The closing of this chapter

In less than 24 hours, Lan and I will be leaving UK for good. This morning when I was awake on the bed, thinking about how many more hours we have until tomorrow's flight, my heart was thumping like crazy. This IS probably the last post I'd typed in Liverpool.

I have lived here in Liverpool for almost 10 years (in September it would be 10 years). I've grown comfortable here and gotten quite used to everything here. I studied all my 10 years here, met my husband-to-be here, spent our 4 years of marriage here in a student life.
Right now, I am more terrified than excited about the future. Tomorrow at 9.10 am we will fly out of Manchester heading to Bali. We'll arrive on 30th and stay there until 28th August, before flying again to Beijing. Yes, we are settling down in Beijing this time. Not sure for how long, but it might not be permanent. Definitely some years there. :) I am terrified of the unknown that is embracing me in Beijing... I don't speak Mandarin and I am NOT a big-city girl to begin with. So I have a lot to adapt to.
These 2 days, we are blessed to find out that we have found the flat that we wanted to rent and that we got the government permit to own a car. It seems that things are taking their places on perfect timing. Praise The Lord! I know that He is preparing our way ahead of us.

All in all, even with my PhD withdrawal, I can finally say today that I've done this chapter well because of God's grace. There was no way I could've done all of those I achieved alone.
And I know that God understands and He leads my way. I am not alone, He is always be with me, even in the most terrifying moments of life.

So... I welcome the new chapter of my life now. I know God's goodness and mercy are prepared for me and Lan, our family.

See you on the other side of the world, friends, and good bye, Liverpool...


  1. wow udah lama banget ya di UK nya sher. pasti sedih dan berat banget ya harus pindah....

    tapi sekarang China is a very strong country. economically apalagi. that's a good thing pindah ke China. tentang bahasa, pasti bisa lah lu belajar. :D

    good luck ya di tempat yang baru!!!

  2. Sher, jiayoooo yah buat idup yg baru di beijing!!
    U can do it bebeh!!

  3. pasti galau juga sih udah settle 10 taon di liverpool skarang harus pindah ke beijing, ambil sisi positifnya sher, nanti lu jadi bisa mandarin, itu bahasa yang penting juga loh.
    have a wonderful holiday in bali yah :)

  4. the future is scary, but you can not just run back to the past because it is familiar *quote dari How I Met Your Mother*. Intinya sih, everything moves on :D

    Btw, kalo di Beijing kalo mau punya mobil harus ada izin dari pemerintah ya? Wah, ribet juga yah

  5. Ga kerasa ya Sher, 10 tahun tinggal di Liverpool. But God has opened a way, and you both have chosen to follow your dreams. It will work out the best for both of you. Lama2 pasti bisa ngomong Mandarin, kan kamu tinggal di China =)


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