my v day - surprise call!

While I was busy checking my e-mails around 8 p.m. yesterday, my mobile phone was ringing... Anynomous Call *who could it be?* I was surprised to hear his voice. It was my secret admirer!!! *ciyeee...*

I was so happy to have conversation with him, it was such a sweet surprise. Although it was only a 7-minutes conversation, I can feel how caring he is, but... that is not enough for him. Today, when I opened my email, I found an e-card from him. I really never expected to receive such sweet gifts at all, but he left me amazed!

Eits... You must be wondering who could he be, right? Well, I can't tell you just yet. When the time is right, I will tell you this special he of mine. *wink*


  1. ciehhh
    unexpected vlentine present ya
    good luck

  2. syapa sih sher? *pnasaran*

  3. happy val day ya sher...
    maaf telat ngucapinnya, tapi mata masih dapet coklat kan ?

  4. ups i was also happy to hear that you got surprise in your valentine's day. good luck!

  5. met valentine ya...
    wah dapet surppppp

  6. ciyeee.... siapa tuh....

    weits... berbunga-bunga neh.... hehehehhe.....
    unforgettable val's day donk.. hahahhahaha

  7. memangnya ada yg lain lg?

  8. kalo kamu tau orangnya udah bukan secret admirer lagi dooong?
    ini mah kayanya menyenangkan.
    secret admirer kan biasanya annoying! *buat aku sih, huhu (cuh sok laku)*

  9. siapa dia? :)
    tanya2 dalam hati :)
    happy saya merayakan valentine di Rumah sakit hiks :) dengan perjuangan menunggu si edgar :)
    bahagianya valentine mu sher he..he..

  10. o secret admirer... (lagunya mocca) :D


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