Merry Merry Christmas!

We received the first two Christmas cards Monday, which are from our supervisors. Well, the one from my supervisor is an interesting one! 'Enjoy your first Christmas being married!' That's what she wrote in the card. Hehehe... Both Lan and I laughed on that. It just sounds funny to us.
Many people ask what are we doing in Christmas, where are we going to go. The answer is: nothing and nowhere. We do not plan anything particularly special for this Christmas, but I do look forward to being at home and relaxing for at least several days at home. It is after Christmas that we plan to shop some gifts to be brought back to China during Easter, it is because the sale starts then hehe...
Right now we are still in the office, finishing few things before the year goes by, getting ready for the business next year, which are already piling up. The building is very quiet at this time of the year, as the students are already on holiday, and some of the lecturers do not come to the office. Friday, they are going to shut down the building, including the heating system, so we are quite reluctant to come to the office next week. Besides... it's CHRISTMAS!

Well, friends, this year we did not get the time to write and send Christmas cards by post due to the busy work. All I can say is...
Have a very lovely and happy CHRISTMAS!
May we remember the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ,
And be filled by his warmth, peace and joy of His coming.

Jesus bless you, always!

Ps. I guess I will really enjoy my first Christmas being married. It is so warm and comfy to realize that I am not living alone anymore for the rest of my life... I will always have Lan next to me and deep in my heart. Thank you, Jesus, for the abundant blessings you pour into my life.


  1. merry christmas, sherly & lan
    lets share the joy to those around us

  2. merry christmas......natal pertama setelah nikah...and met bersantai ria

  3. alo Sher....thx u ucapannya...
    met natal buat kalian ber-2, GBU n'your family....

  4. Merry early Christmas to Sherly and Lan ^ ^ HUGSSS

  5. Merry early Christmas to Sherly and Lan ^ ^ HUGSSS

  6. kak sher/lan...

    merry christmas for you!

    Lord Jesus bless you my bro/sis in Christ :D

  7. merry christmas, kado natalnya buat Lan udah duluan dong...gak nunggu sale kan...hehe. Pasti udah serumo nyante2ya....happy holiday

  8. selamat natal, sherly n lan. :)

  9. merry xmas ya nie :) taun ini pasti special banged buat km n lan :)

  10. 'met Natal Sherly en Lan :)

    laporannya tuh ;)

  11. I know I've posted a Christmas wishes for both of you before, but I'm feeling like saying it again

    SELAMAT NATAL buat Sherly dan Lan hehe. Enjoy your first Christmas being married ^ ^

  12. Dear Sherly & Lan,

    May the gift of love, the gift of peace, the gift of happiness… be yours at Christmas.

    Hoping your holiday season will be blessed by the joy of togetherness and filled with God's goodness and grace.

    Best wishes for the New Year!

  13. selamat natal!
    selamat natal!
    selamat natal!

    *hugz sherly*

  14. huhuhuuuuuuuu...
    lonely days to come...without my laptop...huhuhuuuuu

    anyhow...hepi Christmas 07 & New Year 08


  15. merry Christmas sist...
    are you ready to face 2008???

    gegegege....send me your address please by japri... there's something I want to send to you as Christmas gift :). and hope u like it :D



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