Blooming Hope

I am feeling much better ever since the last post I wrote. I am thanking Jesus for how He answered my prayers through the beloved people of mine. I really experience the love and grace of Jesus through the people that He puts around me; my parents, my new cece Mee-a (who happens to be here and spending days with me in fun and craze hahaha!), Pastor Arifin T and my beloved Daddy in KL.

Thanks also for all of your encouragement and cheering up! God bless you all!

That's all for now, I am very tired with the new busy days of mine! 'Til the next post!


  1. tumben aku yg pertama...

  2. puji Tuhan sgala sesuatunya udah berjalan dlm kehendakNya. Kak sher, ini ada ayat utkmu, Yunus 2:2.

    btw, ibadahnya di GBI Rock yg gembalanya Pak Timotius Arifin?

  3. Sher... are you and Lan "#######" already? *confused* Did I miss the celebration? ---> :(

  4. Capek? Asal jangan sampe lemes en sakit aja ya :)
    Mia, hayoo ajak crazy2an aja biar sekalian gitu capeknya, langsung bobok deh. Asik kan? :D


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