Missing you...

I am missing you, my secret admirer. Everytime I think of you, I feel as if my soul wants to fly to where you are.
It's been awhile since the last time I talked about him, if you noticed. Lots been going on between us; many discussions, some misunderstandings, bits of jokes, arguments and other things, but plenty of laughs and love :)
We are doing fine and happy, although sometimes he is too busy doing his research that it can be difficult for us to find time to talk with each other. However, I am happy that we continually send emails to each other and our trust getting stronger, our faith growing mature. Praise The Lord!!

Oops, there is something I have to do. That's all for now, guys! Until the next post, God bless you always! *Have a blessed week ahead :)*
Everytime you are lonely,
remember, dear, I am very close to you.
I am in your heart always;
Half of me is already with you.

- nie, 09 March 2007.


  1. wit wiiiwwww!
    asek neeehh
    sama sperti komen terdahulu, kalo dah kaya gini kayanya dah ga secret lagi deh..

  2. Hmmm.... *ngerut kening sambil nggaruk dagu*.. :p

  3. masa salam kenal sih Sher...
    padahal duluuuuu 2005~an
    perasaan di blog gue dah blogroll lo deh... and kita sempat komen2an..
    lo pernah balik ke Ind. juga g monitor...
    Tapi gpp lah....

  4. sher...
    wah kenapa mundur lagi? duh, semoga ga berubah lagi.. hugggsss ;)

    btw, hahaha, aku juga kena sher, disuruh polite di kopes sendiri:D ternyata setelah dicek, settingan blacklistnya ada www ato http :D skarang dah lancar....


  5. Waaaaa!! Si Sherlyyy!!! UDah lama banget gak ke sinih n_n
    apa kabaar? ternyata masih jalan ya sama si ehem-ehem? :) hihihihi..


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