Someone called "B"

B at CNY celebration at Jerami VillaTonight, we had hotpot (or what we call steamboat in Indonesia) to celebrate the birthdays of B (read it 'be') and Grace. Since we were quite busy these several days with some guests, we postponed Grace's birthday celebration until today. It is just a family celebration, but, we always enjoy our time together very much.

Well, you must've figured out that the person I call B here is my own dad. Hehehe... In the family, we call our parents Papi & Mami. The nickname "B" was created by Erwin and I. Being influenced by the film serial 'si Doel', we started to call him babe. It developed to just "Be", because it sounds cooler to us and much easier to pronounce hahahaha... Are we just lazy or what? :P
Anyway, today (03 March 2007) is B's 46th birthday! It seemed like just any ordinary day, but we say our special prayers for him...
Dearest B,
Happy Birthday!

May The Lord adds to you:
1. His special wisdoms
2. His unendless love
3. His eternal peace
4. His never ending joy
5. Abundance of His blessings from the Heavens above.

Have a blessed birthday! We all love you! :)


  1. happy b'day ya buat B and Grace

    Wish them all da best dah... :)

  2. waaah banyak yg ulangtaun ya akhir2 ini.. happy birthday lagi deh..

  3. happy birthday too B, wish the best for u.

  4. Happy b'day nih buat Grace (lagi) en B-mu, Nie.

  5. Happy birthday, B and Grace! Wish you both all the best, lah! :-)

  6. happy birthday buat mr. B & grace. semoga rejeki melimpah dan panjang umur.

  7. Happy Birthday Uncle B (loh, kok double heeheh) & Grace. All the best!!


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