberkati keluarga & ur friends.

    Utk sista Sherly, sampai jumpa di post berikutnya...
    Tuhan Yesus memberkati! Yuk, bye...

  5. Met ultah buat adikmu ya, wishing all the best...

    Met jalan juga buat kamu Sher, moga selamat sampe ke tujuan.

  6. happy bday bwt adena sist :)
    skrg udah di UK kah?

  7. Happy birthday, adiknya Sherly...

    Tuhan Yesus memberkatimu! ;-)

  8. Selamat ultah buat bro kamu, Sher. Udah di UK?

  9. gimana rasanya seteleh bertemu hubby? blog dilupakan deh...hehehehe...enjoy ur time sis..

    Happy belated birthday 4 ur brother
    Wish him all God's good in everything

  10. Sher, soyyyiiiii... lama ngga mampir, ketinggalan banyak neeh kayaknya :)... Happy belated birthday to ur lil bro.

    Upsss, bakal sibuk dunk di Uk nanti, mane mesti ngurus Lan pula, Makan, masak, nyuci, strika he he he. Sukses selalu and enjoy your trip to UK. GBU as always.

    XXX Shierly

  11. met ultah...wah telat neh

    all the best ye


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