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Hari gini masih dapet quiz-quizan. Adaaaa aja deh yg mulai PR-PR kayak begini. Aku dapetnya dr Vivie, kebetulan aku lg ga ada bahan utk diposting hehehe... So here we go:
1. Record that change your life: Jeffry S. Tjhandra & Hillsong
2. Records you've listened more than once: Hmm... There are lots of them, for example: Meteor Garden I soundtrack, Hillsong Blessed, Live to Worship, etc.
3. Records that you just don't understand: Rock, Metal, Punk Songs, I just hate them all. Can't listen nor understand any of them. Too noisy!
4. Record that made you laugh: I can't really think of any one of them, but I can say Project Pop was good one!
5. Records that made you cry: Worship Song & heart broken (sad) songs hehe...
6. Record that creeps the hell out of you: Black metal music and their kinds.
7. Record you wish had never been made: Anti Christ songs.
8. Records that you've just listened: Easy listening song, some nice pop songs (Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Phil Collins)
9. Record you've been meaning to buy (..or Steal): This one, well... lately I don't even want to have any desire to buy CD, too expensive.
10. Nge-tag sapa yah.........??? This one, no obligation, but I'd like to choose: Nia di Aussie & Mee-chan. :)


  1. hahaha hari gini masih mau ngerjain PR, kayak anak sekolah aza, rajin banget ya, but its OK, thanks.

  2. Paling sebel kalo ada yg mulai nyetel metal dan sebangsanya. Brisik!!!

  3. hai hai.. apa kabar?
    salam kenal, te sherly.... =)

    Tuhan Yesus besertamu.

  4. aku suka sgala jenis musik hehehehe.


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