He's been GREAT to US

I have to testify that our Lord Jesus Christ has been very generous to both of US! Throughout March until now, miracles upon miracles has been continuously granted by Him. From the little things to the big and impossible things.
I even asked my husband-to-be, "Can you actually count how many miracles Jesus has given and blessed us with? Can we think how much blessings He has poured upon us?" For me, personally, I can't count them, His blessings and miracles are too numerous to be counted, even just for this wedding. How much more are they for the whole of my life? Simply invaluable and uncountable!

Three days ago, my dad had a meeting with many churches leader in Bali for an important event. There, my dad actually told his close friends about my 'simple' wedding that we will have a holy matrimony at the church and a simple dinner with family and close friends. To me, it is more than enough. As long as we, Lan & I, are happy with that simple but full of joy celebration, that's already perfect.
However, it is not perfect for them. They actually protested and they all said, "You choose the place (restaurant) and the food, don't worry about the bill! We will sponsor you!"
PRAISE JESUS!! What a great miracle!! what a blessing!! It has become a great wedding celebration! Thank you, Jesus, for such a great gift You have given us.

Once again, thank you, our Jesus!

Ps. I will announce my husband-to-be and my prewedding stories blog exactly a month before my wedding, i.e. 15 days from now. Are you all looking forward to that day? :P

Image's credit goes to Wedding Channel

Update: Doh!! I checked carefully before I published to not mention his name! I guess I was too tired and sleepy that I unconciously typed his name and missed it when proof-reading it.
Oh well... now that you know, I shall announce also the pre-wedding blog... You can visit LS Wedding Journey. So far, I am the only one who has been posting. However, soon, Lan might join me writing the blog. :)

Image's credit goes to DeviantART's acidkandi.


  1. walah lagi dah dag dig dug der ditambah nyut2x alaihom gambreng ? tapi masih sempet ya nyebut-nyebut husbend ;))

    ati-ati klo lg pusing ntar salah gandeng husbend orang kacau jadinya :P

  2. sher, dirimu mo maen tebak2an tapi koq dah disebutin duluan sih nama calon suamimu? piye tho?
    nih kutiapnnya..

    "As long as we, Lan & I, are happy with that simple but full of joy celebration, that's already perfect."


  3. Aiiii...mo merit ya! Selamat Sher, God bless u...

  4. Praise God for all His blessings upon you, your hubby-to-be (iya, koq dikasih tau namanya? :p) & your family. Big celebration donk ya. Can't wait for your wedding blog, and hope everything goes according to His plans, Sher.
    Kayanya aku mesti nanya2 kamu deh ntar Sher, 'cause I'm getting married next January in Bali too. :-) GBU yaa...

  5. Haaaaaaa Sherly...Aku dah lama banget nga blogwalking..En tiba2 waktu blogwalking ke tempatmu...aku baru tau good news ini..Selamat ya say..!
    Selamat menempuh hidup baru & semoga kebahagiaan yg didapet berkali-kali lipat dari sebelumnya, GBU Sher..;)

  6. waa..
    calon suami kok udah disebutin duluan???hihihihi..
    ga sadar ato emang sengaja sher???

  7. yupz, emang banyak bgt ya keajaiban2 yg dikasi. Mungkin malah beberapa ga kita rasain tuh... :)

  8. huaaa...ketaoannn...sama Lan ya ternyata :D
    emang Dia baik dan kebaikannya kadang tidak kita duga2 Sher...enjoy aja deh, nanti Bapa yang urus semuanya ;)

  9. wekekekekek... ternyata ma si Lan toh... hehehehhehe....

  10. halah.. udah kaya seleb aja rahasia2an..

  11. wah akhirnya terbongkar jg, udah guessing lan sih,hihihi ..baca blog yg atu lg jd bring back old memory deh sher, smoga semua lancar² aja yaa..Tuhan baik bgt sama kamu berdua


  12. cihuiii the secret special password spells LAN =))

    so so so happy for you, dear muachh

  13. SHERLY!!! Aku boleh tebak gak namanya? Kalo bener dapet tiket PP Bali Jakarta ya! Hehehehe. Sher, aku udah terima undangannya, hari Jumat kemarin sampe rumahku. Thanks banget ya Sher, I will try my best to get a day off at that day. I wanna be a part of that miracle too yo! Heheheheh

  14. Hahahahaha... makanya non, kalo ngantuk mah bobo sana, jangan mosting. :D


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