In This Life...

For all Ive been blessed with in this life
There was an emptiness in me
I was imprisoned by the power of gold
With one honest touch you set me free

Let the world stop turning
Let the sun stop burning
Let them tell me loves not worth going through
If it all falls apart
I will know deep in my heart
The only dream that mattered had come true
In this life, I was loved by you

For every mountain I have climbed
And ever raging river crossed
You were the treasure that I longed to find
Without you love I would be lost


In this life, I was loved by you

by Ronan Keating

I am loving this song these days... It touches me deeply.
Have a great weekend! God bless you all!


  1. beautiful lyrics, im goin to go check out the mp3 tomorow, and im very sure the melodic tune is just as sweet as the lyrics.

    have a great weekend dear xoxo

  2. have great wiken jg Sher! :D

  3. cieh.... lagi bahagia nih non;) happy wiken juga ya...

    Aiko's Mom

  4. hmmm... aku suka lagu itu.. :)

  5. Hahahaha, boleh minta mp3nya ngga?

    Kalo boleh kirimin ke "godselias at yahoo dot com dot sg" yah.


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