The Banquet of The King

In the golden court of the King,
There are festivities and joy.
The angels sing never-ending praises to the King above all kings.
They dance in colourful clothes to worship the Lord above all lords.
The majesty of the King and His mighty splendour shine over the heaven from the holy throne throughtout the eternal banquet.

- inspired by the vision Jesus gave during the church service today.

The truth is that, words cannot express how wonderful it is to be in heaven with Jesus, but one thing that everyone should know is that heaven is real!

Update: Today, I received the first wedding invitation from among my friends. My friend is going to marry on 9th Febuary 2007. They seem to be happy and I am happy for them. And I... linger on the memories, on my wishes, on our wishes...


  1. aku belum ambil potonya
    belum ada motor >_<
    pokoke lek wes pasti tak omongi

    eniwei aku lagi mikir banyak soal pembangunan bait suci di tawarikh
    cuma belon dapat konversinya di daily life
    bisa bantu?

  2. hi...sher..inspiring words *huhuhu*

  3. Sher, selamat juga buat temannya yaaahh...semoga pernikahan mereka berjalan dengan lancar... dan langgeng selalu ampe oma opa :)..

    By the way, Welcome home juga say ;)...

    XXX Shierly

  4. Wah, selamat yaa buat temennya... :D Koko spupuku jg mau nikah tu ntar 2 minggu lg, tp gatau deh dateng apa engga... :D


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