Nusa Penida trip

Hiatus for two days!
Friends, I will be away for two days for a church medical trip to Nusa Penida with a team of 27 Americans missionaries, named "The Burn". I am very looking forward to having a great time there! :)
I will be leaving at 5.30 am in the morning. *I hope I can wake up hahahah...*

See you soon! :) God bless!
Love you until end of Earth
Love you until end of Sun
Love you until end of Milky Way
Love you until end of universe

- by Lan.

They are just simple things that you said...
But they touch me deeply to my inner heart.
Thank you, my love.


  1. nice poem ;). gut luck yach buat trip'nya. GBU yach, sher

  2. walahh... 2 hari kok hiatus sherr... 2 bulan baru hitus...

  3. selamat melayani Tuhan ya Kak sher... Tuhan Yesus memberkatimu & rekan2 sepelayanan.

  4. Duuhhhh, Emang Kokok deh cinta-nya L & S :) semoga abadi selamanya Sher :), dari jauh aje nih kita doain.... luar biasa poemnya L. Kalo jadi loe juga gw bakal ngga sabaran nunggu tgl 25 Juni Sher he he he... enjoy your trip to Nusa Penida.

    XXX Shierly


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