Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Grace's Performance & silly blogwork

Today, after so many rehearsals, Grace performed sucessfully at the 5th school art exhibition.
First, she participated as one of the dancers for the marching band of the school. It went well, apart from the ugly costume and the wet yard of the school because it rained a little in the morning. The marching band played four songs. Two of them that I remember was Oblada obladi and cucak rowo, the other two I forgot.

After the marching band is finished with their performance, the art exhibition started. We quickly changed Grace's costume, because she was the third on the list to perform. As usual, in Indonesia, they have introduction speeches from various people, which, thinking that the audience is students, they are really useless and boring hahaha...

The first performance was modelling and then continued by a solo performance of girl, singing 'you raised me up'. Not bad at all. I actually adore those kids, they are very brave and confident in performing. Then, it was time for Grace to perform. I was already ready with my camera and with my breath held. To be honest, I didn't really like it to be in the middle of so many kids. Their sweat almost made me faint, but anyway, for the sake of my sister, I just had to do it.

Grace was performing ballet with tamborine, the church's dance. The song played is Nikita's song, titled "Mengingat akanMu". Throughout the rehearsals, there were always things that she didn't do right. However, during the real performance, she did really well. She was, in fact, very good. Praise The Lord!
Knowing that she was the only one that did a solo performance on the dancing, I am very proud of her.

... Now, onto the second part ...

*blogwork, deleted! I'm fed up looking at it hehehe*


  1. Yup, saya rasa jg begitu... PR kayak ginian malah bikin blog ga bermutu hehehehe...

    Silakan dihapus kalo kurang berkenan, karena di blogku post kyk ginian kayaknya jg gak akan bertahan lama... :)

    Saya gak enak sama yg ngasih PR jadi sementara ditongolin dulu :D hihihihi... lari...

  2. wah si grace utk sementara bisa diam sebentar
    karena ga mungkin banget cerewet sambil nari

    en dia cutie sekali

  3. waaah Sherly maraahh...
    At the end..hehe..

  4. Samaaaaaaaaa, aku juga ngak suka, maka JARANG aku kerjain PR orang, bukannya sombong, tapi NGAK lucu bgt, buka blog orang but postingannya jusa ngak jauh beda:)

  5. cantiknya si kecil....

    *btw, kabar baik say, thx.
    jadi mudik nih awal Oktober, kapan ya bisa ketemuan...?*

  6. aku adalah salah satu yg merasa lega, ha3... :)

    Wah, pentas?? Jadi inget masa2 tk dulu, ha3... :D

  7. Lucu ya. ngeliat anak2 nari gitu. Polos banget.

    Soal blogwork, 'gak ada keharusan untuk mengikuti permainan itu kan? Blog kamu, suka2 kamu lah gimana mo ngisinya. Jangan sampe merasa terpaksa di rumah sendiri dong :)

  8. kenapa deleted? khihihihi..

    btw, grace lucu sekali!! btw, grace siapa sih, sherl...? ponakan kah? maaf kalo aku ketinggalan berita nih..... =)